TBP Praiseworthy – February 11, 2011

Below is a round-up of our most popular recent articles. We invite you to take a moment and review some of the diverse and compelling features by our authors and our syndicate partner, US4Palin.

JWT’s Journal:

“How We Lost the “Leave it to Beaver” Family in America”

Some of you will remember that “All American” television family, the Cleavers. The Cleavers were just about perfect in every way, the epitome of an upper middle class family featuring a wise and patient father, Ward, his wife, June, the ideal wife and impeccably-groomed homemaker in pearls and starched apron and their two sons: the impetuous and misadventure-prone son Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dowand his older brother, Wally. The television series revolved around the two boys, who were always in some sort of trouble, however, they seem almost angelic by today’s standards. While the Cleavers represented America’s perception of the typical 1950’s family, this depiction of domesticity was a nearly accurate portrayal for this era.   http://www.theboldpursuit.com/jwts-journal/2011/2/7/how-we-lost-the-leave-it-to-beaver-family-in-america.htm

The Bold Pursuit, Contributing Staff Writers:

“Young Conservatives: New Patriots on the Rise” by Cynthia Toney

While some young liberals of the 1960’s were “finding” themselves in drugs, free love and violence, 90 young conservatives met at the Sharon, Connecticut estate of William F. Buckley Jr. to lay the groundwork for the first national conservative youth organization, Young Americans for Freedom.

Since that time, America’s conservative youth continue to speak the unabashed truth – for all of us.


US4Palin Syndicate:

“Jedediah Bila: Gov Palin Will Get GOP Nod, Beat Obama”

Gov. Palin will secure the GOP nomination for President and go on to beat Obama in the 2012 Presidential campaign, Jedediah Bila said last night on Sean Hannity’s Great Americans Panel.



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