The Anti-Jobs President Campaigns to Save His Own Job

While much of the media has been in Alaska digging for nuggets in the Great-Sara-Palin-E-mail-Gold-Rush, and the rest wallowing in the gutter of Anthony Weiner’s tweets, the perpetually campaigning President is on another familiar thrust. Desperately trying to put a positive spin on the administration’s anti-jobs, pro Marxist economy, Obama stages photo-ops with “green” businesses, presses the flesh with union bosses, and inexplicably checks out the state of affairs in Puerto Rico for no other reason than to curry favor with Hispanic voters in Florida.

Curiously, Obama also chose a job-exporting “green” company in North Carolina, a state with the 10th highest unemployment rate in the nation, to highlight his inexpertise in job creation. Photo-ops and a few chuckles with leaders of progressive businesses that extract billions of dollars from taxpayers, is standard operating procedure for our economically challenged President.

Case in point; the Cree LED Light Company, an energy-efficient-lighting plant based in Durham, North Carolina is a typical recipient in the “Obama money line.” After receiving millions of taxpayers’ dollars, they promptly opened a plant in China where more than half of their employees now live and work.

Our economy is doing exactly what all central planning economies do; stagnate and leave people looking to government for answers. However, the real answers to a healthy economy and private sector job growth lies in the American people and with the free enterprise system. When unchained from the shackles of excessive regulations, taxes, and interference, the American economy creates jobs and liberates people to make their own choices in accordance to our Constitutional principles.

In order to accomplish their goal of complete government control, the administration must deflect the blame for their own failures and ascribe it to others. Thus, Obama jaunts the political circuits blaming the “rich,” George Bush, Republicans, and business, for the utter disastrous state of the economy and his own incompetence.

His trite excuses and blame game fall on ears deafened by his monotone whine of political rhetoric. Finding long-term, gainful employment trumps listening to jingoistic slogans, empty promises, and ludicrous postulates based on left-wing economic theories. He seems to be saying, give me another $4 trillion and I’ll turn this economy around.

Trillions of dollars in assets from the American people, businesses, and lending institutions crave a positive business climate free of government constraints and interference that allow investment in job creation. Obama, however, presses for seizure of these assets in another money grab designed to expand government. These schemes fuel a lack of confidence in government and add to his failed policies and to America’s woes.

Obama’s call for more crippling deficit spending (investment) and tax increases is an income redistribution policy in which failure finds warmth and refuge. Rather than stimulate, his past actions predictably created a drag on the economy and when the money ran out, the few government jobs created or saved began disappearing into the liberal vapor-sphere.

The President’s claim of a “bump in the road on the way to recovery” is actually a “missing bridge over a long, deep, chasm of Obama’s Marxist philosophy on the road to economic reality.” Since Democrats assumed control of the Congress, unemployment increased from 4.5 percent (less than 7 million, to nearly 15 million or 9.1%. The national debt skyrocketed from $8.67 trillion to $14.4 trillion, some bump!

Every action by Obama and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party roars through the nation screaming failure! The once envied fire of American exceptionalism will continue unlit in this tsunami of Marxist-liberalism. They offer more of the same; shouting down opponents, class warfare, race hustling, and preaching the evils of Capitalism.

If the leftist professor and community organizer from Chicago has any clue about how a free economy should work, it takes a back seat to politics and ideology. Justifying his anti-jobs’ policies is now his full-time passion.

Compliant media look the other way while the food stamp, welfare, and unemployment President endeavors to save one big job; his own.

Jim Mullen

2 thoughts on “The Anti-Jobs President Campaigns to Save His Own Job

  1. Excellent commentary Jim! Hard hitting and right on the money. I'd love to read your take on Obama's Afghanistan policy. It seems to me it's not so much about winning the war as it is about winning the next election, even if it costs American lives or all of the gains we've made there over 10 years.

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