“My Best Friend, Confidante and Source of Strength”

by Genevieve

Eighteen years have passed since I lost my Mother. It is incredible that I still embrace the precious moments that I shared with this marvelous woman. She was my best friend, confidante and source of strength when I felt unable to cope with life. 

As an incorrigible child, I was fortunate that she believed in me and loved me unconditionally. Without her understanding and guidance, I would not have developed into the compassionate, caring person that I have become. Mom was the example of everything I hoped to be, but didn’t know how to achieve my aspirations. I asked her how I could be more like her – poised, empathetic and kind. She responded, without hesitation, that she was just like me when she was a child. What an unexpected revelation. 

Mom was inspirational and giving. She taught me how to treat others with respect and dignity. She encouraged me when self-doubt and low self-esteem hindered my personal goals. 

The center of my Mother’s life was her belief in God. She instilled the faith and conviction in me that anything is possible with God’s reinforcement and guidance. Her devotion never wavered even when life posed the most difficult challenges. 

The memories inspired each Mother’s Day deepen my respect and admiration for my Mother – my companion, teacher and friend. 

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