Happy Birthday to TBP!!!

I would like to share my experiences this past week at Minnesota’s State Capitol. 

Earlier this month, I was asked to attend a Ways & Means Committee Hearing at our Minnesota State Capitol by the Capitol Republican Women’s group, concerning two proposed bills. (This will be a good lesson on why our state and the country is in such a mess!)

The first bill introduced was #HF200 Surveillance Bill, which would establish a state government health surveillance system on patients diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. HF200 would include collection of the doctor’s prescribed care and treatment plans for government analysis. NO consent by the patient is required.

While hearing the testimony on this, the committee had no idea about upstart costs, but did know that in 2050, it would cost 20 billion dollars per year. Think about that for a minute! What’s wrong here? This committee claims that your identity would not be given out, although currently, state info collected on other medical reports, leaves our state and is sent to the state of Maine, and returned so that the state could follow-up.

Minnesota currently has a five billion dollar budget short-fall, but this committee has no budget info for the plan upstart, they believe your patient information and ID is completely safe; however, they had no way to know, they just thought!

The bill is now headed to the house floor!

This next one is a real eye-opener! Bill #HF 468, defunding of ObamaCare in Minnesota, which would prohibit the use of any state funds, until the US Supreme Court rules on the law’s constitutionality. Discussion starts and one African American DFL representative is insulted that the word ObamaCare is used and insists that the correct name is “Affordable Healthcare Plan.” So, this debate goes on needlessly, but is stopped by the committee chairman.

Two seats down, another DFL woman representative, said she wants to rename the Afghan War, the “Bush War”! At this point, I had enough, so, wearing my Navy hat, I stand up and yell, “How about Viet Nam?” At this time the place goes dead silent, I run out to the hall, before I go further nuts. Some liberal is stupid enough to want to tell me about rights! Wrong thing to do! I explained that I was well aware of rights… What about the 58,000 men that died in Viet Nam, and since the voting age was 21 at the time, many that died or were killing others, never even had the chance to vote!

So, the response is…the Dems have no response – that was their war. I don’t have to be a lawyer to debate that one! So, its back to debate time and things are now going too badly now, except another DFL representative asks, ” the Iraqi War cost 18 billion and proof of weapons of mass-destruction, so why can’t we spend money on social programs?” A GOP representative answers: ‘because the state has no money and besides its 5 billion in the red!’ Finally, after the DFL representative continues to argue, the Chairman shut her down.

At least this story had a good ending! The bill to stop the funding passed 12 to 8.

I really take a lot of this nonsense personally, and I left the Capitol nearly on fire! Luckily, my daughter had invited me over for dinner – my favorite food: ham, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, and time to play with my 5 year old granddaughter and 16 month old grandson. At least my day ended on a positive note and I was relaxed! Thank God and my family…that’s why I am involved!

I know that in many areas, you can watch your city and state sessions on cable TV, but if you have time, go in person.

When you watch the observers in the crowd, you can see the same anxiety in them, as I have. I have a strong idea of which way 2012 is going to go. Get involved and make it happen!

Ruel Russell, St. Paul, Minnesota

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