Obama’s Energy Policy

by Jim Mullen

Barack Obama is doing the liberal limbo in a desperate attempt to remain under the radar in a sneak attack on the American people. His new energy policy is the same energy policy that he promulgated from his early budding as a community organizing, Marxist from Chicago. It is, and always has been, about redistribution of income and wealth and his support of environmental extremists.

Notwithstanding his clever rhetoric, Obama’s policies are best summed up quickly and succinctly; kill coal, stop drilling for oil and gas, regulate, regulate, regulate, and of course demonize and diminish anyone in the energy business. He envisions windmills and solar panels replacing traditional forms of energy, as well as burning more of our food in automobiles. By subsidizing Mega Corporate farms even more than the $5 billion per year currently wasted on this misguided folly, food prices will continue to climb.

Causing energy prices to rise by restricting and eliminating supplies of all fossil fuels has long been Obama’s stated goal. He’s on record declaring he would like to see high gasoline and electric prices and his Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” The idea being to make gasoline and other fossil fuels so expensive that alternative energy sources will become viable.

It’s obvious if these people have their way; exorbitant prices for food and energy will be the accepted norm and will allow further intervention and control by the federal government over the purse strings and activities of all Americans.

What are Americans to do for energy in the decades it takes for the mass production of “Obama-energy”? The answer, it would seem, is to throw his hopes, dreams and promises into the national furnace and fuel tank. Or perhaps channel the hot, ideological winds of liberalism into the silent turbines that powers the nation.

Imagine the possibilities. Obama simply sprinkles his magic Marxist-dust on the marketplace and miraculously, coal mining and drilling for oil and gas become unnecessary. Indeed, he rids our land of the nuclear menace and snail darters swim freely where those nasty hydro plants once gave us clean energy. It sounds a lot like his 2008 megalomaniacal moment from his speech, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.”

Meanwhile, back in reality, USA, Americans pay the cost for another star in the crown of Barack Obama, King of the Progressives. Gasoline has more than doubled under the rule of Obama and prices for food continue to rise unabated. His announced plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is a subterfuge. His every word addressing the nation’s energy situation is either an outright falsehood or misdirection by deception.

He uses the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce his presidential decree of cap-and-trade and enlists the Democratic controlled Senate to block any Republican moves at reining in the dictatorial EPA. Even Jay Rockefeller, the liberal Democrat from coal-rich W.Va. defies his constituency and joins Obama and the EPA in their war on coal.

The President is providing billions of U.S. dollars to Brazil’s state-owned oil company, to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil’s Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. At the same time, he refuses to drill for oil domestically, fully realizing that it would have an instant and long-term downward push on oil prices.

He claims credit for the highest domestic oil production since 2003, but fails to mention present day increases are a result of the Bush policies for planning and drilling. The country will reap the disastrous rewards from the Obama administration and the current Democratic Party’s energy policy for decades, just as we presently suffer from the acquiescence to eco-terrorists by the Democrats in years past.

His moratorium on off-shore drilling is illegal as declared by two federal courts. Nonetheless, it continues today even after he declared it lifted. Deepwater permits are down 88 percent, with only two new ones issued since that time.

Democrats and Barack Obama spew endless platitudes and rhetoric about their concern for the working people. However, their deceitful actions cause irreparable harm to the country. We must all be aware of their intention to punish Americans by increasing prices and taxes, redistributing wealth and appeasing environmentalists. Obama’s words have no meaning, but his actions have deadly consequences.  

Unless Americans stand up and stop Obama and the progressive Democrats, we will become just another Marxist state; or worse yet, a second-world nation reigned supreme by a very elite ruling class of thugs and dictators.

Jim Mullen



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