TBP Praiseworthy: May 1 – 11, 2011

During last week, TBP took a brief break from political commentary and coverage to pay tribute to our mothers. Our authors penned personal stories for our readers; it was a poignant and touching experience for writer and reader alike.
John Wayne Tucker contributed three columns to JWT’s Journal last week (thanks for the hard work, John!):

“The Hidden Costs of Democracy” – posting on May 11th, 4pm PT.
Our most frequent contributor to The Patriot’s Notepad, Robert Arvay, wrote: “Dear Mom: An Inspiration in This Life” 

Contributing Writer, Cynthia Toney, penned “The Mother-in-Law Tongue”
“My Best Friend, Confidante and Source of Strength” is a personal tribute, written by Genevieve, to her late mother, Sarah. It’s a beautiful story of love and encouragement.
If you’re interested in my family tree, please read “Generations of Love.” 

Our new political cartoonist, Luis Sandoval, plays up the narcissism of the CIC with his black and white cartoon, “Obama Takes Down Osama … “Seal-ing” the Deal”

May is off to a robust start with a broad scope of political and, in honor of Mother’s Day, personal commentaries. We hope you’ll stay with The Bold Pursuit as we forge our way through what promises to be a tumultuous summer across the nation.

~ Clio, Publisher, The Bold Pursuit

© TBP Publishing 2011, The Bold Pursuit sm. All Rights Reserved 

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