Stop Government Spending And Reduce Your Tax Bill

The constraints placed upon government by the framers of our Constitution exist only on the faded parchment that lies in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; a document that launched the greatest, most successful experiment in the history of government. Politicians have succeeded – with cooperation of the American electorate – in unleashing an omnipresent government from the confines of that Constitution to rule every aspect of American life.

We find ourselves enslaved in our own country due in large part to a culture of dependency by elements of society and an equal culture of corruption by our political leaders and their minions, the bureaucrats.

The power of a government to tax its people is at the heart of their power to control and regulate behavior, transfer wealth, and redistribute income; in essence, to punish and subjugate its citizenry.

Without the power to tax, politicians lose their power over the people. Higher taxes directly result in more control. Lower taxes result in less control. They know this all too well and use it to make more promises; Prescribing to the old adage of “always leave them wanting more.” It all begins with; give us all your income and wealth, and we will provide for your every need. Therefore, the simple secret of lower taxes is to reduce spending by demanding government stay out of our lives.

The temptation to abuse that power to tax has long placed government at odds with those who have the legitimate right to constrain and control government at all levels; the American people.

The dividing of citizens into certain classes to cull the successful from the herd has long been a winning strategy for government to quench their unending thirst for the funding necessary to fulfill politicians’ promises of something for nothing. The federal government carefully selects, and then excludes enough voters from paying income tax, for example, as a means to buy support and votes to continue their redistributive socialistic change.

Taxes should always be set to the lowest rate required to maintain constitutionally mandated and allowable services by the government. Politicians have corrupted the original intent of taxation and use tax law to penalize success, reward mediocrity, pick winners and losers, and grow the size of government. They become more and more imaginative, cunning, and deceitful in their hunger for the fuel to run their ego machine.

In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made the federal income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system. The amendment gave Congress legal authority to tax income and resulted in a revenue law that taxed incomes of both individuals and corporations. The withholding tax on wages became law in 1943. That year the federal government got its greedy hands around the throats and bureaucrats into the pockets, of every American.

It is today a behemoth with tax laws so large and convoluted that no one (not ever IRS employees) understands them, and just to hire enough experts to try for compliance, costs billions of dollars per year. The entire structure of the IRS with its unlimited power to destroy individuals, families, and businesses gives power to the IRS that the framers of the Constitution could never have envisioned.

The hidden costs of taxes are higher than the overt ones are. Underhanded, hidden taxes, fees, regulations, and costs of compliance multiply the prices of goods and services. Additionally, deficit spending and policies by the ultra-secret Federal Reserve to flush the economy with nonexistent funds devalues the dollar and causes inflation, which is nothing but another insidious tax.

Taxpayers must demand an end to the Federal Reserve System’s secrecy and an end to the buying of government debt (monetizing) by the Fed., which is purposeful inflation of our currency. Essentially, we are consuming our own flesh in a desperate attempt at surviving without enough outside food source (or in government’s case, income)

Beware of, and research carefully, all ideas of tax reform. Many proposed changes to the tax code by politicians are nothing more than attempts to increase revenue by raising more revenue; not reducing the money extracted from the sparse pockets of Americans. No matter the tax system, government spending and corruption are the problems. It begins and ends in those sweet honeycomb chambers of government with too many queens living off the hive.

Politicians and the recipients of taxpayers’ money avoid most tax cuts by screaming their talking points and the code words of liberalism; “tax cuts for the rich…”, “they want people to starve…”, “We need to invest in…” we’re working for the American Dream…” , “ they are against the working man…”. 

However, it does not end with the federal government. State and local governments have likewise built greedy, mega-government bureaucracies that forever scream, “Feed me”! The very last thing they consider is reducing the size of their dynasty. Their big hammers they use to keep the funds flowing are threats to cut off critical services, mass demonstrations, and intimidation. Government’s natural default response is to raise taxes or borrow money and not cut spending.

By law, most local and state governments must balance their budgets. They get around this by floating bond levies for roads, bridges, schools, bus services or anything else they cannot afford because of bloated bureaucratic inefficiency and progressive ideologies.

When government begs for your support of bond levies, ask yourself, is this something I believe is a good expenditure; is it a necessity or a luxury? Then, vote accordingly! Remember, every bond levy is a new credit card opened in our name; we must repay the loan plus interest. Eventually, taxes will increase or other services forfeited to pay the bill. When they tell you everyone wins, and it will cost nothing; they are lying.

All politicians, government officials, and bureaucrats, speak of tax cuts (or allowing money to remain with its rightful owners), as government spending. Think of that, allowing you to keep your own money, is government spending. This arrogance is universal in all progressive liberal circles, and accepted by many in the conservative political arena, as well. This incredible contempt could only leave us to conclude that they hold the belief that all money, income and wealth belong to the government. They are nice enough to allow you to keep the portion that they deem sufficient; now quit whining!

By eliminating politicians’ spending, we regain our financial independence, reduce taxes to a level required to operate essential government in our Constitutional Republic, and empower Americans to reassert and reclaim their independence from tyranny. The only mechanism available to us to reduce the size of government, thus reduce taxes, is the power of the vote. The 2012 election may be our last chance to reverse the deadly course in which our country is heading. Elect only those people with whom you have kindred ideology in the support of Constitutional principles and demand monumental spending cuts.

Jim Mullen

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