Why Hillary Will Run and Obama Will Not …

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

Let’s begin with a brief history lesson: in 2004, the Democrat nominee for president was John Kerry. Old “Horse-face” was one of the weakest candidates the Democrats could have chosen. Why did they pick such a goof-ball? (“I voted for it before I voted against it.” Yeah, John, that’s the kind of decisive leadership America wants, LOL.)

In my opinion, Hillary had something to do with both Kerry’s nomination and with his defeat.

This is what I think happened; Hillary wanted to run for president in 2004. She could probably have secured the nomination. So why didn’t she try for it? Because she would have been running against a favored incumbent (George W. Bush) during good economic times. That is not a formula for victory, as Kerry soon discovered. Hillary no doubt wanted a weak Democrat nominee. I am also sure that, had Kerry begun to surge ahead, Hillary would have done something to make sure that Kerry lost. Why?

Because Hillary knew that in 2008, after Kerry lost in 2004, she could run for an “open seat” in the White House against a ‘John McCain’ type of weak RINO (Republican in Name Only) that the Republican National Committee can usually be counted on to nominate. Hillary was certain that the nomination would be hers for the asking – just look at the news reports and the polls of 2007. People were saying that her nomination would be a “coronation,” and that she would be the first woman president. It was already decided.

Then disaster struck. An unknown whom no one could have taken seriously, suddenly ambushed the Hillary juggernaut. The media, upon which Hillary had depended for her support, turned viciously against her. Ethical Journalism died and propaganda infected the land, a shameless propaganda machine that promoted all Obama, all the time.

All of Hillary’s careful plans had come to nothing. Her hopes for 2008 were shattered by an unexpected, unpredictable turn of fate. The best she could hope for was a cabinet position. She got it.

But wait … Obama’s presidency turned sour. The economy went badly, and Obama’s grandiose promises to his base were broken. Worse yet, he failed to deliver for his biggest constituency, the labor unions. In state after state, union leaders saw their power diminished, and not all the King’s horses and men could put the unions back on top again. Union leaders do not forgive failure. Oh no, they don’t. Never.

The community organizer-in-chief became disorganized. The emperor had no clothes (oh wait, that wasn’t Obama, that was Weiner).

It’s 2011 … At last! This is Hillary’s opportunity to pounce – except that she can’t. She’s in Obama’s cabinet. If she is seen as disloyal, a back-stabber, a pushy broad … no, she has to keep up appearances as a party loyalist.

Ah, but her husband, Billy Boy, has no such restrictions. Remember Hillary’s ‘better half,’ the one who bitterly accused Obama of calling Billy a racist (at least by implication)? Billy (who called himself the real first black president) does not take such insults lightly. Billy does not take ANY insult lightly. And he has a long memory … Billy is out for blood.

Next, Bill Clinton publishes some negative words about Obama’s handling of the economy. Why is that a big deal? Obama knows why. He has been put on notice. Worse yet (for Obama), Obama’s backers are on notice. They are reminded that Obama is vulnerable, and that Hillary has enhanced her résumé with her appointment as Secretary of State; Obama has become expendable.

The drama is now set to begin. Not all the lines have been written, but Hillary is in the wings preparing to enter stage “left.”

And why not? Why would she hesitate? She has already forfeited the presidency twice, one of those times time by choice. Hillary knows that 2012 may be her last chance to run, so, she not will forego this opportunity.

Hillary knows that if Obama wins a second term, he will have so wrecked the nation by 2016 that there might not be a country of which to be president. As radical a socialist as Hillary is, even she is not so stupid as to miss seeing that eventuality.

The next few months will predictably get worse for Obama. I mean, it’s not rocket science … Any nation that spends and borrows itself into oblivion cannot improve. (Example: look at Greece) and Obama is inherently incapable of applying the free market reforms that are our nation’s only hope of survival. He wouldn’t know a free market reform if one slapped him in his wallet. So count on it. The economy will get worse, and with it, every detail of the state of the union.

So here is how I see the drama playing out, in some way, shape or form: It would not be a total shock to see Obama forced to resign, at least in effect, if not formally. That would leave the utterly inept Joe Biden in charge. However, Joe would be persuaded to bring in Hillary, and through whatever process it takes, perhaps becoming Joe’s VP, Hillary winds up running things. The details will fill in as time goes on.

But whatever the details, whether or not Hillary is formally recognized as the head of state at any particular moment, she will soon secure her “coronation” as the Democrat nominee for president. Then the campaign will begin. It will be Hillary versus Sarah Palin.

What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

4 thoughts on “Why Hillary Will Run and Obama Will Not …

  1. Don't forget Hillary was the next Dem in line in 2008 but was pushed aside by the left because she could not be controlled like Barry O. '08 was all about the liberal agenda having an opportunity to control America for a couple years and taking full advantage of it.

  2. This is a nice fairy tale, but let's be realistic it ain't going to happen! First and foremost Democrats unlike Republicans don't usually eat their young. They will remain united (even if pissed off) under Obama's failed leadership. Secondly the media is and have been from the beginning in Obama's corner as was mentioned in the article above. Why change? Thirdly and most importantly Barrack Obama is a narcissist's narcissist, bottomline it's not in his DNA. Realize this, Obama is a product the Chicago Democrat political machine quitting while alive is not an option.I have as much respect for Hillary Clinton as I do for Barrack Obama, none, but I will give her this, "It's not over till the fat lady sings".

  3. I am buying it. I have been thinking for awhile now that she has got to have something up her sleeve. She,s been laying low with her nose to the grindstone far too long.

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