“A Few Steps to Making Things Better”

by Ruel Russell

On the way to making the USA a better place, I want to share some simple steps:

#1 Compassion

#2 Commitment

#3 Involvement…then God, knowledge and pick your path.

If you just strive to live according to your beliefs, others may notice, follow you and good things happen! It’s not what we are, but who we are!

Over the weekend, I volunteered, per usual, at my church’s food shelf project. Our community is very familiar with our church’s programs and through our church, we do GOD’s work to create a positive effect in the community.

Last Saturday, another church, located 40 miles away, brought their minister and youth group (about 15 young people) to our church to help with our food shelf project. These kids were so full of energy! If we can involve our children in compassion projects early in life, they will probably stay involved throughout their lives.

This coming week, my church is planning a youth dinner in which we will have the opportunity to sit and discuss the rewards of involvement in God’s work, found also in service to their community and country.

On Saturday, I will attend my Republican caucus, followed by our local Republican ‘meet and greet’ at a local restaurant.

Minneapolis & St. Paul Democrats are very strong in their local support and involvement, so my goal this last year has been to get a grass roots plan underway. Members of my Senate district agreed with my plans and intend to act upon my idea. I hope this will become a model for our inner city areas; our next steps are to merge this project with an effort to support our troops.

We now have less than two years until the next election cycle; it is vitally important that we seek a positive direction for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Now is the time to get involved and move forward with rock solid preparations.

Many of us have served our country (myself included) and it’s time again to step up and work for the best interests of our country and communities! Remember, it’s We the People …

Thank You, Ruel Russell

One thought on ““A Few Steps to Making Things Better”

  1. Ruel, so true! In the past, many of us neglected to expose our children to politics or volunteerism, or we felt that they should make their own decisions about such matters. Now we see that we must set an example and lead them — or someone else will.

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