TBP Celebrates Our 2nd Birthday!

by Genevieve

What began 2 years ago as a mission to “provide an environment for political coverage and commentary, as well as motivate and support efforts to protect our country, our Constitution and citizens” has developed into an excellent resource of perspectives and beliefs of Conservative Patriots. The Bold Pursuit encourages a courteous exchange of ideas and opinions rather than an uncivil discourse. It is refreshing. 

The dedication and commitment to create an outlet for information that will help guard and defend our freedoms is obvious. The uncluttered format promotes pleasurable reading of the published articles.

I have discovered a setting where I can improve my understanding of the political issues that face our nation today. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile endeavor.


One thought on “TBP Celebrates Our 2nd Birthday!

  1. Genevieve: you brought 25 years of experience as a corporate editor to TBP — a stroke of luck for our little site. Thank you so much for all you've done for The Bold Pursuit; the late hours, multiple edits and a professional's touch that made our efforts shine!

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