Why Obama is Frantic About Raising the Debt Ceiling

by Robert Arvay

While “breaking news” on the debt negotiations update every other minute, here is the way it stands as of the time I am writing this:

Obama has become frantic. He is now promising the moon in exchange for raising the debt limit. His left wing loonies are starting to hate him as an ideological turncoat. And no doubt, Obama will change his promises the instant he has his borrowing power increased. But for the moment, he has changed his demands from his earlier “my way or the highway,” to his present, “I’ll even cut entitlement spending.” Just let me borrow trillions more dollars. That’s all I ask. I’ll do anything, anything at all.

Why? Why has Obama gotten shakier than a heroin addict needing his next fix?

The answer: ObamaCare.

Every penny of increased borrowing will go, directly or indirectly, to ensuring that ObamaCare is funded.

Without raising the debt limit, the funds for implementing ObamaCare will not be there and Obama’s signature socialist plan will die in the waiting room.

That and that alone, is more than enough reason for the Republicans to refuse – at all costs – to raise the debt limit by even one penny.

All parties should be discussing how much to lower the debt limit, not raise it.

Stay tuned. Next update in five seconds. Four, three, two …

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

5 thoughts on “Why Obama is Frantic About Raising the Debt Ceiling

  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head. Obama is about creating big government because he believes that doing so will simultaneously fullfill his socialist agenda while increasing the Democrat voter roles. Scott

  2. That street runs both ways TedB. And what has the democrats done in three years, dug a deeper hole in which to destroy America. Don't forget about the back door dealings your friends did with the Obama Care crap. How do you think Americans feel about being forced to follow an idea without the chance to discuss it first, or vote on it. Americans have the right to decide how their health care is managed, not some socialist regime in the District of Corruption. So go bury you head in the sand and let your leader tell you how to live your life.

  3. Apologies — TedB's comment was deleted by mistake. If he wishes to re-post his comment, I will publish it.

  4. The majority of the people in this country want the availability of affordable healthcare. Medicare after all is way more efficiently run then any private insurance company. 3% overhead compared to what 20% for private?And the fact is that the CBO has scored Obama care as actually saving the country money. Of course I'm sure you righty's have no idea about that. For one it's a fact, which is foreign to most of you and two, you get all your info from the Republican propaganda channel. When are you righty's going to wake up and realize your party lies to you and has you brain washed. The people and sites you get your info from are proven to be incorrect over and over again. There is an entire web site out there devoted to nothing but watching Fox and debunking there crap. This country can never move forward when 50% of the people are so misinformed. Case in point my previous post that was deleted Boehner lied within the first two minutes of his speech the other night. There was no bipartisan support for the Republican bill. 5 Democrats voted for it. Compared to some 234 Republicans. If he can so blatantly lie right there in front of the entire country, then he is obviously pathological.

  5. 1. — Not a majority of people want affordable health care— ALL of us do, including me.2. — Efficiency is measured in more ways than "overhead." It is also measured in opportunity costs, which although hidden, can be exorbidant. Also, the lack of competition means one size fits all. Is it efficient for YOU to pay for sex-change surgery?3. — CBO can only score on the information it was given. Obama gave them garbage. GIGO.4. — If you believe that the liberal media did not enthusiastically cheerlead for Obama, ask the Hillary Clinton campaign. There is NO objectivity from the left wing propaganda ministry that calls itself news organizations.5. — Boehner is NOT a right winger. It is interesting how liberals define as "right wing" any person they disagree with. But when do you EVER hear them describe one of their own as a LEFT winger, much less a radical liberal? So much for intellectual honesty from the left.

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