Uncertain Times for Israel


The Arabs have threatened a new Infantada against Israel; the so called “Arab Spring” is creating more uncertainty, and instability for Israel and her citizens; President Obama is due to give a major speech this week on Middle East Policy, and fears are he will further weaken Israel’s position, and may create more problems for her with his distorted view of the region. 

Meanwhile, anti-semitism is alive and growing in Europe, and the USA. The Dutch call for an outright end to Israel, the British who have never been warm, further turn a cold shoulder. In Germany, Demanjuk convicted of assisting in the murder of 23,000 mostly Jews, is given only five years for his crimes, and is out pending appeal. In the USA, Ron Paul and others who say they support Israel, yet work to leave her naked before her enemies, are trying to strip Israel of the means to defend herself. 

There is as great of evil being practiced against Israel, and Jews, in the World, as at anytime in history. The only times worse, were the 1930s and 40s in Europe, and during the Inquisition. 

Over the next week, we will be following events closely as PM Netanyahu comes to the USA, meets with Obama, attends the AIPAC conference, and addresses a Joint Session of Congress. If you are interested in Israel, and her future, and care what happens to The Apple of Gd’s Eye, then please join us on our Facebook page (link below). 

If you can’t join us on the site, then join us in praying for Israel, as we lift our eyes to Gd, and proclaim: “Blessed are you Adonai, our Creator, who separates between the Holy and the Profane. May Israel always enjoy the shelter of Your Grace, and her leaders the counsel of Your Wisdom. Protect Israel from those who wish to destroy Her. Vanquish her enemies in such a manner, all who see will know, Israel is yours, and she serves you. Bestow on her leaders the knowlege of the wise path, and grant her peace. We humble ourselves before You, but as a Nation are confident in Your Grace, and Your protection now, and evermore. Blessed are You HaShem, who loves and protects Israel, and Blesses those who come to her Aid.” 

Bob Schneider

Link the the Group: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1964190874421&set=a.1408234535860.120527.1532340632&type=1&theater#!/group.php?gid=102344213144492 

Reprinted with Permission

For over three decades, Bob has worked in American Politics. Having served three Presidents, and working with numerous Senators and Congressmen on Contentious public policy issues, has given Bob an insider’s perspective on current events. He gives his opinions freely, and often wrapped in humor.  His pages are not for the timid or shy. As with his clients (I’ve fired many, he is quick to say) you get his opinion direct, and without question about where he stands. Welcome to his page, and don’t be shy, tell us what you really feel, only do it with respect!

One thought on “Uncertain Times for Israel

  1. It is my greatest pride that my country, Canada stands with Israel. We have gotten ourselves into a social mess up here but we never forget who our friends are. It is my sincere hope that all good Americans will rally in support of Israel in spite of President Obama turning his back on them.Cam Vallee

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