“Dear Barry” – Snarky Sympathy for the Socialist-in-Chief

by Scott Kuhnen

Dear Barry,

I must admit, I did have my doubts but I must give credit when it is due. You came into office with a flash and bang; gays are now allowed to marry across the country, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been repealed, Gitmo is closed, the United States is better viewed by our neighbors, the Patriot Act has been squashed, all the Lobbyist have been chased out of D.C., you prevented unemployment from rising above 8%, you stopped the run-away deficit, we pulled out of Iraq and we have a firm date to pull out of Afghanistan. Your political skills have been extraordinary and your teleprompter skills have mesmerized the world.
However, I must extend my condolences. It seems your base has become disillusioned and apoplectic. They believe their savior has abandoned them by adopting Bush’s tax policies that “only favor the rich.” The Enthusiasm which rocketed you into the White House has waned and they have suddenly become lethargic. There is a rumor that 75% of your contributors have become angry with you, 57% are considering completely abandoning the Democratic Party and 51% are not even going to contribute to your campaign.
Why are these Progressives whining? You passed the “Card Check” and now everyone is required by law to work for a Union and you managed to prevent the stupid Republicans from regaining the house. The Democrats now have an enormous advantage of redistricting, ensuring the majority for the next 10 years.
On the bright side, who else are they going to turn too? “Pilliary” was slapped by our socialist friend from Wikileaks and she doesn’t seem to have the energy to fight for the Presidency. The only way I see you pulling out of this mess, is if you get off the bench, let Pelosi and Reid sit out the rest of the game. Don’t depend on the remaining Democrats to keep leading for you, just so you can to take a break on the back nine.
It’s a long shot, but “Yes, You Can”!

Or you might be forgotten as “The One” and remembered as “The One Hit Wonder.”

5 thoughts on ““Dear Barry” – Snarky Sympathy for the Socialist-in-Chief

  1. Splendid recollection, Scott, of "Obama highlights" of his first year as president. His accomplishments are unmatched by anyone in the universe. The United States of America is on the verge of total collapse thanks to his consummate leadership. I can't conceive of why his base is so disenchanted and angered when he has done his penultimate best to support the principles and core agenda of his party. No matter how he did to please others, they never seemed to be satisfied. Mr Obama may be forgotten as The One; but, we can always remember him as the epitome of incompetence. "Yes, We Can".

  2. My mother taught me that when I become angry with a loved one, I should write a letter to that person—but destroy it immediately afterward. Readers will be grateful that you didn't do so, Scott. What a gem!

  3. Thank You for the comments.Our Liberal friends, with their extremist hatemongering incivility, dropped the F-bomb at caucus meeting for the tax cuts. If we had a parliamentary system, "The One Hit Wonder" would be packing his bags right now. The Democrats voted yesterday to table the tax deal he negotiated with the GOP. If they fail to allow the deal to go through, it's a good possiblility the stock market will crash while investors scramble to lock in the 15% capital gains rate before it jumps up to 20% next year.Thanks Clio

  4. My pleasure, Scott. I'm very happy to publish your work on The Bold Pursuit. I've been out this afternoon, so I haven't caught up with the latest news. This is such a mess … I have an article in the works re. taxation, but the issue may (or may not) be resolved by the time I'm finished. I am really disappointed with the game-playing and tantrums by Reid, Pelosi and their idealogues. Some are getting in their last swings before cleaning out their desks. Very sad that they put their ideologies first and the Will (and needs) of the People second. Of course, they have an example to follow and he works in the Oval Office… the Dear One.

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