How the Left Got Blind-Sided …

by Robert Arvay
“…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves…” The Declaration of Independence

The left never saw it coming. Now that it has happened, they have not a clue as to the real nature of what is happening.

For decades, most of the political activism has come from the Left. There were exceptions, of course. The Goldwater candidacy was one, but it soon fizzled out. The Ronald Reagan era was another. But then came GHW Bush, and conservatism withdrew back into the shadows, and all but died under the ambiguity of the GW Bush era.

This time, however, conservatism is back with a force and fury that has the Left stunned. Shock and awe has set in. This time, the left does not get away with calling us “hostage-takers,” terrorists and knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. We’re mad as hell, and we won’t take it any more.

The Left is angry too, very angry. They are bleeping expletives undeleted at their own president, even though he is, in fact, the most far-left occupant the Oval Office has ever had. “Left” is never Left enough, as it turns out.

If all this seems as if it were a plot for a satire, it is because the Left is failing to understand the true nature of what has happened.

Which is this: The political Right has suffered all the ills that are sufferable. We have endured government waste from both major political parties. We have retreated time and again from each incumbent party’s attacks on our paychecks. We have seen our national treasure squandered both domestically and overseas. We have seen billions of dollars forfeited on government programs that do not work. We have seen our national debt skyrocket. We have witnessed in silence our grandchildren forced into crushing debt, just so that politicians could get re-elected.

Then, something happened. The political Right realized that the travesties are no longer sufferable. This time, we do not worry that the national debt will become unmanageable “someday.” This time, “someday” has finally arrived. This time, we are at the very brink of national destruction, and the left wings of both major parties have their eyes firmly closed to the danger.

We are like the passenger in the front seat who finally realizes that the driver at the wheel is more than “slightly tipsy.” He is roaring drunk, going the wrong way on the interstate, and there is an eighteen wheeler dead ahead.

Of course, the drunk driver is enraged that we have taken the wheel and are applying the brakes. He calls us names, he insists that he is on the right track, and that we are simply intolerant of his good intentions.

But the game is up. We are no longer merely in danger; we are in immediate danger. The giant tractor trailer bearing down on us is no longer merely a set of headlights in the fog. We can see the grille. If we do not act now, we will lose our country, our national soul.

We won an election, but that is not enough. We must win the battle. The Left will not go easily into the night. They are fierce, and they are blind with rage. It is beyond name-calling, now. They actually intend to silence us. And they are not kidding about that. They will do it if only they can.

Whatever they might do to us, it is nothing compared to letting them keep control of the wheel. The Left has made the mistake of backing us into a corner, and now we have no alternative but to enforce the Constitution.

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