Are Some Politicians Truly Evil?

by Robert Arvay

We all have our most and least favorite politicians and I think that most of us would tend to agree that honest differences of opinion can arise.

But sometimes the differences are so sharp, that one wonders, do our opponents sincerely believe they are right? Could they really be so stupid as to miss the obvious harm they are doing to our country or, are they truly evil?

An example should suffice. The other day I saw a liberal politician advocating that the government should borrow more money, spend more money, and raise taxes. I shook my head in disbelief. Yes, an uninformed citizen might take that position out of sheer ignorance, but these politicians know better. They have seen what has happened to every nation that has gone down that road to ruin. They should know that financial profligacy will destroy our country.

Do they know what they are doing? Are they deliberately attempting to destroy their own nation? Do they think that they themselves could survive that destruction?

In order to propose an answer to that question, allow me to bring in a side topic. At first, it may appear to be irrelevant, but bear with me. I promise – it will all make sense.

Frogs. Yes, frogs, or more precisely, frog eyes. Did you know that frogs can see only two things? That’s essentially correct, with a very few minor exceptions. Their eyes take in all the sights that human eyes do, but frog eyes do not send all that information to their brain. They send only two kinds of data to their brain: food and danger. If they see food, they go toward it. If they see danger, they hide or run away.

If what a frog’s eyes see do not relate to food or danger, the frog’s brain never becomes aware of it. Sunsets, flowers, clouds, none of that is relevant to a frog’s brain. He never gets the memo.

Okay, back to politicians. I have come to the conclusion that many politicians are like frogs, in that they see only two things and nothing else. The two things politicians see are ‘getting votes’ and ‘losing votes.’

If politicians perceive that supporting a piece of legislation will get them votes, they support it. If they see that the legislation will cause them to lose votes, they oppose it. Period.

Were you and I in their place, we would see things differently. For example, what if we were faced with the issue of whether or not we should go to war? Well, we would ask, can war be avoided? Is war the only and necessary course of action? What are the risks? How many will die? What will be the financial cost? The questions would go on and on, until we finally weighed everything in the balance and made a decision.

However, for many politicians, it’s a much simpler choice. ‘Should I support a particular resolution to go to war? Hmm. Will I get more votes for supporting it, or opposing it?’ Slam dunk, end of deliberation.

So it goes with all the situations they face, even if their actions affect the very survival of the nation. You and I would never knowingly, willingly vote to send us into national bankruptcy, never vote to destroy our own country and we would deem anyone who would vote for that to be evil, traitorous or, at the very least, abysmally stupid.

The frogs don’t see the bigger picture. They never think about the long-term consequences of their actions. They live only in the moment. For them it’s simple – go toward food, move away from danger. For politicians, winning elections is food, losing elections is danger. Nothing else exists.

There you have it; in all walks of life, some people are frogs. Whether it’s making a profit in business, publishing in academia, getting awards for acting or receiving accolades from one’s peers, there are only two issues that such people ever consider.

Food or danger, nothing else exists. If it’s not food, and it’s not danger, then the memo never comes in.

It’s a scary scenario, knowing that some politicians will vote to destroy the country because the coming election is all they ever see. For them, nothing else exists.

So the next time your hear a politician speak, listen carefully. Do you hear something that sounds like “ribbit, ribbit?”

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer for The Patriot’s Notepad

3 thoughts on “Are Some Politicians Truly Evil?

  1. Mr. Arvay:Thank you for your column.You are heads and shoulders above me in idealism. Were I to have written about your subject, I should have entitled the article, 'Are Any Politicians Not Evil'?To me, all or almost all of them are addicts–to power and to control. Like any addict each would do almost anything to feed his habit, without regard to its moral dimension or consequence. Lying. Cheating. Stealing. Concupiscence. Breaking each and every of the Ten Commandments with an amoral, frightening unflappability, doing whatever it takes to reap the political high. That is the job description of our leaders. They are indeed not a pretty lot.You have been kind to them.Best blessings,Dick Lanham

  2. Thanks for your response, Mr Lantham.You and I probably think very much alike. I can find no serious objection to your statements. The word "evil" is one that I apply to conscious intent. It is for me unthinkable that a politician would consciously intend to destroy the very nation that is his own sustenance. But the unthinkable is sometimes true. Even so, I searched for an alternate explanation. The word, "frog," came to me from two different sources— biology and the Bible. My commentary concerned the biological analogy. Had I instead used the Bible's reference to frog, I would have spoken of the spirit of deception going out into the world. In either case, the outcome is that we as citizens must always keep close control of our government. Wiser men than me have said that when we fear the government, there is tyranny, but when the government fears us, there is liberty. Best blessings to you, in return.

  3. Those elected to office in America are stewards of the safety and well being of the country. They know this. If they place THEIR welfare above the country's while in office, I consider that to be an act of evil.So, to answer your question, from my perspective, most politicians are evil.

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