“Debt Ceiling Crisis Manufactured by Obama”

by Jim Mullen

The Obama administration and their socialist allies in Congress have officially run out of other peoples’ money; now, they want yours.

Liberals believe that issues of income, wealth, and taxation are zero-sum games. If one keeps one’s own dollar, someone else is losing a dollar. Likewise, they conclude that for every dollar a productive American earns and selfishly keeps for one’s own benefit, it costs the government a dollar and thus wreaks havoc with an unproductive person. Therefore, it is incumbent upon a wise and benevolent government to determine how to distribute wealth and income fairly among the masses.

Destitute for marketplace ideas, President Obama’s inane pattering continues uninterrupted. Brazenly, he trumpets a call to halt the “partisan three-ring circus.” If anyone is responsible for the sawdust and manure smell in the hot Washington air it is the “Clown in Chief,” Barack Obama. He parades through the crowds tooting sour notes on his horn and screaming, “Give me your money, give me your money!” Then, standing at center ring, he gives his best performance yet; training the Elephants (sic) by beating them over the head with his big red shoes.

Obama and the Democrats brought us to this point by squandering trillions of dollars on bailouts, stimulus, hundreds of welfare programs, food-stamps and Obama care. Combine these with the fanatical give-a-ways to states and local governments for maintaining political payback jobs for government workers, teachers and union members, and we have a country left gasping for breath. Meanwhile, the President and Senate keep their boots on the throats of business and the American people by demanding more crippling, job-killing taxes and regulations.

Spending at these levels is rife with perils unimagined by our Founders and those who built this country into the greatest economic force in history. It means sanctioning an avowed socialist-Marxist and his comrades to continue their transformation of the United States into a centrally controlled, tyrannical government bereft of the freedom of self-determination so long-held dear.

Obama and the Democrats manufactured this entire debt ceiling crisis by demanding paralyzing tax increases as a condition for desperately needed spending cuts. Remembering Rahm Emanuel’s advice of never letting a serious crisis go to waste gives them a golden opportunity to create one.

The Republican led House sent a spending Bill to the Senate and it smacked against the ideological walls of Harry Reed and Obama. Likewise, every effort to raise the debt limit met the same fate.

Obama’s only plan was a budget so laughable it received nary a vote in the Democratic controlled Senate. Then, he merrily resumed his campaign of “foraging for funds” using taxpayers’ money flying about the country and jeering business use of corporate jets. He always finds time to pause and let his leftist light shine on corporations receiving the Obama stamp of approval like General Electric, a company that pays no income tax, but receives millions of taxpayers’ money while exporting jobs to China.

Obama subscribes to the premise that if one can’t play a good game, then perfect the art of talking a good game.

Lying, and blaming others are two things Obama does best, and he has been wildly successful at these games. When caught in an obvious untenable situation or challenged, his third option is reaching into his trusty quiver and launching his weapons of mass confusion; the guaranteed “poisoned-arrows of the truth,” called race baiting and class warfare.

In the battle of the deficit and the national debt, the Democrats are winning, as usual, the battle in the media. Articles by the AP come directly from the White House talking points. Likewise, television network news programs, including Fox News, hammer Republican conservatives for not “playing ball” with the “reasonable” President Obama.

The liberal media are no longer considered the fourth estate; rather a fourth branch of government charged with controlling and disseminating information that promotes any progressive administration or Congress. Control of information is a primary ingredient in every despotic government.

The facts are Irrefutable:

  • The nation’s debt limit has increased 70 times. Every capitulation led to political and governmental power expansion and gave Congress more money to spend. Each extension usurped our freedom. Without the power to tax, politicians lose their control over the people. Higher taxes lead directly to more control.
  • The deficit today is 10 times that of 2007 when the Democrats took control of Congress.
  • The U.S. debt is now at 70% of the economy; worst since WWII.
  • Government spending is at an all-time high of 25% of Gross Domestic Product.
  • The Treasury Department reported that the deficit was $971 billion for the first nine months of the budget year. It will likely top $1.41 trillion at the end of the budget year according to the Congressional Budget Office. This will be the third-straight year to break the $1 trillion mark. With unemployment at a dismal 9.2, Obama, nonetheless, insists on more spending and adding crippling taxes and regulations on business.
  • This House has no chance of meaningful spending cuts making it past the leftist Senate and President. Therefore, the Republicans will more than likely wilt under the intense heat and lose another fight to the back-alley, hardened Democrats.
  • The recession job-market recovery is one of the slowest in decades and every policy espoused by Obama exacerbates the national disaster called the American economy. In all of his brilliance, Obama says, “Our economy as a whole just isn’t producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking.” WOW!
  • Business will not spend money to create jobs with the uncertainty of a Marxist in the White House whose stated goal is redistributing wealth in the name of social justice and mandating hundreds of thousands of new regulations a month.

Obama is a failed President holding sway over a failed economy, using economic principles proven throughout history to fail miserably. By using disgraceful scare tactics like threatening to withhold Social Security checks and not paying creditors he hopes to extract additional money from Americans to further use his destructive power. The ends always justify the means with the radical community organizers, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama.

He makes the most ludicrous, outlandish, bizarre statements, claims, and assertions, and then proclaims he is the voice of reason in the debt crisis. Consider that five years ago, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Harry Reid voted against raising the debt limit.

Everything this President does defies common sense and credulity leaving people to believe we are in a twilight zone or Bizarro World where nothing makes sense and everything is upside-down.

It does all make sense, however, if we realize America is suffering from its worst nightmare…Barack Obama. He is a man driven by his left-wing ideology and determined to fundamentally change this country into a Marxist state. The only chance for America is to awaken on that fateful Election Day in November 2012, when the time is ripe for refreshing the tree of liberty!

Jim Mullen



Your Attention Please: Sensory Overload, the Internet … and a Child at Risk

by Robert Arvay

Imagine yourself driving in a car with four other people; the road follows precariously alongside the edge of a cliff. The radio reports that your road has been washed away either behind you or ahead and you must make a decision about navigation, while your passengers are all trying to divert your attention to their own, individual issues. There is a red warning light flashing on your dash console and a buzzer is sounding an alert, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

That confused feeling is called sensory overload, a point at which you have more signals coming in through your senses than your brain can process. The results may range from mild annoyance, to accidentally driving off the cliff.

This is an analogy to what is occurring with most of us during this new era of Internet usage, except we call the condition “information overload.” Begin reading any important news item on the Internet; as you get to certain words, such as economy, war, medical and biotech, you notice those “keywords” are linked to other news items on websites so that one may get more information about that word/phrase that you just read within that news item. When you start reading those pages, you find that there are even more links to more related websites (or pages) … by the time you follow all of the links, you will have read most of the entire Internet.

That is an exaggeration of course, but it makes a valid point.

Recently, I have been following the news. Here is what is happening … Hold on to your seat:

Iran is yet again threatening to wipe Israel off the map with the nuclear weapons that it says it is not developing except for peaceful purposes. North Korea is making similar threats against South Korea with the added credibility of its periodic artillery attacks on the South. Scientists are developing a quantum computer which will make our most powerful present-day super-computers look like caveman technology. Those computers will be able to do things that no human can understand. The United States is effectively bankrupt. The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) has been giving guns to Mexican drug cartels who are committing mass murders with them. The Obama administration is forbidding prayer at funerals in military cemeteries. The United States is sending jobs and money to China, as well as borrowing money from the Chinese so that we can send them those jobs. Scientists think they may have discovered the Higgs boson (a hypothetical, elementary particle – the “God particle.” See ScientificAmerican http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=what-exactly-is-the-higgs for more info), which may revolutionize the way we think of the universe. Other scientists are trying to prove that the entire universe is a hologram, which will make the Higgs Boson discovery look like child’s play.

I have thirty more pages of news items and almost every word on every page is linked and cross referenced to other news items. You really do have to know the definition of a qubit to understand any of this …

… But my editor snipped those thirty pages, so use your imagination.

Recently, I saw a news item that was the proverbial final straw. It was about a three year old girl named Miranda Wilkerson. In a custody dispute straight out of an Orwellian future, a Florida judge handed Miranda over to her deceased mother’s husband. According to news accounts, he is not Miranda’s biological father; what he is, is a registered sex offender, a statutory rapist, who has never lived with Miranda, and never would have if Miranda’s mother not been killed in an automobile accident. Until she was handed over, Miranda lived happily in a loving household with her biological grandmother.

Miranda’s happiness, well-being and safe home apparently didn’t matter to the judge. The distraught protests of her blood relatives, the child’s unfamiliarity with her mother’s widowed husband, the well-documented intransigence of sex offenders and the horrible danger into which Miranda is now been placed – none of this seems to matter one whit to the judge.

I began contacting everyone I could think of to try to get justice for Miranda. I contacted Florida legislators, churches, state agencies, a university, the attorney general, the governor and all my email contacts, asking them to ask their contacts, to implore the government to do something on Miranda’s behalf.

So far, the case is mired in legal-schmeegle, while irreparable harm is likely being done to a child.

In the meantime, the nation plummets toward bankruptcy, the world lights the fuse of global war and the very universe itself has become unstable due to a parallel dimension colliding with ours.

I don’t care. I’ve shut out all the sensory overload. All that matters now is Miranda. If that problem cannot be solved, then nothing can.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

Why Obama is Frantic About Raising the Debt Ceiling

by Robert Arvay

While “breaking news” on the debt negotiations update every other minute, here is the way it stands as of the time I am writing this:

Obama has become frantic. He is now promising the moon in exchange for raising the debt limit. His left wing loonies are starting to hate him as an ideological turncoat. And no doubt, Obama will change his promises the instant he has his borrowing power increased. But for the moment, he has changed his demands from his earlier “my way or the highway,” to his present, “I’ll even cut entitlement spending.” Just let me borrow trillions more dollars. That’s all I ask. I’ll do anything, anything at all.

Why? Why has Obama gotten shakier than a heroin addict needing his next fix?

The answer: ObamaCare.

Every penny of increased borrowing will go, directly or indirectly, to ensuring that ObamaCare is funded.

Without raising the debt limit, the funds for implementing ObamaCare will not be there and Obama’s signature socialist plan will die in the waiting room.

That and that alone, is more than enough reason for the Republicans to refuse – at all costs – to raise the debt limit by even one penny.

All parties should be discussing how much to lower the debt limit, not raise it.

Stay tuned. Next update in five seconds. Four, three, two …

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

Sarah Palin and the Michele Bachmann Factor

by Robert Arvay

Now that Michele Bachmann’s candidacy for the presidency is in full gear, those of us who support Sarah Palin recognize that there is a problem. Most of us love and respect Michele as a strong conservative woman of principle, but we prefer Sarah for the White House.Governor Sarah Palin

Yes,we are torn. Many people who might favor Sarah are instead drawn to Michelle first. The vote may well be split between them, and that could be a disaster of Mitt Romney proportions.

How this rivalry plays out will be a test of both women’s character. Will either or both of them be willing to yield to the other for the good of the conservative movement? Can they, like the Army and Navy, fight tooth and nail on the football field, but join forces in the war?

Will a primary contest between them leave both bloodied, bruised and unsustainable even as vice presidential choices for a male nominee?

It is very difficult to imagine Sarah Palin accepting a role as a vice presidential candidate again. She’s been there, done that. I don’t think anyone has ever been a VP candidate twice in succession for two different presidential candidates. Michelle might be advised against signing on to a VP choice that lost before, and will not likely bring in new voters anyway.

Rep. Michelle BachmannMichelle Bachmann has proved her mettle on the debate field and might resent a late challenge from Sarah. Even if it is not personal resentment, Michelle’s performance in the debate and rise in the polls has most assuredly reinforced her belief that she can defeat Obama. Also, she may sincerely feel that Sarah would lose.

I am a die-hard Sarah Palin loyalist and if Sarah chooses to run, I will support her wholeheartedly. However, now that Michele has announced, the prospects of a Palin victory have surely been changed. We must not permit our emotions to cloud our better judgment.

Surely, Sarah Palin is no stranger to crisis and difficult situations. I have to believe that she watched the debate and the polls and will carefully go through all the details and ramifications of a run before making a decision.

It was pointed out to me that in 2008, Senator John McCain got the nomination because the conservative vote was split in the primary. If Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani had pooled their vote to only one of their number, McCain might have lost, and Obama might have been defeated.

Even if that is not the case, it may well be true between Sarah and Michele. That is why I believe it is vital that Sarah make her decision in enough time to communicate with Michlle. If Sarah runs, they must quickly form a pact as to how they will decide on where to go after Iowa, certainly after New Hampshire, where actual delegates will be won or lost.

If Sarah decides not to run, my hope is that she will strongly support Michele. As disappointed as I will be, Michelle is, in my opinion, far superior to the other Republicans now in the race.

While I don’t think that Sarah will accept a VP slot, I know she could be an awesome Secretary of Energy and a future contender for president when Hillary decides to run.

But let’s see what happens. Sarah may well run, Michele may yield, and both of them will become game changers on the American scene. Or Sarah may yield, and run for president eight years from now.

Thinking of Maggie Thatcher, anyone?

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

Every Trick in the Book … Campaign 2012

by Robert Arvay

Here is one of the “loopholes” that some liberals are saying FORBIDS a debt ceiling….

Fourteenth Amendment

Section 4

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions …, shall not be questioned.  [End excerpt]

Of course, this section does not give open license to the president to raise the debt limit on his own, but a Supreme Court ruling on this would be helpful.

Here is another trick the administration may use…

… don’t send out any Social Security checks.  Blame Republicans.

There was a time when this may have worked, but if Obama does this now, in 2011, it is very doubtful that voters will blame Republicans.  For one thing, all Republicans will have to do is to put out ads, saying, “Obama is still sending out checks to foreign countries.  He can send Social Security checks any time he decides to do so.  He is playing politics with your money.”

Of course, if Obama refuses to pay social security, while at the same time sending out welfare checks (especially to illegal aliens), the Republicans will have a field day.

Obama will say that Republicans are deliberately wrecking the economy to make him look bad.  But if he does this, Republicans must say, “We put our plan on the table and VOTED on it in the House – and passed it.  Where is the Democrats’ budget?  Why are they playing politics with it?”

In short, in the dirtiest of all political campaigns ever to be waged, Obama and his cadre will pull out ALL the stops.  They will use every dirty trick in the book.  I believe they will send union thugs to Washington, to Congressmen’s houses … they will lie, cheat, steal, make false accusations, sue in court, start military actions overseas, and even start military actions here at home.  If you can think of it, they will do it, and then they will do even worse.

Dear Americans, we are not in a struggle – we are at war.  Obama’s strategy is to destroy our nation.  To him and his minions, the Constitution is irrelevant rubbish, to be used when it is convenient to them, but to be violated at their whim.

To us, the Constitution is worthy of the closing words in the Declaration of Independence…

“… with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

Dear Americans, nothing less will do.  Our commitment to liberty and the Constitution must be unswerving, unyielding, and total.

I never thought that the day would come when I might be called upon to die for my country inside our own borders.  But if that day is soon to be upon us, I pray God will empty me of all doubt, and fill me with that terrible resolve that Japanese Admiral Yamamoto correctly feared after he bombed Pearl Harbor.

For indeed, within conservative America, Obama has awakened a sleeping giant.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer for The Patriot’s Notepad

Are We Ready for President Sarah Palin?

by Sandy Stringfellow

The BBC’s Jackie Long recently spoke with Governor Sarah Palin in Big Lake, Alaska, as the Iron Dog snowmobile race was set to begin. The Iron Dog course is over 2,000 miles, making it the world’s longest snowmobile race, and where driver teams experience some of Alaska’s most remote and rugged terrain, while accompanied by the brutally harsh winter weather for which Alaska has long been known.

Todd Palin competed in this year’s Iron Dog, finishing in second place after his left snowmobile ski was damaged from an impact, losing first place in the last 100 miles of the race. Todd has been on the winning team four times since the Iron Dog (originally the Iron Dog Iditarod) races began in 1984.
The BBC reporter began by asking Gov. Palin a question that has probably crossed the minds of many people living a modern lifestyle of pampered comfort:

“Can you tell me about the race; can you tell me why it’s so important?”

Gov. Palin responded:

“(The race) is pretty uniquely Alaskan, you know, 2,000 miles across rugged conditions… a lot of us are living sort of vicariously through the Iron Doggers, because so many of us would love to be tough enough to do what they’re doing.”

What the Iron Dog Competition Represents

Gov. Palin’s candid expression of forth-right admiration for the independent, daring, can-do spirit of individuals competing in the Iron Dog are an honest reflection of her own life experiences, having spent all but the earliest months of her life in Alaska.

One doesn’t “fake it” in a place like Alaska, where so much is demanded merely in order to survive. It takes old fashioned hard work and dedication to the task at hand; a level of physical and mental toughness that few will experience, lest one fall prey to the forces of nature and the unforgiving elements that present an ever-present danger.

After a question about Todd’s possibility of winning this year’s Iron Dog, the BBC reporter followed up with this question:

“And [may] I just ask you, of course, the big race everyone is interested in, outside of the Iron Dog, is the presidential race; what are your thoughts on that: are you going to run?”

Gov. Palin responded:

“Well, there again, you enter a race to win the race, so there are still a lot of considerations that have to be made. We haven’t made up our mind or desired to make an announcement yet as to what it is we will be doing.”

The BBC reporter responds with this question:

“I mean, what are the considerations at the moment; what are the things you’re weighing up?”

Gov. Palin responded:

“Well, understanding that Obama has already said, you know, he’s going to rake in and spend a billion dollars in this race; money is certainly going to be a consideration.”

“And then, just the idea of…will the American electorate be ready for someone a bit unconventional in terms of a candidate who calls it like she sees it, and who will not be beholden to special interests, or such obsessive partisanship as to let a political machine get in the way of just doing what’s right for the voters?”

An Unconventional Candidate

Yes, Gov. Palin, most definitely yes…the 70% of us for whom our lives in the United States are lived on a daily basis as conservatives, and have been stubbornly clinging to traditional U.S. ideals, values, and principles, are way beyond ready.

It has become quite clear (as of this writing), through the recent behavior of Speaker of the House John Boehner, that it’s not enough for the Tea Party to merely win a landslide mid-tern election. These candidates were elected to establish the most well-defined Conservative mandate since 1980: de-fund Obama-care, however it can be done, by any and all means possible; kill the bill that socializes our health care, and do it immediately.

Tea Party candidates who were swept into office campaigned on doing exactly that. Speaker Boehner ran on the same platform as well, and has stated publicly that he would do the same.

Immediately following the election, Speaker Boehner hand selected his lieutenants, bypassing the normal process of having contenders vying for various positions of leadership compete for support among their peers.

Speaker Boehner’s blatant gamesmanship and heavy-handed tactic of political maneuvering to cement his authority guaranteed that he would have no dissenting voices among associated leadership positions in the House of Representatives.

The opportunity to pull the trigger and de-fund Obama-care was before Speaker Boehner, yet predictably, as an entrenched career political hack, he didn’t have the guts or the integrity to do it.

Gov. Palin: we, the people, understand that it’s still business as usual in Washington, D.C., and that you are the only electable Conservative on our national political stage who will change the culture of elitist Establishmentarian political opportunism and crony capitalism through the strength of your unique and principled leadership, based upon a profound love of country and sense of moral responsibility.

As Mark Levin has so accurately stated, “Only conservatism will save America.”

Gov. Palin, with your twenty years’ experience as a trail blazer in cost cutting, ethics reform, and a consistent track record of Reagan Conservatism, nobody else in the Republican field of pretenders can come close to your authenticity or credibility in exhibiting the philosophical Conservative essence of “a servant’s heart.”

In short, Gov. Palin, there is no one who can remotely compare with your career accomplishments in public service regarding the desperately called-for and immutable qualities of duty, honor, and country. You are uniquely qualified to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

Please believe me, Gov. Palin: we, the people, are ready for your 2012 presidential campaign, and we are willing to fight for you with all that we have, in every meaningful way imaginable, to insure that you will be our next President and that America will once again become “the land of the free”, as our Founding Fathers intended, and as so many other brave and selfless Americans’ have fought courageously to preserve.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.

Reprinted with author’s permission, www.canadafreepress.com.

Decriminalization of Drugs in Portugal

by Manuel Pinto Coelho
I have seen the national, and particularly the foreign, press trumpet with strange insistence, on the eve of electoral processes in Portugal, the “resounding success” of the decriminalization of drugs initiated in 2001 by the Socialist government, — ignored by all other European countries and to the detriment of the guidelines and conventions of the United Nations to which the country is a signatory.


Respect for the true facts obliges the Association for a Drug-Free Portugal (APLD) to inform the Portuguese of the true consequences of implementing the current policy, independently of party affiliations. Portugal adopted a rather original and undoubtedly questionable solution (?) for managing the scourge of drugs.

The recent articles of the British weekly The Economist and of the Cato Institute in Washington promoted the governmental options. It is a legitimate, perhaps politically correct right. The problem is the rest: the vexing manipulation of the facts and the figures is unacceptable.

1 – [reportedly] In Portugal in 2006, the total number of deaths from overdose did not increase radically relative to 2000 and the percentage of drug addicts with AIDS decreased (from 57% to 43%). Exactly the opposite happened. We are witnessing a worrisome deterioration of the situation. The facts demonstrate this: “with 219 deaths by overdose per year, Portugal has one of the worst outcomes, with one death every two days. Like Greece, Austria and Finland, it is one of the countries registering an increase of more than 30% in 2005,” and “Portugal continues to be a country with the highest incidence of AIDS related to the consumption of injected drugs (85 new cases per million inhabitants in 2005, when the majority do not exceed five cases) and the only one that registered a recent increase, with 36 new cases estimated per million inhabitants in 2005, when in 2004 there were only 30″ (European Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction–EODDA, 2007). Further, according to the European report, Portugal registered 703 new cases of infection in 2006, corresponding to a rate eight times higher than the European average!

2 — The decriminalization of drugs in Portugal in no way reduced the levels of consumption, on the contrary. In reality, “consumption in Portugal increased 4.2% — the percentage of persons who took drugs at any time in their life rose from 7.8% in 2001 to 12% in 2007 (IDT – Instituto de Droga e da Toxicodependencia / Institute of Drugs and Drug Addiction, 2008).

3 – As for cocaine use, “the new data (found for 2005-2007) confirm the growing tendency registered last year in France, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark and Portugal” (EODDA, 2008). As for the rate of cocaine and amphetamine use, these doubled in Portugal; the confiscations of the latter drug increased seven times between 2001 and 2006, the sixth highest in the world (WDR — World Drug Report, 2009).

4 — with regard to hashish: — “it is difficult to evaluate the intensive consumption trends for cannabis in Europe, but among the countries that participated in both studies in the field, between 2004 and 2007 (France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal), there was a mean increase of about 20%” (EODDA, 2008).

5 — in Portugal, since decriminalization was implemented, the number of drug-related homicides increased 40%. “It was the only country in Europe to show a significant increase in homicides between 2001 and 2006 (WDR, 2009).

6 — a recent study awarded by the IDT to the Centre for Opinion Research and Surveys (CESOP) me Catholic University of Portugal, based on direct interviews on the shoots of Portuguese relating to drug addiction (which strangely, was never published, reveals that 83.7% of the respondents consider that the number drug addicts in Portugal increased over the last four years, 66.8% consider that accessibility of drugs in their neighborhoods was easy or very easy, and 77.3% said that drug-related crime had increased (“Toxicodependencias” No. 3, 2007).

This is the pungent Portuguese reality with relation to drugs and drug addiction.

For the Portuguese government, drug addicts are seen essentially as sick people. It is an inexpensive and suicidal attitude for the public treasury. They pretend to be sick and the government pretends to treat them!

Decriminalization of use, possession and acquisition for use means penalization only when another crime is added to the charge of consumption, which almost always has a mitigating effect. Legalizing the crime committed by “drugged” persons (or by “sick people” – sic) does not seem to be the most efficient way to combat crime, as witnessed by the exceptional rate of drug-related homicides compared to other European countries. Facilitating access to the drug will not be the way to reduce consumption or reduce drug addiction and associated criminality.

It is really curious what is happening in Portugal: drug addicts, with the tacit support of the government, invoke their status as “sick people” in order not to be punished for their crimes but then forget that they are “sick” and pose as free responsible persons who decide whether or not to be treated!

To deem the drug addict a sick person and not a criminal, by the route of decriminalization, the state cannot opt to feed the “sickness” instead of curing it, through a policy that prioritizes “harm reduction”!

Resounding success? The results are right in front of your nose!

Translated by Don Hank

Manuel Pinto Colho, President of the APLD (Association for a Drug-Free Portugal)


Original Portuguese language article:



Reprinted with Permission: July 10, 2011 LAIGLESFORUM

Since 2006, he has been the owner/operator of the Christian news and views site Laigle’s Forum (http://laiglesforum.com). His straightforward and common-sense articles on politics, economics, science, government and culture have been published in WorldNetDaily, Canada Free Press, Christian Worldview Network, Etherzone, FedUpUSA, Renew America, Desert Conservative and Midia Sem Mascara. His extensive language background leads him to believe that the founders meant what they said in the Constitution, God meant what He said in the Scriptures and the grassroots are the true authorities on natural language, word definitions and the government that is best for them. He is also the founder of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, a volunteer organization that provided Christian counseling for non-custodial parents.