Meet Me at The Constitution

by MyMati

I was reading responses to a blog on today. Some of the respondents got a little agitated; some even resorted to name-calling. One claimed that they did not know the other respondent or his political persuasion. He maintained that the “middle ground” was where all could meet and compromise. While what he says is true, he has forgotten his map of the battlefield and is lost and wandering in left field.

This respondent is forgetting that the Constitution lies squarely in the middle ground and is the grand compromise between the extremes of the Left (Totalitarianism) and the Right (Anarchy). The middle ground is not between the Constitution and some tainted version of Socialism. History proves, although the Left denies it, that the drift towards statism/ socialism upsets the delicate balance that the Constitution so perfectly defines between Totalitarianism and Anarchy that leads, inevitably, to a freedom-less Totalitarian regime.

Seemingly, many on the Left fight from what their perception of the middle is. This perception has been warped by a hundred years of statist inroads into education, responsibility, social structure, freedom and public virtue, as well as other areas too numerous to list here. They have steadily pushed the middle from the balance point occupied by the Constitution. Of course, we have been blind to this, preoccupied with our lives and our families.

The Left beckons us to meet and break bread in the middle, but the middle sought by the Left is not the true midpoint of compromise. This is a trap into which the Left, either knowingly or unknowingly, have disingenuously driven the country by perverting the meaning and intent of the Constitution. By unknowingly I mean that they (the statists) have effectively commandeered our education system and taught our young their ideology of government dependency and without consequences.

Through the last century, each successive generation has grown up with a slow creep toward more “perverted” meanings taught by the statists. We’re at the point that we now (the middle folks, the constitutionalists) must scratch and claw to hold our position lest we slide toward the now heavy and unbalanced end of statism.

The continual giving of ground by the “good old boys” in the GOP, in the name of compromise has brought us to a point where a few, but tenacious, patriots still understand we that are the true middle ground.

We need an anchor, a patriot of the highest order, akin to the Founders. In Governor Palin, I see a patriot’s heart, not a fair weather patriot. In my opinion, she is the solid anchor of a true “die for it” patriot; one who can support us in holding our position with the Constitution. She sets an example for us and has become our standard bearer. She guided us back to the Constitution in larger numbers than we have seen in our lifetime.

So, meet me at the middle for the middle is where one finds the delicate, fine fulcrum that will save our beautiful country. It is where you will find me and those of us who truly believe the only outlet is the great compromise between Totalitarianism and Anarchy, it is where you will find the Constitution, and it is where you will find Sarah Palin.

Mymati @ AWS 12/14/2010

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