TBP Praiseworthy … Week of December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas! The Bold Pursuit is delighted to start the holiday week with original content in The Patriot’s Notepad and JWT’s Journal:

This Monday morning, John Wayne Tucker’s weekly column, JWT’s Journal, gives us historical perspective applied to modern day concerns: “A Brief History of Our Religious Heritage and Christmas in America” introduces us to the celebration of Christmas in America:

“It is more than just a little difficult to explain to modern-day Americans the strong religious faiths of our forefathers. Today’s most dedicated Christians would have some difficulty grasping the depth of their devotion to Christ.

The Puritans became the largest and most dominant sect with regard to culture, politics and religious belief. One of the things that demonstrates how important their faith was to them was their determination to produce a literate society …” “A Brief History of Our Religious Heritage and Christmas in America”


In The Patriot’s Notepad, MyMati, a new guest author on The Bold Pursuit, shares his views on one of our most venerated documents: “Meet Me at the Constitution”

“I was reading responses to a blog on HumanEvents.com today. Some of the respondents got a little agitated; some even resorted to name-calling. One claimed that they did not know the other respondent or his political persuasion. He maintained that the “middle ground” was where all could meet and compromise. While what he says is true, he has forgotten his map of the battlefield and is lost and wandering in left field.

This respondent is forgetting that the Constitution lies squarely in the middle ground and is the grand compromise between the extremes of the Left (Totalitarianism) and the Right (Anarchy)…” “Meet Me at the Constitution” 


Tomorrow, The Bold Pursuit has two new articles to share with you:

“The Fragile American Dream – A Cuban Refugee’s Perspective” by Cynthia Toney is an interview with a Cuban refugee who shares her views and concerns about her adopted homeland.


New guest author, Jim Campbell, advises us that “ObamaCare is Already Interfering with FDA Approval For Cancer Treatment” – one of the repercussions of ObamaCare for breast cancer patients.

Tomorrow, check back with TBP for an update with both articles’ links.

The Bold Pursuit will have more articles before the Christmas holiday, so please check back often for new posts.

I hope you find these articles informative and thought-provoking. If you enjoy our content, let us know and feel free to use the “Email” or “Share” links to send a link to your friends.

Thank you for visiting The Bold Pursuit and Merry Christmas!

Publisher, The Bold Pursuit

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