The War of 2012 … The Beginning

Noel Alcoba, Political Cartoonist to The Bold Pursuit

We are delighted to announce that Noel Alcoba has joined The Bold Pursuit as our official Political Cartoonist. Noel entertains and informs a large following of fans on Facebook with edgy and topical cartoons. The Bold Pursuit welcomes Noel as a regular weekly contributor to our website. Please visit Noel’s website,, for more information about Noel and his work. 


5 thoughts on “The War of 2012 … The Beginning

  1. Really well done Noel, I'm glad you're on board with Bold Pursuit. I'm curious though, why did you picture Herman Cain as the only ground based attack on the media? Could it be that you felt Cain has something the others don't? If so, I think Cain could prove to be the rising star among We The People.#YesWeCain!

  2. Thanks John…and glad you asked. Cain's a tank because I wanted to differentiate him from the others, not as a politician. It could also be interpreted as him working from the ground up, being closer to the ground, more grounded…maybe a little more tenacious.My original concept for this was Obama as King Kong, and all the contenders as bi-planes, but depicting Obama as any kind of "monkey" brings racism into the discussion. I couldn't care less about race-baiting or racism, but I didn't want to shift the focus of the cartoon. Obama will be a formidable opponent–but I think any of those fighters (or tank) can potentially hit his weak spots.

  3. Love it. Little known fact is during the war of 1812 a small band of Canadians managed to make their way all the way to Washington and burned down your White House! I am often asked if we could repeat it but fact is we are so dang socialized up here now I can barely afford the price of a match!Joking aside this is the best picture of what your left wing media does in America. Lie. We used to rely on your media here in Canada but thank goodness saw what was happening when real reporters went and everyone promoted their own opinions. I look forward to more wisdom from this artist. Congratulations on joining the Bold Pursuit!Cam Vallee

  4. Thanks Cam! More to come, that's a promise. We're in some crazy, fascinating, crucially significant political times. People need to pay attention, so I'll do my part in getting the message out.

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