Sarah Palin: Game-Changer

by Michael Wiswell, Special to The Bold Pursuitsm

Wow, look at those polls! It’s been a wild ride since the 2008 election, so it will be tough to weigh the factors that delivered the Kennedy seat to the Republicans and has Conservatives looking at the calendar as frequently as any eight-year-old in mid-December.

Besides the things beyond the Republican’s control, for example, economics, health care, deep water, and all the broken promises… have Conservatives learned anything? Have the old school Republican officials contributed anything to their new prospects?

One thing is certain, the Establishment Media could not objectively analyze this political wave if they wanted too – which they don’t. We are on our own …

The old school guys (back in the day, most were guys) believed a candidate should never fight the media – after all, the opponent is a Democrat, not the media. This was the rule… until she broke it.

I have no idea if Sarah Palin will be the best candidate for President in 2012, and, more importantly, I don’t care. Sarah Palin is the rainmaker and the game-changer.

Observers of all political stripes knew something big was happening as the mini-nova named Sarah exploded at the GOP convention in August 2008. Even as the lights came up, Palin challenged the media and baited them. Bam! Sarah called down the thunder, and sure enough, down it came.

She battled, she took a punch, and then she withstood the entire arsenal of media munitions… and … she was wounded. She got up. She is still swinging and she is beating them. Thanks to her, we now have a whole pantheon of pugnacious leaders: Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle, Jan Brewer, Marco Rubio, and the fiery Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

Sarah Palin stood in the fire, and she is still standing. With every blow she takes, she exposes the impotence of her enemies. In her wake, in the waters tamed by our pit-bull in lipstick, follows a new breed of Tea Party-pleasing, constitutionally-minded rebels. Dig the new breed. This group will amplify the “Palin Approach,” taking the heat and fighting back. Eventually, even some of the dinosaur Republicans will “get the memo” and figure out the path to victory lies over the cold, dead body of the Establishment Media along with their Big Government narrative. We were ALWAYS fighting the media!

Palin is still fighting. Every headline aimed at taking Sarah down is ink not spent targeting some other Conservative, as the public grows ever more numb to media bias. Palin knew that we had to take on the media and fight it out, which, if you think about it, makes the old “experts” from both parties look old indeed –  they missed it. No wonder so many don’t like her.

Conservatives, think whatever you will about Sarah Palin’s future, but when you think about her past – take off your hats. Especially you good ol’ boys from the old days …you need to man-up already, because it was Sarah’s vision and personal courage that changed the game. Sarah Palin: Game Changer.

10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Game-Changer

  1. Governor Palin is scaring the pants off a lot of those who fancy themselves Emperors–the press, the Dems, the RINO's, etc., and when the the pants come off we find they have no spines. I bet the Emperors wish they were only found to have no clothes.

  2. Folks often wonder "What is it about SP that drives liberals insane" — It seems obvious to me: she unabashedly challenges the Progressive narrative. After decades of the overly intellectual Buckley/Will style of advocating conservative values… Palin connects with real people in her authentic style. The Establishment Media will attack any conservative who can connect with real people as being uneducated, simple, naive, etc. Palin makes effective and forceful arguments & connections, so the Media's attacks are proportionately aggressive.

  3. Michael, this is really well written. I've always seen her battle with the media as a sideline to her battles with the Progressives and the Moderate Republicans (RINOS). Especially when she sidelined them by going directly to the people, ala Reagan. But I see now that Sarah has been fighting a three front war, not a two fronted one. Good Lord, what a woman. To watch her deflect blows and turn them back upon her adversaries has been a pure delight to watch. She keeps growing in stature in my eyes. She is gamechanger, rainmaker AND kingmaker with her endorsements. I believe America has been given an awesome gift in Sarah Palin.

  4. Michael, you have hit the nail on the head. Even the media missed it. Because the media had gotten too used to being the revered fourth estate— they forgot to live up to the ethics. They went full bore propaganda. Sarah was the first to both recognize that, and to have the courage to fight back. In the short run, the media is damaging Sarah, but she is in it for the long haul. We who stand beside her in this fight will be the better for it, and if she wins, so will the nation.

  5. Kudos, Michael! It seems the people have spoken and they find your article accurate and savvy. The Bold Pursuit thanks you for sharing your insights and looks forward to future blogs.

  6. USABRUCE: If we were to drain the swamp that is Progressivism, Grendel's mother at the bottom would be the Media. The Media does not work for Democrats, it is the other way around. Thanks for the kind words!

  7. Robert: I am afraid the entire "noble media" concept died in the early sixties. It was always more myth than reality, as the ethics of the press should be considered one of the ultimate oxy-morons, going back to the Revolutionary period. As for Sarah's courage: that is under-rated by many folks. Related: did you see Governor Christie talking about his fight with the NJ Teacher's union on YOUTUBE? Something like: "Do I want to be on the ground, bleeding, or standing up, not bleeding?" — he chose to fight… I call it the "Palin Approach" and it is recommended for dealing with bullies.

  8. I concur with all these comments …. I think Gov Palin knows The Republic is at risk …Unless 'The Ruling Class' is dethroned (both parties) by enough regular God-fearing patriotic Americans storming DC in the next 2 elections, and the LSM is EXPOSED and discredited with the majority of Americans, Constitutional America will cease to be recognisable ….Gov Palin is using her 1st Amendment rights to challenge 'progressive' policies at every opportunity, …. she is endorsing gub. and cong. candidates with a truly conservative worldview (and often they have a record of going after ethics violations and fighting The Establishment too). She is also calling out 'The Press' and challenging them to DO THEIR JOB …. constantly …. needling them by referring to them as the LSM.She will be watching for the right sort of Conservative to emerge for 2012 ….. somebody who is NOT bought and paid for and BEHOLDEN to special interest groups …. somebody who will run on a platform of SHRINKING Govt, cutting Taxes and cutting spending too …. in order to save The Republic …She will run if she thinks she must …. therefore she is laying the groundwork now, knowing she will need Congress members of like mind IN PLACE already if she should run, and then win, and then be able to effectively GOVERN. The LSM has shown themselves COMPLICIT in the attempted 'transformation' (read 'destruction') of Constitutional America, and she must win the battle against them ….. it is encouraging to see so many Americans fighting the LSM too, via Talk Radio, FOX News and the Blogosphere …. (there is a Patriot out there somewhere who has sold JOURNOLIST to Daily Caller! )….. It is a good start, but to save the nation the power of the LSM must be broken, and the number of ETHICAL journalists must increase HUGELY …

  9. The esteemed Fourth Estate has, for the most part, damaged its credibility to a point beyond repair. I have, in jest (or not) mused that the media should be monitored by the FTC instead of the FCC. Companies that advertise laundry detergent and candy bars are held to much higher standards of accuracy and disclosure than journalists. The media has appointed itself as the de facto marketing division for liberals and their policies. Many polls and studies show that this is an overwhelmingly liberal profession and they use their power to influence instead of inform.

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