It’s Make or Break for the GOP

by Robert Arvay

The time has come.  The next few hours will make or break the Republican Party.  It’s where the rubber meets the road, where we separate the men from the boys, the sheep from the goats— insert your own cliché.  They’re all appropriate.

If the Republicans cave in on the budget battle, it’s all over for them.  They will no longer have any credibility on fiscal issues.  And the people who will deliver the coup de grace will not be the Democrats, but rather, other Republicans.

Shortly after the Republicans wave the white flag, there will be no Republican party, none except in name only.

The Tea Party will rise.

To be sure, this will probably result in the reelection of Obama, and as a consequence of that, the destruction of the US as an economic powerhouse.

While that is a truly chilling prospect, the alternative is even worse.  The alternative will be a nation streaking headlong into ruin, but worse than that, a nation with no hope of recovery.  And without a cadre of principled leaders, we will have no hope of ever extracting ourselves from the morass into which the Democrats have sunk us.

Make no mistake about it.  For the Republicans to hold fast on the budget crisis will cause them to be blamed for any government shutdown.  It will cause Republicans to lose reelection, to lose their positions of power.

But what good is a position of power, without the power?

Power is useful only when it is exercised.  Power is moral only when exercised for good.  The power to retreat is not power, but cowardice.  The power to surrender is not power, but treason.

The Tea Party is now our only hope.  Only the Tea Party office holders are showing strength, courage and resolve in the face of withering enemy fire.  If they hold fast, we may suffer early defeats, we may suffer painful casualties.

But at least the nation will have a chance.  At least, as the nation suffers devastation at the hands of Democrats, there will be a small group of patriots whom everyone will recognize for what they are— men and women to whom principle is more important than prestige.

We will have someone to turn to.  We will have hope.

And the Republicans?  They will take their place alongside the Whigs and the Know Nothing Party (yes, there really were two such parties) in the hall of infamy.  They will have failed us.  And all for what?  To meet with the approval of those who sold out their nation for positions of prestige.

There are worse things than defeat in a good cause.  It’s time to be brave, Americans.  It’s time to be willing to suffer for our posterity.  After all, our ancestors endured much worse for us than economic hardship.  We must be willing to do the same for our descendants.

The time has come.

One thought on “It’s Make or Break for the GOP

  1. The 4/8 deal was about preparing for the raising the debt ceiling on 5/8. The anger from the Tea Party will help. The USA is ready for this, we know the Media is adversarial, and now we have more trust in Boehner. So far, well played… but the real battle is yet to come. In May we will see what the GOP in DC is really made of. Fasten your chin straps, the next one is not a drill.

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