Meet Me at The Constitution

by MyMati

I was reading responses to a blog on today. Some of the respondents got a little agitated; some even resorted to name-calling. One claimed that they did not know the other respondent or his political persuasion. He maintained that the “middle ground” was where all could meet and compromise. While what he says is true, he has forgotten his map of the battlefield and is lost and wandering in left field.

This respondent is forgetting that the Constitution lies squarely in the middle ground and is the grand compromise between the extremes of the Left (Totalitarianism) and the Right (Anarchy). The middle ground is not between the Constitution and some tainted version of Socialism. History proves, although the Left denies it, that the drift towards statism/ socialism upsets the delicate balance that the Constitution so perfectly defines between Totalitarianism and Anarchy that leads, inevitably, to a freedom-less Totalitarian regime.

Seemingly, many on the Left fight from what their perception of the middle is. This perception has been warped by a hundred years of statist inroads into education, responsibility, social structure, freedom and public virtue, as well as other areas too numerous to list here. They have steadily pushed the middle from the balance point occupied by the Constitution. Of course, we have been blind to this, preoccupied with our lives and our families.

The Left beckons us to meet and break bread in the middle, but the middle sought by the Left is not the true midpoint of compromise. This is a trap into which the Left, either knowingly or unknowingly, have disingenuously driven the country by perverting the meaning and intent of the Constitution. By unknowingly I mean that they (the statists) have effectively commandeered our education system and taught our young their ideology of government dependency and without consequences.

Through the last century, each successive generation has grown up with a slow creep toward more “perverted” meanings taught by the statists. We’re at the point that we now (the middle folks, the constitutionalists) must scratch and claw to hold our position lest we slide toward the now heavy and unbalanced end of statism.

The continual giving of ground by the “good old boys” in the GOP, in the name of compromise has brought us to a point where a few, but tenacious, patriots still understand we that are the true middle ground.

We need an anchor, a patriot of the highest order, akin to the Founders. In Governor Palin, I see a patriot’s heart, not a fair weather patriot. In my opinion, she is the solid anchor of a true “die for it” patriot; one who can support us in holding our position with the Constitution. She sets an example for us and has become our standard bearer. She guided us back to the Constitution in larger numbers than we have seen in our lifetime.

So, meet me at the middle for the middle is where one finds the delicate, fine fulcrum that will save our beautiful country. It is where you will find me and those of us who truly believe the only outlet is the great compromise between Totalitarianism and Anarchy, it is where you will find the Constitution, and it is where you will find Sarah Palin.

Mymati @ AWS 12/14/2010

Service to Others – the Blessings of Volunteerism

by Ruel Russell

Many times, the contributions we make as individuals feel insignificant. If we engage our minds and the heart, we can make a difference. What may not seem like a big deal, can easily be to others. Volunteering in something of importance to you or someone you know can provide invaluable benefits.

I volunteer at my church’s food shelf, a program that we perform one Saturday a month and is open to any person or family in need – unlike the community food shelf that is held weekly in our church that is bound by restrictions (like income, address, etc.).

I help unload the truck and arrange the food on tables, help carry things or whatever needs to be done. The people are thankful, and the volunteers get a sense of energy from helping. We have about 20 people who help serve with this cause which has helped over 300 individuals/families in a month. We provide produce, bread products, milk, cereal and other staples.

The government cannot do everything for us, so, for our quality of life and others, we all could do more. I also do volunteer work for the city park system by giving tours at the first house built in Minneapolis and telling about the history of the house and the city/state. Speaking of connections of importance, my great grandmother was a resident in the home, so that was my tie to the house.

As a veteran of the Navy, the VA Hospital has successfully treated me for a severe stroke and an infection in my leg. Previous to this, I volunteered in the hospital as a patient escort and, now, help out in other ways.

I’m also a volunteer with the county for pollution studies/assistance. I hope that telling about my personal efforts to maybe inspire and give some of you ideas for volunteerism in your area. The possibilities are endless, as are the rewards: the networking opportunities are incredible! You might even find some way to help with a concern of your own!

Ruel Russell

St. Paul, MN

How the Left Got Blind-Sided …

by Robert Arvay
“…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves…” The Declaration of Independence

The left never saw it coming. Now that it has happened, they have not a clue as to the real nature of what is happening.

For decades, most of the political activism has come from the Left. There were exceptions, of course. The Goldwater candidacy was one, but it soon fizzled out. The Ronald Reagan era was another. But then came GHW Bush, and conservatism withdrew back into the shadows, and all but died under the ambiguity of the GW Bush era.

This time, however, conservatism is back with a force and fury that has the Left stunned. Shock and awe has set in. This time, the left does not get away with calling us “hostage-takers,” terrorists and knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. We’re mad as hell, and we won’t take it any more.

The Left is angry too, very angry. They are bleeping expletives undeleted at their own president, even though he is, in fact, the most far-left occupant the Oval Office has ever had. “Left” is never Left enough, as it turns out.

If all this seems as if it were a plot for a satire, it is because the Left is failing to understand the true nature of what has happened.

Which is this: The political Right has suffered all the ills that are sufferable. We have endured government waste from both major political parties. We have retreated time and again from each incumbent party’s attacks on our paychecks. We have seen our national treasure squandered both domestically and overseas. We have seen billions of dollars forfeited on government programs that do not work. We have seen our national debt skyrocket. We have witnessed in silence our grandchildren forced into crushing debt, just so that politicians could get re-elected.

Then, something happened. The political Right realized that the travesties are no longer sufferable. This time, we do not worry that the national debt will become unmanageable “someday.” This time, “someday” has finally arrived. This time, we are at the very brink of national destruction, and the left wings of both major parties have their eyes firmly closed to the danger.

We are like the passenger in the front seat who finally realizes that the driver at the wheel is more than “slightly tipsy.” He is roaring drunk, going the wrong way on the interstate, and there is an eighteen wheeler dead ahead.

Of course, the drunk driver is enraged that we have taken the wheel and are applying the brakes. He calls us names, he insists that he is on the right track, and that we are simply intolerant of his good intentions.

But the game is up. We are no longer merely in danger; we are in immediate danger. The giant tractor trailer bearing down on us is no longer merely a set of headlights in the fog. We can see the grille. If we do not act now, we will lose our country, our national soul.

We won an election, but that is not enough. We must win the battle. The Left will not go easily into the night. They are fierce, and they are blind with rage. It is beyond name-calling, now. They actually intend to silence us. And they are not kidding about that. They will do it if only they can.

Whatever they might do to us, it is nothing compared to letting them keep control of the wheel. The Left has made the mistake of backing us into a corner, and now we have no alternative but to enforce the Constitution.

Obama Leaves Tax Cut Presser; Leaves Clinton in Charge…

Real Clear Politics: “Former President Bill Clinton gave a statement after his meeting with President Obama about his tax compromise with the Republicans.

However, after his statement, Clinton began to call on and take questions from the press with Obama at his side. Obama leaves promptly after a few moments and said he had to see Michelle, as he was keeping her “waiting.”

“I don’t want to make her mad, please go,” Clinton told Obama.

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“Making a Difference … in Your Own Backyard”

by Ruel Russell

Amazingly enough, people often say, “Boy, we had no choice in candidates!” after an election. Voting is only one small way to express our freedom of choice, but certainly is not the only way. Regardless of your party of choice, you can always participate with your party on a local level.

You can get involved with your House/Senate district and serve on that committee, which will give you an avenue to share your ideas and make your wishes known. These local district meetings are usually held on a monthly basis. Among things that are included in the party’s agenda are candidate search committees on which you can serve. These committees help identify qualified and electable candidates. The search committee interviews possible candidates and forwards the best qualified candidate to the endorsing convention. You should also attend your district’s precinct caucus to identify who is involved in the process, and the agenda that is voted on; if you have an idea that you or another person there can put forward for a vote, it may be added to the agenda.

These are ground floor ideas to be involved, and understanding the basics of placing candidates on the ballot. The precinct caucuses generally do a straw vote to determine the person with the strongest support of the people, but this may not mean that candidate will be the choice. In addition, many candidates may attend and/or speak at these gatherings. Since you are now involved and better informed than most, this is the time to get behind the candidate of your choice and work with them on the campaign.

The opportunities in political campaigns include parades, rallies, talking with supporters or possible supporters to help get the party’s endorsement at endorsement convention. Which brings to mind that you would probably want to be a delegate at that convention, a position that will allow you contribute more feedback regarding the choice of candidate and party agenda.

The candidates will have hospitality rooms at the endorsement convention and you may, usually, represent your candidate in the hospitality suites. I represented my candidate; I made about 400 calls before the convention and served at the hospitality suite. My candidate was lagging behind at this point, but passed and nearly had enough votes for endorsement on the first ballot. The other candidate stepped down and supported my candidate for endorsement. This is an exciting event in which to participate!

My candidate sent a nice note thanking me for my help and said they couldn’t have succeeded without me. Individuals can make a difference … add a few together and who knows!

Don’t think that you cannot make a difference … because you can! You will be energized beyond belief and feel very gratified by your efforts.

We need to protect our freedoms; many of you have/are serving your country so you have already made an effort – thank you! In the future, I may write about other opportunities. Thank and best wishes!

Ruel Russell lives in St. Paul, Minnesota

“Dear Barry” – Snarky Sympathy for the Socialist-in-Chief – a TBP Update

Please check out this cheeky letter to the Mr. Obama in The Patriot’s Notepad channel. Thanks to Mr. Kuhnen for sharing this with The Bold Pursuit!

by Scott Kuhnen

I must admit, I did have my doubts but I must give credit when it is due. You came into office with a flash and bang; gays are now allowed to marry across the country, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been repealed, Gitmo is closed, the United States is better viewed by our neighbors, the Patriot Act has been squashed, all the Lobbyist have been chased out of D.C., you prevented unemployment from rising above 8%, you stopped the run-away deficit, we pulled out of Iraq and we have a firm date to pull out of Afghanistan. Your political skills have been extraordinary and your teleprompter skills have mesmerized the world… Click on the following link for the full article:

“Dear Barry” – Snarky Sympathy for the Socialist-in-Chief

by Scott Kuhnen

Dear Barry,

I must admit, I did have my doubts but I must give credit when it is due. You came into office with a flash and bang; gays are now allowed to marry across the country, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been repealed, Gitmo is closed, the United States is better viewed by our neighbors, the Patriot Act has been squashed, all the Lobbyist have been chased out of D.C., you prevented unemployment from rising above 8%, you stopped the run-away deficit, we pulled out of Iraq and we have a firm date to pull out of Afghanistan. Your political skills have been extraordinary and your teleprompter skills have mesmerized the world.
However, I must extend my condolences. It seems your base has become disillusioned and apoplectic. They believe their savior has abandoned them by adopting Bush’s tax policies that “only favor the rich.” The Enthusiasm which rocketed you into the White House has waned and they have suddenly become lethargic. There is a rumor that 75% of your contributors have become angry with you, 57% are considering completely abandoning the Democratic Party and 51% are not even going to contribute to your campaign.
Why are these Progressives whining? You passed the “Card Check” and now everyone is required by law to work for a Union and you managed to prevent the stupid Republicans from regaining the house. The Democrats now have an enormous advantage of redistricting, ensuring the majority for the next 10 years.
On the bright side, who else are they going to turn too? “Pilliary” was slapped by our socialist friend from Wikileaks and she doesn’t seem to have the energy to fight for the Presidency. The only way I see you pulling out of this mess, is if you get off the bench, let Pelosi and Reid sit out the rest of the game. Don’t depend on the remaining Democrats to keep leading for you, just so you can to take a break on the back nine.
It’s a long shot, but “Yes, You Can”!

Or you might be forgotten as “The One” and remembered as “The One Hit Wonder.”

“Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking” ~ the Scarecrow, The Wizard of Oz

Please visit JWT’s Journal for Part Three of John Wayne Tucker’s illuminating look at the economic wizardry of the day. I think you’ll find some surprises that change the way you view this famous classic film! ~ Clio

What Kind of Economics is This? Part Three:

… any work of great literature is rarely just about its obvious story; there are usually underlying meanings that make it much more complex. The 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written  by L. Frank Baum, is really about a political movement known as Populism and the matter of the United States being placed on the Gold or Silver Standard. This political movement has existed in many places at different times, but became somewhat popular in America in the 1890’s as farmers began to feel pressured by the Industrial Revolution. Populism was a grassroots-type of movement in the United States that favored the farmers and the poor. It took issue with Industry, banks and especially railroads. One of the debates that arose from the Populist Movement was an argument over the Gold Standard versus Silver… please click on the link below for the full article:

Criticism of Religion – Free Speech … or Crime?

Who Stole the Cookie…? — How the UN Is Robbing Us of Our National Sovereignty and Individual Liberties

Part Four: Criticism of Religion – Free Speech … or Crime?

by Cynthia Toney

The United States, which began as colonies of Europeans seeking religious refuge and has become the foremost destination for those seeking religious as well as other freedoms, now faces the scrutiny of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. joined a small minority of western nations serving on the Council – formerly shunned under President George W. Bush in protest of its roster of members, many who are human rights violators.

Rather than remain outside the Council, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S. would now “engage in the work of improving the UN human rights system,” with the goal of “advancing the vision of the UN declaration on Human Rights.”

In March of 2009, a resolution proposed by Pakistan on behalf of 56 states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and adopted by the Human Rights Council named “defamation of religion” as a human rights violation. This resolution stated that Muslims have faced intolerance, discrimination and acts of violence since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. and claimed “Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.” (

The resolution advised nations to create laws to protect everything considered religious – from sites to symbols – and to shield religious groups from intolerance and protect them from “the incitement to religious hatred” (yet another vague guideline from the UN that would be open to interpretation). 

It is no wonder that there was widespread concern from a number of representatives to the UN who believed that stopping criticism of a religion is the same as curbing free speech, especially the free speech of individuals of another religion. The representative of the Observer Mission of the Holy See (an observer only, representing the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church) stated in 2008 that he feared the resolution would lend itself locally to laws that would penalize religious minorities and stifle dialogue. (

Some members of the Human Rights Council expressed the opinion that defamation of religion should not be addressed at all within a human rights forum. Speaking on behalf of the European Union, the representative from France stated that human rights laws do not and should not protect belief systems. (

In October of 2009, after becoming an active member of the Council, the U.S. sought to orchestrate a negotiation between the western and Islamic nations concerning the resolution, replacing the words “defamation of religion” with “negative racial and religious stereotyping” and condemning advocacy of “religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence.”

Obscure language does not change the intent. In either case, anyone presenting Islam, its symbols, or its followers in less than favorable light could be subject to criminal charges.

This reconstructed resolution, co-sponsored by the U.S. and Egypt, is viewed as an attempt by the Obama administration to improve U.S. relations with the Islamic world—but at what cost?

In making the criticism of religion a crime, the UN and the U.S. would damage the free world, while making it easier for countries with little or no religious freedom to persecute minority religious groups. Note that, in its apparent concern about religion, the UN ignores the existence of God in all its text.

If a binding resolution were to pass, such an international law would be a clear violation of our right to free speech, an “unalienable right” falling under the category of God-given liberty. Even our own Congress is denied taking away that right by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Conclusion: The Power of Suggestion and Ignorance of the Law

Unfortunately, even non-binding resolutions and non-ratified treaties from the UN are being enacted globally. Often, citizens are not aware that their own governments are forcing such rules and regulations upon them without the laws to authenticate them. They simply assume that if they are either forced or denied something, surely a supporting law must exist.

Flying in the face of the United States Constitution, President Obama in 2009 seated himself as chair of the powerful United Nations Security Council, rather than allowing the U.S. Ambassador to the UN to take the gavel (the U.S. Ambassador was next in line). Thus, Obama cemented the bond of cooperation between the United States and the UN. This demonstrates to many conservatives the willingness of this President to override the best interests of our country with the interest of global collaboration.

I think most Americans will agree that citizens of the United States have done a far better job than those of any other country or continent on earth in growing their own food, raising and educating their own children, protecting themselves against crime, and securing religious freedom. Do we really need an organization of international bureaucrats, who (at best) can’t successfully run their own countries or (at worst) deprive their citizens of basic human liberties, to tell us how to run ours?

Cynthia Toney is a Contributing Writer and Editor, The Bold Pursuit

© The Bold Pursuit sm, All Rights Reserved