The Fatal Flaw in Arab Uprisings

by MyMati

It is easy to look at the uprisings in the Middle East and be wistfully reminded of the uprising our Founding Fathers conducted. Those people, in the Middle East, fighting to get out from under the tyrannical rule of kings, despots, maniacal dictators and a whack job in Libya are fighting for an ideal of freedom that they cannot attain, simply by deciding it is time to be out from under tyranny. Their efforts will only usher in the next dictator.

That is a pessimistic statement, but it is clear that these new revolutionaries are not prepared in the way that colonial America was for true liberty. The people of the Middle East, with the exception of Israel, were not raised in an atmosphere (except, in some cases, for older generations) that allows them to live and conduct their lives without strict rules and oversight. It is, of course, possible for them to achieve the conditions that will give rise to a free people, but that takes time and commitment, and, at the risk of not being politically correct, I believe, a reformation of their religion for which they have not demonstrated a desire.

It does not seem me that shortcuts to the kind of Cultural Revolution that would support a liberated Middle East are in any way obtainable.

The Founders of the United States spent many years waiting, watching and promoting virtue in public life. So much so, that it developed into a movement that was driven by the peoples’ pride in doing the right thing for your, neighbor, community, and country. Virtue was so highly prized that many of our early leaders refused salaries that were rightfully assigned to them.

The concept of right and wrong and of natural law seems lost on a population that accepts as ‘normal’ acts such as honor killings, gang rapes, subjugation of women and a, generally, barbaric culture by Western standards.

Dictators are moving their financial holdings to other countries in order to protect and support themselves without a thought to the people they governed. These uprisings lack a moral compass that allows a community to evolve into one that respects the law; their former governments grew rich and relied on corrupt activities to the extent that it is normal, if not expected, for one to bribe government officials.

Without an inspiring leader and years of learning to live life without somebody to tell you how to take each step and where to place it, the citizens of the Middle East will remain mired in bondage. No amount of protest can be a substitute for the cultural growth needed to secure lasting liberty.

Forcing this kind of liberty and respect for others, no matter their gender, religion, and cultural origin is nearly impossible and requires the commitment of billions of dollars and literally millions of soldiers from around the world to secure it for a population that may not even want it.  

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