“No Labels”

by MyMati

A group of political elites in Washington, D.C .recently began a movement called “No Labels.” Who they are is not terribly important, but in typical D.C. fashion, these elites are trying to start a movement where no natural call for one of this sort exists. It’s not a grassroots movement; it is a manufactured undertaking to make these chosen few that fancy themselves leaders, but are nothing more than pompous political pretenders pining for power, feel important.  

What is the problem with applying political labels? Is it not of critical importance to be able to identify some basic ideology of those who oppose or support one’s policy decisions? Don’t we do this in a subconscious way with each person we meet? Does “No Labels” really think they can go without labels for long?

Automatically, we sort people in our minds: friend, not friend, trusted, not trusted, has ideas I like, has ideas that frustrate me, and so on. Therefore, Liberal, Conservative, Left, Right, Democrat and Republican are just labels that we apply to identify and sort those we meet or listen to in speeches and debates or who we support and who we have as friends. 

Thus, it begs the question, ‘why does the Left fear labels, which we apply as a matter of course in our daily lives?’ Of course, not all on the Left are afraid of labels. There is a few in the media and in Congress that wear their Left-leaning labels with pride, but they are few. Within the public, unless one lives in a very liberal city or town, many on the Left find being identified by labels such as Liberal or Progressive is a pejorative. Those on the Right, however, rarely shun labels like Conservative and Libertarian. Heck, often we embrace the taunts that the Left bestow upon us such as Bible-clinger and we wear them with pride – which I’m sure drives the Left crazy or at least confounds

This odd dichotomy in American political discourse seems to me to be a matter of fear and of confidence. The Left’s fear seems to come from not being accepted by the greater public and their lack of confidence due to that pesky feeling that all they believe, politically, could be wrong. This is evidenced in their shrill defenses, needless, unprovoked name-calling =, and the habitual use of four letter words, especially when confronted along ideological lines. Note their assignment of racist meanings to totally non-racist words and phrases is now ‘racist code.’ Twisting “Zimbabwe” and “grab your pitchforks” into racism is simply their newest scheme to marginalize us so they don’t have to defend their politics. By defining these terms as racism, the Left hopes to squelch dissent so they are not cornered into defending the indefensible positions of socialism and progressivism. They know they will lose if legitimate debate is allowed.

American conservatives, on the other hand, seem to derive strength from their political beliefs. The surety of knowing that our political principles will lead to greater freedom and wealth for all – even those progressives is very powerful.

This strength that I see in my fellow conservatives, however, does not extend to all Republicans, as many of them desire admiration and acceptance from the Left. They pretend to believe the same ideologies as Conservatives in order to secure their power, but still seem to suffer the same fate as their Liberal counterparts; they lack the confidence that what they know politically is sure, fully-defined and developed in our Founding documents and explained in our Founders written words. In my opinion, their fear is based in losing their positions of power.

Conservatives, I know, are sure and confident in their belief in the Constitution as a timeless set of principles as relevant today as the day the document was signed. Today’s Commonsense Constitutional Conservatives are unafraid to wear, proudly, any label that identifies us as what we are. We are prepared to defend our position with logic and solid historical evidence. 

2 thoughts on ““No Labels”

  1. I am Canuck Gals husband MyMati and want to tell you that this is a great article! To the point and very profound. It has been this Canadian's experience that the left in America tries to box and label everything. They are not very good at it. The right on the other hand has few which keeps them far more organized and because of the Tea Party movement they have proven they can adapt. Will adapt to anything that will save your great nation.I am a proud Canadian Conservative and wear that label over my heart. It is the only way for any of our countries to move forward.

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