Let Freedom Ring

by Genevieve

My advertising career was filled with many opportunities to appreciate the ingenuity inspired by the freedom of individuals to explore their own unique talents. As I travelled from city to city across this great nation, I swelled with pride as I witnessed the countless visions brought to fruition by my fellow citizens. I felt honored to live in America where my potential and that of my fellow Patriots is infinite.

With each experience, my love of country intensified as I continued to recognize the value of unlimited freedom and autonomy. During our Bicentennial in 1976, I coordinated a trade show of data processing equipment for the banking industry in Washington, DC. As I toured the city during trade show breaks, I was overwhelmed by the untarnished testament to freedom evident in the myriad of gleaming monuments. The strength of the greatest nation on Earth surrounded me as I thanked God for The United States of America.

The Pièce de Resistance of my trip to Washington occurred on The Fourth of July. While eating dinner at a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, I was seated in front of an expansive bay window overlooking The Mall. I was mesmerized by the scintillating lights and the euphoria of the scene that was unfolded before me. The ambiance was unbelievably awesome – a moment in time that will never be forgotten. My love of country increased to an even higher level.

That experience was highlighted by the fireworks displayed in The Mall in celebration of the liberty and independence we all are fortunate to enjoy.

Fast forward 35 years. My memories of July 4, 1976 are permanently etched in my heart and mind. I am filled with the resolve to protect and defend against any intrusion that threatens to destroy the strength and determination engrained in each and every American.

Let Freedom Ring.

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