“Dear Barry” – Snarky Sympathy for the Socialist-in-Chief – a TBP Update

Please check out this cheeky letter to the Mr. Obama in The Patriot’s Notepad channel. Thanks to Mr. Kuhnen for sharing this with The Bold Pursuit!

by Scott Kuhnen

I must admit, I did have my doubts but I must give credit when it is due. You came into office with a flash and bang; gays are now allowed to marry across the country, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been repealed, Gitmo is closed, the United States is better viewed by our neighbors, the Patriot Act has been squashed, all the Lobbyist have been chased out of D.C., you prevented unemployment from rising above 8%, you stopped the run-away deficit, we pulled out of Iraq and we have a firm date to pull out of Afghanistan. Your political skills have been extraordinary and your teleprompter skills have mesmerized the world… Click on the following link for the full article:


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