Never Say Never, Never Say Die

by Cynthia Toney

On this, the second anniversary of the founding of The Bold Pursuit, I am reminded of an anniversary of my own.
Seventeen years ago this month, I officially became a Republican.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I previously was a Democrat – one of those young people whose hearts bled at the thought of anyone having to go without (without government help) – and willing to sacrifice (pay more taxes) for the government to help as many people as possible.
My attitude toward being an informed, involved member of the voting community was: “I’ll NEVER be interested in politics.” In my opinion, whoever was in Washington would take care of things, because that’s what we paid them to do.
Imagine such confidence placed in politicians from a woman who didn’t trust her husband to put the trash out on time.
Don’t get me wrong – I voted in every election. I cast my ballot for whichever Democrat had the most clever or most frequently run commercials because that was the candidate who was permanently fixated in my head.
It wasn’t until I, through my own initiative, hard work and persistence, got my first good (private sector) job that I understood what most of the government signified.
I learned from Republicans with whom I worked that government teaches people (with no worse start in life than I had) dependence rather than self-reliance. We should not depend on our own God-given talents, Constitutional freedoms or even America’s bountiful resources to care for ourselves. We should rely on government bureaucrats who have the power to spend other people’s money.
Unfortunately, this change in me did not happen overnight. First, I had to notice a few things:
• Unrestrained, the government ignores the Constitution. 
• Unrestrained, the government behaves as though our money and natural resources do not belong to us, but, to the government, 
• Not everyone asking for government assistance is an American citizen. 
• Not everyone asking for government assistance actually needs it. 
• Not everyone receiving government assistance appreciates it, respects what is given to them, or respects those who must work hard to give it. 
• Government bureaucrats who preach generosity and tolerance seldom practice what they preach. 
• Those who practice generosity and tolerance seldom receive the same – least of all from the government. 
• Our children are taught that America should be reviled, in spite of the fact that most immigrants come to America because they want to. 
• Our children are taught that cultures that have entered American society in recent years deserve autonomy and have contributed more to humanity and deserve more respect than cultures that built this country.
When I finally emerged from my stupor, I took a 180-degree turn, becoming a conservative Republican.

Like many of us, I regret previously neglecting my duties and responsibilities as a citizen and allowing others to make decisions for me. In retrospect, I wonder how I ever believed that my relationship with my government could be healthy when no other relationship in my life could survive without devotion of my time and attention. How can an unsupervised government be expected to always do the right thing when my own child certainly wouldn’t?

My attitude has completely changed. Now I belong to political organizations, attend meetings, make phone calls, email state and federal officials – and write for The Bold Pursuit.
Lately, it has seemed that our government is galloping at full speed toward total annihilation. But I believe that if a liberal Democrat can convert to a conservative Republican, it is not too late for us to take hold of the reins and change the course of our country.
Let’s never say DIE.
Cynthia Toney is a Contributing Writer and Editor, The Bold Pursuit
© 2011, The Bold Pursuit sm, All Rights Reserved


10 thoughts on “Never Say Never, Never Say Die

  1. Your story really resonates with me, Cindy. My political family tree is Democrat; I 'converted' in college after noticing many of the same things as you. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I'm sure that many of our readers will identify with your journey.

  2. One reason our government is moving toward annihilation is because it's being dictated to do so by the powers to be. Governments are ran by higher entities/authorities; apparently, it's time to bring our country down a few rungs.Well written piece, nicely said, and welcome to the dark side!

  3. Cindy:Very insightful. I never knew you were on the "other side." Welcome to the right side of the force. Keep it going.Alan

  4. Clio, thank you. It's good to know a sister convert. (Sometimes the best conservatives develop from Democrats.)

  5. Steve, thank you for your kind words. Fortunately, and (I think) in time, we have become aware of those pulling the strings.

  6. Cyber 1, me too — and glad you enjoyed the article. "There is none so blind as he who will not see."

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