An American Citizen’s Personal “Apology Tour”…

I am a private, unknown, middle class, American citizen. I would like to apologize to the State of Israel and the Jewish people for the President of the United States … Barack Hussein Obama.

I am ashamed of the speech that he gave on this the 19th day of May, 2011, where he proposed on the world stage that Israel return to pre-1967 national boundaries.

I didn’t vote for him, as in my research during the 2008 Primary, I determined that he was, at the least, sympathetic to the Muslims and NOT sympathetic to Israel. This was easy to ascertain based on his associations.

I am apologizing that despite the best efforts of those who saw him for what he was, and is, we were not able to convince those who did vote for him, not to.

I am apologizing for the extreme Far Left media in America that makes it appear that my whole country is against Israel. This is far from the truth. The Far Left media represents a minority opinion in America. They just have the loudest voice.

I would also like to apologize to Britain, Honduras, the Green Movement in Iran, and any other nation or truly Democratic movement that has been injured or insulted by the misguided, Far Left, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Semitic, or racist policies of the President of the United States … Barack Hussein Obama.

I am truly sorry that he represents my country, and I promise to do everything in my power, within the confines of the Constitution of the United States, to remove him from the Presidency at the end of his first term.

I stand with Israel.

Thank You,

Bruce O’H

8 thoughts on “An American Citizen’s Personal “Apology Tour”…

  1. Thank you for your comments Bruce. Like you, I stand firmly with Israel and AGAINST Obama in this regard. Some time has passed since Obama's speech, and I have just learned that Netanyahu (sorry, I probably mangled the spelling of his name) has publicly completely rejected Obama's demands. Good for you, Mister Prime Minister, the world, and Americans, need to see that Obama can be stood up to if we are to successfully remove him from the White House.Also, like you Bruce, I will do everything in my power and means tosee that Obama is defeated in 2012.

  2. My wife first met this American Patriot during the 2008 election run and came to know him well. It has been this here Canadians honour to get to know this great American Patriot. You are known Bruce via your words and your actions in the fight to take back control of your great American Republic. It is a great honor for me to say I and thousands of Canadians like me stand with you who are doing so.Heartfelt letter. Wonderful. God Bless you Bruce O'Hare and God Bless your great country.Cam Vallee

  3. I'm gratified that you folks agree with the sentiments of the letter. By the hue and cry raised across the country, there are millions of good Americans who feel as we do.

  4. Bruce you know that I stand 100% alongside you and this wonderful letter you have written! you are truly a pleasure to have know and to share your wonderful input. Especially on an ally that is more than just that as it goes deeper. We are Brothers and Sisters to this land!Much love and respect, Sincerely, Elaine

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