Race and Racists: Liberal Bias and the Census Bureau

by Cynthia Toney

Growing up, I never thought my fellow Americans of Mexican descent were any other race but white – although their skin was brown. The same was true for other individuals of my acquaintance whose ethnic surnames were difficult to pronounce and whose skin color was sometimes, but not always, darker than mine.
I was correct.
The liberal media, the White House and left-wing political interests are trying to convince the American public that only European whites are white; anyone with a trace of African heritage is black and any individual who does not fall into one of those two groups must be considered “another race.” 
The Census Bureau disagrees.
According to the 2000 census, the total U.S. population on April 1, 2000, was 281.4 million people. Over 77 percent reported that they were white. This figure includes 75.1 percent who answered that they were “only white” and 1.9 percent who considered themselves white with one or more other races in combination.
“Hispanics who reported their race as White, alone or in combination with one or more other races, are included in the numbers for whites.” “The White Population: 2000”; Census 2000 Brief; August 2001 
Hispanics (including Latinos) could have chosen from among fourteen races or simply designated “Some Other Race” on their census form. Many respondents still chose “white.” (Separate census questions concerned Hispanic and Latino origins.)
I would not find it necessary to ask my friends from Cuba or Colombia if they think they are white. They would bristle at the suggestion of listing Hispanic or Latino as separate races. Unless they believe that their heritage is more African, American Indian, or one of any other race listed – which they have never mentioned – I assume that they consider themselves white.
“…Respondents who reported they were ‘White and Black or African American’ or ‘White and Asian and American Indian and Alaska Native’ would be included in the White in combination population.” (Census 2000 Brief, 2001) 
Consideration of the above-referenced Census Brief and my own personal experience lead me to believe that most liberals (including activist groups like La Raza and most members of the mainstream media) who shout “racist” at “white people” don’t have a leg to stand on, regardless of whether we use the “differences in ideology and policy” defense or not.
If these Americans believed that whites are racists, why would they acknowledge their white heritage on a census form? They could make more of a political impact by indicating that they were simply black/African American or Asian or American Indian/Alaska native. 
“The term ‘White’ refers to people having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who reported ‘White’ or wrote in entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish.” (Census 2000 Brief, 2001) 
If the Census Bureau considers all of these Americans white, as many do themselves, why are certain elements in our government and society trying so hard to fragment the races into opposing factions? 
I hope the census findings published this April do not prove that they have won.
Cynthia Toney is a Contributing Writer and Editor, The Bold Pursuit

© 2011, The Bold Pursuit sm, All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Race and Racists: Liberal Bias and the Census Bureau

  1. Cindy:Way to go. This is very enlightening and makes the case for empty labeling by the liberals.Alan

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