TBP Praiseworthy – June 15, 2011

Recommendations from the Publisher …

The Bold Pursuit has published some incredible, thought-provoking articles (and, now, our weekly cartoons by Noel Alcoba) since our last Praiseworthy — it’s a challenge to select just a few for our readers.

Let’s start with our favorite weekly columnist, John Wayne Tucker, who is also our new Social Media Consultant. (The Bold Pursuit is now on Twitter, Digg, Facebook and Freedom Torch, as well as other websites. I hope you’ll follow us on Twitter and Friend us on Facebook.)

John, author of JWT’s Journal, presented a thoughtful multi-part series on some of the problems America now faces (Part IV will publish on next Monday, June 20): “Just a Few of America’s Most Significant Problems” tackles immigration issues, the loss of American jobs and the dire consequences of our national debt. Check in on Monday for the conclusion to his four-part series. Here’s the link to John’s page: JWT’s Journal

Guest author, Scott Kuhnen, wrote a disturbing and well-documented two-part article about the collusion of Islam and Nazi Germany and the lessons radical Islam learned from the Third Reich which they still practice today. This piece is not an anti-Muslim presentation, but a historical look at actual events. I highly recommend “The Muslim Brotherhood and The Third Reich” Parts I and II.

Our new political cartoonist, Noel Alcoba, uses images to convey what most authors write in a thousand-word blog. Please take a look at “The Media’s “Crush” on Sarah Palin …,” “Obama Propaganda: The Bumper Sticker Fix” and “Creative License…”

Robert Arvay is now our Contributing Writer for The Patriot’s Notepad. After much arm-twisting and threats to circulate his emails to the media, he finally accepted the gig. Robert’s work has graced our pages for the past year; his latest oeuvres, “The Price of Freedom, the Cost of War” and “Newt Gingrich — The GOP Fault Line” demonstrate Robert’s astute political observations and his Mother’s Day tribute is a lovely, sentimental piece that you’ll enjoy reading, “Dear Mom: An Inspiration in this Life.”

Another frequent guest blogger on TBP is Bruce O’Hara. Bruce is also the artist who created the unique banner for The Bold Pursuit — Bruce’s support and the support of his social network, “America Wants Sarah” has helped TBP gain a dedicated visitor base. TBP owes a debt of thanks to AWS! Bruce wrote a very popular blog, “An American Citizen’s Personal “Apology Tour …” This concise and direct blog was featured on TBP’s Home page because it resonates so strongly with many American’s opinion of the current administration. A sample of “Apology Tour …”:


“I am a private, unknown, middle class, American citizen. I would like to apologize to the State of Israel and the Jewish people for the President of the United States … Barack Hussein Obama …”

Bruce speaks for many citizens of this great nation who feel the only apology owed is the one for electing Mr. Obama on November 4, 2008. Thank you, Bruce, for expressing so succinctly, what so many of us feel in our hearts.

Jim Mullen, author of http://www.FreedomForUsNow.com, also submits his superbly written articles to TBP, as well as other national news media. We’re always delighted to reprint Jim’s work, including the relevant and topical “The High Cost of Terminating Public Sector Union Members”

Our Northern Neighbour, Canadian patriot Cam Vallee, is a new Staff Writer on The Patriot’s Notepad. Our Northern Neighbour writes with the objectivity of a neighbor and observer. America’s fate affects many in this world; it makes sense that Canadians are interested in our politics.

We’re preparing for the 2012 election cycle by re-purposing Patriotic Perspectives, once again, for Campaign 2012! TBP intends to cover all of the conservative candidates, campaigns, debates, primaries and other events. (We need volunteer writers and editors for this forum, so if you have time to share and a burning desire to contribute some effort in a patriotic endeavor, please contact us.)

Finally, please visit The Bold Pursuit each day this week for our Father’s Day tributes.

Thank you for visiting The Bold Pursuit — we hope you will recommend us to your friends and follow us on Twitter (The Bold Pursuit).



3 thoughts on “TBP Praiseworthy – June 15, 2011

  1. Clio – After reading this synopsis of the contributions made by TBP authors and illustrator, I can unequivocally say that you are enjoying the celebrated success that you dedicated many hours to achieve. What began as an idea 2 years ago to give voice to the Conservative message is now recognized as a trusted, pragmatic forum for the judicious exchange of ideas between like-minded patriots. Your readers have the added benefit of reading your own personal narratives – a perfect balance of substance and humor. Your subtle wit is always woven into your storylines; e.g., the delicate allusion in reviewing Robert Avray to the latest political fiasco that was headlined in the media for 3 weeks – "threats to circulate his emails to the media". You are so adept in artfully catching the reader off guard with this type of unexpected jest. Even the most weighty material is presented in a simple, unpretentious style.

  2. Thank you, Genevieve! What an incredible compliment. Of course, our writers and editor are the ones who deserve the loudest round of applause and I'm happy to give our readers a second (or first) look at some of the outstanding material that they've created via TBP Praiseworthy. As you know, the website version of TBP was launched last Fall; we have big plans for the future of the site and for our involvement in Campaign 2012. I hope there are conservative patriots with time and talent to add to our volunteer army — we need more hands on deck to help us navigate toward our goals. Again, thank you for the acknowledgement and for reading The Bold Pursuit.

  3. I was slow in coming to this meeting of the minds but was sure glad when I found a circle of Americans I now consider friends ready to fight in order to save the greatest country our world has ever known. You are true patriots and though I am a proud Canadian I have always been proud to call America my cousin country.With people like you standing up for what is right America will rise out of this all the stronger and wiser for what it has gone through. I have hope that 2012 will bring about real hope and change in your country that will not only benefit all of your citizens but the world at large.

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