“Will Lukewarm Republicans Prevail?”

by Robert Arvay
This month will be the test. When the newly elected Republicans take office, they will be greeted by the old guard Republicans. The old guard will pleasantly direct the Tea Party members to the back of the room, politely put pillows on their chairs, and smilingly assure them that they should just allow the “experienced” members to run the show.
That will be the deciding moment.
The new Republicans will then either accept the old order, or they will establish themselves as the revolutionary front line. If they accept the old order, we rank and file conservative voters will soon find ourselves faced with a brutal choice. With no leadership in power, we will either seize power ourselves, or surrender our children and grandchildren to a socialist fate.
My desire is that the Tea Party members will assert themselves. My hope is that  at every opportunity they will pound away at the message, “The United States of America is a nation of laws, not of personal whimsy. Our Constitution is a contract between free citizens who govern themselves and are not ruled by politicians.

  • Our opponents are many and the dangers we face are extraordinary. To name a few:
  • The socialist and so-called “progressive” forces are powerful and well-organized.
  • While Europe begins to back away from the ruinous policies of big government, the American Left is pushing us toward the edge of that cliff.
  • The president is doing by executive order what he failed to do through representative government.
  • Foreign enemies are poised to launch military attacks as soon as they find an opening.
  • Terrorists lurk among us, seeking to kill as many of us as possible.
  • The economy threatens a financial apocalypse.
  • Illegal aliens and their advocates are undermining the rule of law.

There is no shortage of problems. The question is, do we possess the courage to face them and the resolve to overcome them?
Make no mistake. This is not the era of the sunshine soldier. You have a part to play, an important part. In every victorious struggle, there are some defeats, many casualties, and much suffering. This is not a battle fought from a position of comfort and safety.  It is a war of the trenches, muddy and bloody. However, we cannot withdraw; the stakes are too high for us to do anything less than our best. 
In the words of George Washington:

“Let us, then rely on the goodness of our cause, and the aid of the Supreme Being, in whose hands victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble actions. … Liberty, property, life, and honor are all at stake; upon your courage and conduct rest the hopes of our bleeding and insulted country. … The enemy will endeavor to intimidate by show and appearance; but, remember, they have been repulsed on various occasions by a few brave Americans.”

I pray that when the moment comes, and it may come sooner than we think, that I will be found worthy to stand beside you, shoulder to shoulder, in defiance of the forces of tyranny, and in support of the Constitution of the United States.

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