A Tear Drop Fell from Heaven

by Sandy Stringfellow 

A tear drop fell from Heaven
From a mote in God’s eye
Reflecting consternation
Rippling the sea of time

He said, “I gave you Freedom
And a place to make it grow
In the land you call America
To be loved with heart and soul”

“A place to be a beacon
For all the world to see
Where individuals compete
In My land of Liberty”

“I inspired your Founding Fathers
Great men of moral strength
With appreciation and humility
They gave thanks to Me”

“My Son showed you the Way
Through His words and deeds
To guide you and provide you
With everything you need”

“Thus began your sojourn
To create what I envisioned
A shining city on the hill
Built with reason, love, and wisdom”

“Where talents would be nourished
And many interests cultivated
A people free to choose
Based on inspirational motivation”

“By design I’ve made you struggle
So that you may understand
Each life is a spiritual journey
The instrumental part of My plan”

“But your Faith became compromised
And you turned away from Me
Seductive voices lured your heart
From what I taught you to believe”

“I’m now barred from the Courtrooms
Barred from your Government
I’m barred inside the classrooms
And even barred from Christmas”

“Some have blamed it on evil
Others point to Engels and Marx
They’re identical but the real point is
You’ve been failing to do your part”

“Your Founding Fathers were scholars
Who fought against all tyranny
Since the Progressives co-opted Marx
They’ve been training you how to think”

“They projected arrogance and vanity
While promoting your personal pleasure
As you grew more naive and gullible
From seeking a life of leisure”

“Abrogation of honor and duty
Yields the enslavement of man
When Faith became a distraction
You let go of My guiding hand”

“Switch off all the gaming and boob tubes
Kick your sick habits and dependence
Stop obsessing over pop culture lunacy
Begin to start making a difference”

“You can still save your Freedom
America is not over and done
But your time has almost expired
If it does you’ll have no place to run” 


Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.

Copyright 2011 ~ Used with permission

8 thoughts on “A Tear Drop Fell from Heaven

  1. This stanza was my favorite Sandy – the language in it is perfect. Reason, love and wisdom…we need a lot more of that!"Thus began your sojournTo create what I envisionedA shining city on the hillBuilt with reason, love, and wisdom"

  2. Absolutely Beautiful Sandy. Inspirational and motivating. God has truly Blessed you with an amazing talent…Thank you for sharing this with me and I will be sharing this with my family and friends!

  3. Dear Sandy,The poem is beautiful. Please feel free to post it in the “Comment” section of my blog.Donald R. May“Mr. Conservative”http://lubbockonline.com/conservative

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