“Dear Mom: An Inspiration in this Life”


Dear Mom:


It will soon be twelve years since you passed away  twelve years since your last and final Mother’s Day here on earth.  Twelve years later, and still I miss you. Every once in awhile I see or hear something that I know would amuse you, and I think to myself, I have to remember to tell Mom about that. Every once in awhile when I am driving on a certain road, I think, let me stop in for a quick visit with Mom and Dad.  But both of you have a different address now.


On one of my last visits with you, as you were making your final preparations to meet Our Lord, you had an urgent request for me. It was to make sure that Dad would be okay. Even then, you were thinking of others. And I am happy to report that Dad lived out his days well taken care of.  Of course you know that by now.


Although I am 63 years old, I still remember snippets of my very early childhood. I remember how I was your pride and joy, a kind of love that I would not fully understand until I, too, had a child of my own.


And although you were never harsh with me, although you never lectured me, you still found ways to impart to me your values, in ways that made a deep and lifelong impression. I still remember that pretty girl I met, and thought I might date, until it crossed my mind that she was not the sort that I could bring home to you. My life could have taken a very wrong turn without your invisible guidance.


One day there was a message on my phone.  It was from your doctor.  The news was bad. So began a few weeks that would turn my life upside down. Through it all, you were the courageous one. Knowing that your condition was incurable, knowing that the end would come soon, you demonstrated a faith that few others could keep under such circumstance. Yours was the bravery that does not deny fear, but rather conquers it. Yours was the serenity that is not untroubled, but which puts troubles in their proper perspective.


Mom, I cannot count the many ways in which you were an inspiration in this life. And the counting did not stop when you left this life. It goes on. True, I forge my own path now, but it is a path that would even now go very wrong were I never to pause and remember you.


When will we meet again? Perhaps soon, perhaps years from now, I do not know. But I look forward to it. And when next you greet me at heaven’s door, I know that you will greet me, and seat me at the kitchen table.

Gosh, Mom, how I do miss your cooking!




Robert Arvay is a regular contributor to The Patriot’s Notepad.


2 thoughts on ““Dear Mom: An Inspiration in this Life”

  1. Robert, as always a heartfelt story that shows us the good soul of a Patriotic American. Your mother would have been proud of you. At 68, I am one of the few who is lucky enough to still have my mother with me. Both my parents in fact have become good examples of the bumper stickers that say 'Live long enough to become a problem for your children". Except they are not a problem but a real blessing to me and my family. I treasure every day I have with them.

  2. Robert – Your admiration, love and respect for your Mother are echoed in every word you have written. The honor that you have bestowed on her is incredible. I'm sure that she is very proud of her son – the beneficiary of her awe-inspiring parenting and unconditional love. Reading about your love and devotion are inciting deja-vu of my Mom who embodied similar attributes – I recognized so many of her strengths. Having the opportunity to share your deepest feelings about your Mom was very moving. Thank you, Robert.

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