“Toxic Rhetoric Trumps Tucson Attacks: Liberals Take Aim at Palin, Tea Parties …”

by Clio

Last Saturday, January 8, we were jolted by breaking news reports of a gunman’s attack on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at an open-air town hall meeting in Tucson, Arizona. Six others were killed in the assault, including nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, U.S. District Judge John M. Roll and Giffords’ aide, Gabe Zimmerman. According to reports, 19 people were shot in the rampage by 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner and eight of his victims remain hospitalized.

Apparently, Rep. Giffords was Loughner’s target; FBI investigators found notes in Loughner’s Tucson home on which he wrote, “Die, bitch,” referring to Giffords. According to other sources, Jared Loughner has a history of odd behavior and posting aggressive comments on online gaming sites; neighbors and former classmates describe the 22-year-old as “mentally disturbed.”

The attack on Giffords (whose doctors are optimistic that she’ll survive the shooting) is still the top story on most news outlets. Sadly, this devastating and deadly event was commandeered by liberal politicos, pundits and seemingly legitimate news outlets which seized the opportunity to construct a secondary headline – another assault on Sarah Palin and Tea Party supporters. 

The media lambasted the former governor of Alaska for a map she posted on her Facebook page featuring “crosshairs” for congressional district targets in last November’s mid-term elections. Many media outlets asserted that Palin’s “don’t retreat, reload” slogan incited violence; Giffords’ congressional seat was one of the targets on Palin’s map.

Liberal pundits are still droning on about Palin’s ‘toxic rhetoric’ and suggesting that she is either directly or indirectly at fault for the fatal acts of a seemingly unstable young man.

As the media did a grimly gleeful happy dance on Sarah Palin’s political grave, I decided to ignore their lopsided and ludicrous headlines – political candidates on both sides of the aisles use similar terminology and target lists during campaigns. However, the media scourging of Sarah Palin is nothing new; last year’s exposé of the journ-o-lists scheme is point in fact of the cabal against Palin.

Almost 800 members of the media (on the listserv, journ-o-list) declared their intention to defame Palin and act in collusion against the popular governor during the 2008 presidential campaign and continued to strafe Sarah Palin for almost two years post-election. It wasn’t until after the journ-o-list story broke and some media outlets, namely Fox News, noticed the unusually intense and negative media interest in the governor did the daily vitriol against Palin begin to abate.

This week, as families mourn their loved ones and others sit bedside as other gunshot victims heal from their wounds, the media, liberal pols and pundits continue to target Palin and Tea Party groups for their own ideological and political advantage.

Regardless of the congresswoman’s political party or the affiliations of Mr. Loughner’s other victims, I will choose to ignore the sensational, ‘toxic rhetoric’ of the ideologues and say a silent prayer for those Americans who were killed or injured by, from most accounts, a mentally-ill man. I hope you’ll join me in offering condolences to the families of the deceased and prayers for those who are recovering from their wounds.

In conclusion, I’d like to direct you to an article that I wrote last year about media bias:

“My Observation on The News: Liberal V. Conservative …”

A few years ago, I returned to Portland. During my first breakfast at home, I collected the neatly re-organized newspaper and began my daily read. A few pages into the front page section, I realized that I was no longer in liberal L.A., but in a place where conservative viewpoints were virtually verboten and could find scant evidence of balanced, unbiased journalism.

During the 2008 Obama campaign “The Oregonian” became so biased for Obama that I felt the word “advertisement” should appear on every news and Op-Ed page. Eventually, the only section of the “Obama-gonian,” as I now refer to it, I found to be accurate and unprejudiced was the television log … for the full article, please click here: My Observation on The News

8 thoughts on ““Toxic Rhetoric Trumps Tucson Attacks: Liberals Take Aim at Palin, Tea Parties …”

  1. @Jack: I think the Sheriff is trying to deflect attention from errors made in providing coverage at the open-air town hall meeting. The easiest way to deflect is point the finger at someone else.

  2. Thes libs turn my stomach. They are evil opportunists with no conscience, morals, values, truth or virtue in them.Everything they accuse someone of, is something they do and have done for eons. I'm amazed that people listen to them at all. In my opinion, liberalism is a form of mental illness..

  3. May I ask who participates in the violent protests against the world bank? Is that people who listen to Rush, etc? Also have people forgotten that obama went on a foreign TV station and urged Mexicans to vote against the enemy, and they will be rewarded. Thank you for just saying it. I was so angry at TV news, I went searching for TRUTH. I started on "Left Coast Rebel" and from here any link on your page. Finally I understand there is something GOOD on the web, besides research. ortunkpalm desert cal

  4. Thank you for your comments, Ortunk. The hypocrisy in media reportage as it pertains to liberal/conservative coverage is pervasive and shameful. The Fourth Estate has lost credibility with most, except for those who share and support its agenda. This isn't good news for America.

  5. Great article Clio! American is lucky to have the likes of you standing up for her. Keep up the good fight.

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