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Not long ago, a dear friend of mine asked me why I am so good hearted. I am pleased to share the reason why with you. In this auspicious season when we reflect on our blessings, my best friend and teacher is foremost in my mind. My Mother was the most consequential influence in my life. She was the essence of love and kindness which were conveyed to me through her parenting and guidance. To all my friends, my Thanksgiving wish for you comes with the love and kindness of Simply Sarah.

July 11, 1993

While sitting on the porch this summer at my sister’s house, I looked at my Mother and reflected on the simplicity and unselfishness of this marvelous woman. As I watched her find joy in even the most unremarkable things, I wondered, “What is the magic of Sarah who has been through the world wars of not only this planet, but also of her two children, Barbara and myself, plus her seven grandchildren, from oldest to youngest (Edward, Kathleen, Glenn, Christine, Maureen, Coleen and Donald)?” After much consideration, I came up with a few reasons that I’d like to share with you and Sarah as she passes from this world to the next.

Mum, the purity of your love for God was mirrored in everything that you did from preparing meals for your family to traveling many miles to deliver a bag filled with beans or peas from your garden to a friend or relative. I will always remember how you would mend your nylons so that your children could have new shoes and a hat for Easter. And Sunday after church how there was always room for “one more” at the lunch table and how the food that you had prepared just never seemed to run out. Your expressions of wisdom are permanently etched in my memory:

“The Lord helps those who help themselves.”

“The Lord never gives you more than you can bear.”

“There’s never an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good.”

and many, many more.

The simplicity that was so you was so evident when you visited me in Phoenix and were thrilled with soft Dairy Queen ice cream served on the pie that a friend had baked for you. And I will always think of the funny things you said and did, like:

When I asked you on Mother’s Day this year how you could belt out the doxology when we were in church after you told me that you lost your voice 10 years ago when Dad died and you said with that impish “Sally Jane” grin: “I found it.”

Oh yes, and the time when I was so worried about you when I couldn’t find you one summer when I was visiting. After 15 minutes of sheer panic, I heard your voice coming from behind the garage, where I found you on an 8-foot ladder – cleaning the windows. Not that being on an 8-foot ladder is all that bad – but, at age 76?!!

To say nothing of riding the roller coaster at Kennywood Park at age 82!!

And the utter terror that Barbara and I felt when you insisted on driving your car up to 2 years ago, legally blind with macular degeneration of the retina. We were shocked when we learned that you drove several older women to church with you.

The thing that I’ll miss most is calling you at Christmas to ask if I should use baking soda or baking powder in your recipe for applesauce nutbread. You had sent me two separate, handwritten recipes – each one with a different ingredient. Naturally, I had to keep both of them since you, My Mum, had sent them. Each Christmas for the past 30 years, I have called you to ask which ingredient to use. (I think that I purposely forgot just so that I would have to ask.)

Mum, your spirit has left a footprint on the lives of all you’ve touched. I will miss my “Rock of Gibralter”, but will testify to the life of my best friend and my Mother in all that I do. I love you with all my heart, Mum – thanks for your teachings and mostly, for your love. Until we meet again …

by Virginia Holmes

Daughter of Sarah Reese Holmes


Genevieve is the Senior Advisor and Editor to The Bold Pursuit

Seven Minutes or 58 Days — Contrasts in Presidential Leadership

by Clio

September 11, 2001: President George W. Bush waited seven minutes before excusing himself from a classroom full of school children – and the liberal media excoriated him for not rushing out of the room to take command of the crisis.

58 Days after the oil rig explosion, Mr. Obama, in the wake of public criticism, reluctantly meets with BP’s Chief Executive Officer… for 20 minutes.

9:05am, September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush was in Sarasota, Florida at the Emma Booker Elementary School visiting a class of second graders when Andrew Card, the White House Chief of Staff, approached the president and whispered in his ear that a second plane struck one of the World Trade Center Towers (he was informed by Card that a plane had crashed into one of the towers at 9:00am, but, at that time, no one knew whether it was an intentional act or an accident).

The media covered the visit to the grade school and the nation watched as the president, sitting in a chair next to a podium, absorbed the reality of Card’s news and waited for an appropriate moment to leave without alarming the children. His visage is grave. Still and stoic, he sat for seven minutes …

Seven minutes

9:30am, the President meets with his National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice.

9:57am, per pre-existing Secret Service protocol, the President boarded Air Force One, en route to Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana. Vice President Dick Cheney puts America’s military on high alert. An hour later, he speaks with Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld and New York Senator Charles Schumer.

1:04pm, three hours and fifty-nine minutes after learning of the second plane crash, President Bush placed our military on world-wide high alert status and asserts: “Make no mistake: The United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.”

1:14pm, the President telephones New York’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Governor George Pataki and assures them “I know your heart is broken and your city is strained and anything we can do, let me know.”

During the next few hours, the President has a number of telephone conversations and conferences with his national security staff, the vice president and administration staff while en route to Washington, D.C.

8:30pm, 12 and half hours after the first attack, President George W. Bush addressed the nation. He told us what happened, what was learned within the past 12 and a half hours and the actions taken within this time frame:

“Immediately following the first attack, I implemented our government’s emergency response plans. Our military is powerful, and it’s prepared. Our emergency teams are working in New York City and Washington, D.C. to help with local rescue efforts.


Our first priority is to get help to those who have been injured, and to take every precaution to protect our citizens at home and around the world from further attacks…”

“The search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts. I’ve directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and to bring them to justice…”

Twenty-six days after the terrorist attacks, October 7, 2001, President Bush addressed the nation and announced that military strikes were underway in Afghanistan against the Taliban, identified as linked to and headquarters for Al-Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for the September 11th attacks. Below are excerpts from the president’s speech:


“More than two weeks ago, I gave Taliban leaders a series of clear and specific demands: Close terrorist training camps. Hand over leaders of the Al Qaeda network. And return all foreign nationals, including American citizens, unjustly detained in their country…”

“None of these demands was met. And now, the Taliban will pay a price.
The president closed his speech with the following statement:

“The battle is now joined on many fronts. We will not waiver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail.

“Thank you. May God continue to bless America.”

Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, April 20, 2010


On April 20, 2010, an explosion occurred on an oil rig, Deepwater Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico. The rig, owned by Transocean Ltd. and operated by BP, collapsed, killing 11 people and spewing over 42,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf. The flow of oil continues at approximately that rate each day since the explosion. (Some experts disagree on the amount of oil gushing into the Gulf – most estimates are much higher than 42,000 gallons per day.)

April 22, two days later, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is questioned about the explosion by the press aboard Air Force One…”Has [the president] reached out to anyone in Louisiana over the oil rig explosion?” Gibbs responded, “Let me check on that. I don’t believe so . . .

April 26, six days after the explosion of the rig, Mr. Obama tasked Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar with investigating the cause of the accident and proposing new regulations within 30 days.

April 28, Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said, “The president is very closely monitoring the situation . . .
April 30, Obama placed a moratorium on permits for new offshore drilling sites until after the BP spill investigation is concluded.

May 3, thirteen days after the explosion and spill, the media asks White House press secretary Robert Gibbs if Mr. Obama has spoken to BP. His answer: “I don’t believe the president has spoken with anybody at BP.”

May 11, twenty-one days later: Mr. Gibbs said, “I would say the president is deeply frustrated that we have not plugged this leak. Secretary [of Energy Steven] Chu is heading to the area to work with the response team to make sure that we have some of the best and brightest minds down there trying to think through next steps for doing so.”

May 22, twenty-two days after the event, with over 40,000 gallons of oil continuing to befoul the Gulf waters each day, the president announced the creation of a national commission, led by former Sen. Bob Graham and former EPA Administrator William K. Reilly, to investigate the government’s response to the spill.

May 28, Mr. Obama makes a second trip to the Gulf.

June 8, Mr. Obama appears on NBC’s “Today,” and tells host Matt Lauer, “I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers – so I know whose ass to kick.”

(Thuggish language from the inhabitant of the Oval Office – did you cringe upon hearing this lame attempt at taking a strong position on the issue?)

What else was on Mr. Obama’s agenda during this crisis?
April 20: attended fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer, California
April 22, hosts Rose Garden reception to honor Earth Day
April 23, vacations in Asheville, NC: has lunch, hike and a round of golf
April 24, golf, dinner at the Biltmore
April 25, brunch at Grove Park Resort
April 26, hosts NY Yankees at White House reception
April 28, visits Iowa for pie
April 29, attends DNC fundraiser at private residence
May 1, joins Jay Leno for comedy routine at WHCD
May 2, visits Louisiana — first trip
May 3, hosts Navy football team
May 4, private lunch with Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel
May 5, Cinco de Mayo party at White House
May 8, more golf at Fort Belvoir
May 9, commencement speech Hampton University
May 11, golf with the vice president
May 12, private reception for President Karzai
May 13, flies to Buffalo for Duff’s hot wings
May 14, makes a speech in the Rose Garden regarding the oil spill
May 15, golf, May 16, golf
May 17, hosts University of Connecticut Women’s basketball team
May 18, tours factory in Ohio
May 19, hosts state dinner
May 20, meets with rock star/activist, Bono
May 21, visits Pittsburgh Steelers
… golf, golf, party, fundraiser, golf, hosts party, golf, weekend vacation, golf, basketball, barbecue, skips Arlington wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington, hosts part for Paul McCartney at the White House.

June 1, day 43 after leak begins, Mr. Obama meets with Bob Graham regarding the oil spill … more parties, events, golf, fundraisers

June 16, Mr. Obama finally meets with BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward for 20 minutes. Mr. Obama obtains a compensation guarantee of 20 billion dollars, placed in an escrow account.

58 Days … later.

In fairness, all presidents have long days of meetings, special events (including meeting sports teams and rock stars), bestowing awards and visiting various private and public affairs.

Nevertheless, when a disaster strikes and the country suffers, it is incumbent on the nation’s leader to prioritize his agenda, attend to his people, ensure that his administration meets with state or local leaders, coordinates efforts with federal agencies, as well as offer aid and comfort to those in distress.

Contrasts in Leadership: Action and Accountability

President Bush’s actions in response to the September 11th attacks are measured in minutes, hours and days. Within three weeks of the terrorist acts, military strikes began in Afghanistan where the terrorist group was based.

Barack Obama compared the BP oil leak to the Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 (perhaps a more apt comparison is with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 – see note below).

There is no doubt that the BP oil spill is a disaster of undetermined magnitude, with over 7 million barrels of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico thus far and endangering its ecosystem including Bluefin tuna, brown pelicans, shrimp, dolphins, sea turtles and plankton.

The Gulf region’s economic outlook is precarious: per the National Ocean Economics Program, approximately $1 billion of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is attributed to fishing; $13 billion in tourism and $11 billion in oil. Furthermore, this region yields about 20 percent of America’s oyster production and 75 percent of the domestic shrimp output. As the oil sullies the waters and beaches, the effect on tourism for both Louisiana and Florida, may be catastrophic.

The reality in the Gulf is indisputable; this is an extraordinary ecological and economic disaster that demands immediate and effective efforts. The White House has failed to meet the challenge. It appears that its attempts to manage the situation are a consequence of public and media disapproval.

Real leadership requires immediate, decisive action in response to calamitous events. As president, reassuring constituents that you are in charge, concerned and responding appropriately is a vital element of the job.

Clearly, the timelines shown above highlight a sharp contrast in leadership styles (or lack thereof) between Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama.

America needs a leader who will arrange his priorities according to their significance: pushing fair work compensation for illegal aliens; summoning a general, in the midst of prosecuting a war, to the White House to account for unflattering statements made to Rolling Stone magazine or summoning all assets and experts to a devastating domestic disaster, already in progress.

Recent reports indicate that the situation may have repercussions that span beyond the noted and predicted effects on the Gulf coast area. Scientists are evaluating scenarios, but only time will tell if this oil spill ranks as one of the worst natural disasters in American history.

Time will also tell if the current president failed to act promptly and effectively on behalf of his country, perhaps Mr. Obama’s greatest “ego”-logical disaster.

One more note about presidential timelines: General Stanley McChrystal, in August 2009, asked Mr. Obama for the deployment of 40,000 additional troops (some reports indicate that the number was as high as 80,000) to Afghanistan. Mr. Obama launched a three-month review: December 2009, the Commander-in-Chief finally decided to send 30,000 troops.

Approximately, 116 troops died in Afghanistan between August and December, while Mr. Obama “dithered,” and delayed his response to General McChyrstal’s request for soldiers.

Hurricane Katrina
President Bush was soundly criticized for his lack of action as Hurricane Katrina approached the Louisiana coastline. While some of the criticism may have been warranted, it should be noted that on Saturday, Aug 27, 2005 – two days prior to Katrina’s landfall, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco asked President Bush to declare a State of Emergency for the state of Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina – Bush complied, authorizing the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA “to coordinate all disaster relief efforts…” and freeing up federal money for the state.


Sarah Palin: Game-Changer

by Michael Wiswell, Special to The Bold Pursuitsm

Wow, look at those polls! It’s been a wild ride since the 2008 election, so it will be tough to weigh the factors that delivered the Kennedy seat to the Republicans and has Conservatives looking at the calendar as frequently as any eight-year-old in mid-December.

Besides the things beyond the Republican’s control, for example, economics, health care, deep water, and all the broken promises… have Conservatives learned anything? Have the old school Republican officials contributed anything to their new prospects?

One thing is certain, the Establishment Media could not objectively analyze this political wave if they wanted too – which they don’t. We are on our own …

The old school guys (back in the day, most were guys) believed a candidate should never fight the media – after all, the opponent is a Democrat, not the media. This was the rule… until she broke it.

I have no idea if Sarah Palin will be the best candidate for President in 2012, and, more importantly, I don’t care. Sarah Palin is the rainmaker and the game-changer.

Observers of all political stripes knew something big was happening as the mini-nova named Sarah exploded at the GOP convention in August 2008. Even as the lights came up, Palin challenged the media and baited them. Bam! Sarah called down the thunder, and sure enough, down it came.

She battled, she took a punch, and then she withstood the entire arsenal of media munitions… and … she was wounded. She got up. She is still swinging and she is beating them. Thanks to her, we now have a whole pantheon of pugnacious leaders: Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle, Jan Brewer, Marco Rubio, and the fiery Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

Sarah Palin stood in the fire, and she is still standing. With every blow she takes, she exposes the impotence of her enemies. In her wake, in the waters tamed by our pit-bull in lipstick, follows a new breed of Tea Party-pleasing, constitutionally-minded rebels. Dig the new breed. This group will amplify the “Palin Approach,” taking the heat and fighting back. Eventually, even some of the dinosaur Republicans will “get the memo” and figure out the path to victory lies over the cold, dead body of the Establishment Media along with their Big Government narrative. We were ALWAYS fighting the media!

Palin is still fighting. Every headline aimed at taking Sarah down is ink not spent targeting some other Conservative, as the public grows ever more numb to media bias. Palin knew that we had to take on the media and fight it out, which, if you think about it, makes the old “experts” from both parties look old indeed –  they missed it. No wonder so many don’t like her.

Conservatives, think whatever you will about Sarah Palin’s future, but when you think about her past – take off your hats. Especially you good ol’ boys from the old days …you need to man-up already, because it was Sarah’s vision and personal courage that changed the game. Sarah Palin: Game Changer.

The War on Reason

By Sandy Stringfellow  Saturday, August 14, 2010

(originally published on


Perhaps it was my having been drawn to the arts from an early age, and that Liberalism is irrevocably concomitant to the art world.  I’ve known many Liberals over the years, some of considerable talent, including liberal family and friends whom I dearly love.

Unfortunately, Liberals have initiated a considerable amount of harm to our nation from their blind application of circular logic when trying to make sense of the world. 

To justify their policy positions and beliefs, Liberals must jettison the prescriptions of reason, historical fact, and acceptance of human nature.

Many older Liberals can still recall media references to Nikita Khrushchev’s various disruptions of the United Nations General Assembly with fist pounding, shoe banging, and shouts of belligerence (“we will bury you”).

In retrospect, Khrushchev may have known more about what was in store for us than he was given credit for; he later said the U.S.S.R. wouldn’t need to bury us, as we will bury ourselves.

These “Cold War” Liberals generally recognize the need for a strong national defense, but as with all other Liberals are egregiously misinformed and naively malleable on issues such as government expansionism, punishing taxation, environmental fallacies, social programs and the welfare state, fiscal accountability, and the relentless bureaucratic assault on individual liberty and property ownership rights by our “ruling class.”

Since King Barry’s coronation, Liberals have split into two primary camps; those determined to remain irrational and loyal to King Barry rather than question the veracity of his words or motivation for his deeds, and those that have accepted reality and garnered the courage to admit they’ve made a very dangerous mistake by electing our forty-fourth President.

The fact that so few “journalists” fall into this latter category is proof positive that, due to lack of interest in King Barry’s unprecedented and wholly un-Constitutional power grab, traditional journalism has officially expired and should be pronounced dead as a doornail; they certainly aren’t asking the tough questions or demanding honest answers.

Mantle of “political correctness”
Even in today’s upside-down world, where words are re-defined to represent the mantle of “political correctness”; a world in which propaganda is labeled as “news”, truth as fiction and fiction as fact, and the capacity to reason has been obliterated through methodical assault, it’s nice to know that numbers still have the same value as they have for the past millennia.

As numbers go, calculating dollars and cents is about as simple as it gets.  Even though the numbers being discussed today with easy and cool detachment are unquestionably breath-taking when considered in their monetary context, the question remains: if most Liberals can calculate a household budget and understand its importance, why would they not question what our bloated Federal bureaucracy is doing with the ever-increasing percentage of personal income required to feed an insatiable government redistributive beast?

The statistics (ratio of debt to GDP, total unfunded liabilities, etc.) are readily available and most alarming.  If King Barry’s Liberal loyalists check into it, they’ll find that our Federal government is bankrupt.

In the simplest of terms, the Treasury Department, printing money out of thin air, is selling our ever-increasing debt in the form of Treasury Securities to the Federal Reserve; not unlike a consumer paying one credit card with another credit card.

Meanwhile, King Barry continues his spending bill spree, like a kid in the proverbial candy store.

If one applies reason, this fact should be of concern to everyone, especially the 48% of Americans that paid no Federal Income Tax in 2009, as they will be least able to find work in a shrinking job market, or afford the rising inflationary costs of living and higher taxes coming in 2011.

Liberals from all income brackets are unknowing victims of the long-running war on reason

Generally speaking, Liberals from all income brackets are unknowing victims of the long-running war on reason.  Ideologically driven by white liberal guilt and unilaterally misinformed, they mean well (excluding the Kook Fringe element) but have grievously erred regarding conclusions drawn about civil society and the exceptionalness of America.

They work hard (something Americans are still known for), are often talented, raise families, go to church, pay taxes, pursue their interests, and have a shared desire to keep more of what they earn.
Yet so many of them not only voted for King Barry, they continue to believe he’s on the right track and doing the best he can.  Further, many of these same Liberals are still suffering from the mainstream media-induced malady of “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

They’ve been conditioned to the point of accepting the premise that Bush 43 created all of the problems we have today, and that King Barry is simply trying to right our ship of state.

Unlike King Barry, George W. Bush is a gentleman, loves his country, and has a genuine sense of gratitude for our men and women who serve in the various branches of the United States Military.  He has quietly, without fanfare, visited more wounded soldiers than any President in my lifetime.

But there’s no doubt that Bush 43 shares responsibility for our current degree of national peril.  He did some good things as President, but he also did some things that were very troubling, inexcusable, and that no Conservative would ever have allowed to happen on their watch.  But then again, Bush 43, like Bush 41, is an Establishment Republican, not a Conservative.

Angelo M. Codevilla, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University, writing in “The American Spectator” an essay titled “America’s Ruling Class—And the Perils of Revolution”, points out that George W. Bush’s 2005 inaugural statement about America not being free until the world is free sounds hauntingly familiar to the Progressive doctrines of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson and Columbia’s Nicholas Murray Butler.

Professor Codevilla further exposes Republican history:

“But the Republican Party does not live to represent the country class.  For it to do so, it would have to become principles-based, as it has not been since the mid-1860s.  The few who tried to make it so the party treated as rebels: Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.  The party helped defeat Goldwater.  When it failed to stop Reagan, it saddled his and subsequent Republican administrations with establishmentarians who, under the Bush family, repudiated Reagan’s principles as much as they could.  Barrack Obama exaggerated in charging that Republicans had driven the country “into the ditch” all alone.  But they had a hand in it.”  

Ronald Wilson Reagan was able to persuade ordinary Liberals to embrace his Conservative vision for America


To this day, I’m amazed by the effectiveness with which the great Ronald Wilson Reagan was able to persuade ordinary Liberals to embrace his Conservative vision for America, primarily by virtue of his unique ability to articulate Conservatism.

Reagan said what he meant, and meant what he said; a forth-rightness that resonated powerfully with Americans because his positions were built on the foundation of reason, principal, and moral integrity.

Reagan’s Conservative message was further enhanced by his genuineness and down-to-earth bonhomie.
Voters instinctively understood and accepted Reagan’s unapologetic and deeply ingrained love for America, as well as his faith in the American people.

It’s not insignificant that both of Reagan’s electoral landslide victories included a component of voters from the Democrat Party.

As did William F. Buckley, Jr., the acknowledged Father of Modern Conservatism whose fundamental goals were to promote liberty and defeat Communism, Reagan understood that politics is a matter of addition, not subtraction.

Although under attack from a multi-generational liberal bias’ projected non-stop by the mainstream media, the element of reason had not yet been mangled beyond recognition for those Liberal voters casting their ballots thirty years ago for Reagan. Liberal Democrats of the day evaluated the evidence, applied reason, and voted in a manner consistent with their own self-interest.

As bad as things were after four years of Jimmy Carter, there is little comparison to the magnitude of impending disaster we now must face, if our intention is to survive as a Constitutional Republic.

Thomas Sowell recently wrote a column published in Jewish World Review titled “Degeneration of Democracy”, in which he identifies one of the great concerns of our Founding Fathers:

“A democracy needs informed citizens if it is to thrive, ultimately even survive.  In our times, American democracy is being dismantled, piece by piece, before our very eyes by the current administration in Washington, and very few people seem to be concerned about it…

The president’s poll numbers are going down because increasing numbers of people disagree with particular policies of his, but the damage being done to the fundamental structure of this nation goes far beyond particular counterproductive policies.”

It’s easy to incorrectly deduce, if one evades the objectivity, honesty, and self-discipline necessary to employ reason, Dr. Sowell is pointing to liberals exclusively when he observes “very few people seem concerned” about the systematic destruction of America.


Many who claim Republican Party affiliation are equally guilty of ignoring the process of reason by refusing to involve themselves politically in our time of national crisis, even though they, as well as future generations, will pay a terrible price for inaction if King Barry and his cohorts aren’t slowed down this November by electing a Conservative majority to the House of Representatives.

As modern Americans, we’ve become soft over time, pampered and spoiled, expecting instant gratification and expressing our displeasure when we don’t receive it on demand.  We often distract ourselves with things that entertain us, or imbibe in self-medication to dull our senses, while in the process we neglect our most basic obligation to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”  Bad habits die hard.

With the exception of those who’ve served in our military, most of us haven’t been tested nearly to the extent of civilians who went through World War I, World War II, or the Great Depression.  But that could all change soon.

To quote Edmund Burke, often considered the Founder of Conservatism:

“Kings will be tyrants from policy, when subjects are rebels from principal.”   

The plans of King Barry, to inflict terminal damage upon America are well underway
The plans of King Barry, his benefactors, and his Marxist minions to inflict terminal damage upon America are well underway, with impressive destructive yields at every level.


This reality is difficult to comprehend for a society that has grown accustomed to taking freedom for granted, and that has not been required, through necessity, to contemplate and confront the potential destruction of their country from within since the days of Joseph McCarthy, almost sixty years ago.

In chapters four, five, and six of her book “Treason,”Ann Coulter presents an irrefutable case that McCarthy was right; he did what he was supposed to do, and what other Republicans had neglected to do:

“For decades, people who should not have been allowed anywhere near a government job were strolling into sensitive positions with the U.S. government.  As Soviet agents wormed their way in, loyalty boards were sipping sherry and shuffling papers.  McCarthy forced liberals to make an accounting of themselves in full view of the American people…

It was the exact same point Eisenhower was making when he directed Attorney General Brownell to inform the public that President Truman had wittingly placed a Soviet spy in a key post at the IMF.”

When Joseph McCarthy began his investigation, he wasn’t looking for Communists per se, but evaluating security risks; he was doing his job.  But they were there, loyal to Mother Russia, and he discovered them.


It wasn’t until declassification of the ultra top secret Venona Project in 1995 that the vastness of a Soviet spy network in the U.S. during the forties and fifties became widely known.

Joseph McCarthy did something that used to be commonplace in America, back in the day when we were a nation of rugged individuals, when a sense of duty and personal responsibility were praiseworthy: he applied “reason”, based on evidence, and reached his conclusion that we had a spy problem.

Is it too passé by today’s standards, too rudimentary, to ask the question: what is “reason?”

When is the last time you contemplated the fundamental nature, the pure majesty, the contemporary relevance, and the elegant beauty of reason?

To apply reason is to calculate, to think; to offer in statement the justification for one’s intellectual position, or a rational motive and logical defense for a course of action.  Reason is what makes fact intelligible.

To reason is to engage in the applied effort of comprehending, inferring, and thinking in orderly, rational ways; to identify cause and effect.  Reason is the power of the intellect by which man attains to truth or knowledge; the process of thinking rightly and justifiably.

On the unenviable list of items representing the antithesis of reason, one would be “political deduction.”

And yet, we observe today the re-defining of reason in purely political terms; viewed through the lens of political correctness, filtered and distilled to meet the subjective expectations and ulterior motives of our ruling class.

Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
Sun Tzu wrote his treatise on military strategy, “The Art of War” more than 2,000 years ago in China.

Mao Zedong, an icon of the Progressive Marxists in King Barry’s court, and responsible for 70 million deaths during his reign of terror, was such an ardent student of Sun Tzu that he considered himself a disciple, and credits “The Art of War” with having a profound influence on determining the outcome of a civil war pitting the Chinese Communist Party against Chiang Kai-shek and the Chinese Nationalists.

Sun Tzu was the first known proponent of psychological warfare, and one of his insights has a significant political relevance today: 

“War is always based on deception.”

The morphing of definitive historical reason into a sanctioned and codified interpretation of reason, over the course of time, is not an accidental happenstance.


It is part and parcel of the organized destruction of Western culture and our Judeo-Christian roots, formulated by Marxist intellectuals after World War I.

Led initially by Antonio Gramsci in Italy, and Georg Lukacs in Hungary, it would later include well-known recruits to a new Marxist think tank at Frankfurt University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Originally called the “Institute for Marxism”, the name was changed to the “Institute for Social Research”, in order to conceal development of a systematic methodology for the destruction of Western society evolving at the hands of these new “Progressive” Marxists.

Antonio Gramsci, Institute for Marxism, “Political Correctness”, “Critical Theory”, “Studies in Prejudice”, “Identity Politics”
The institute eventually became known simply as the “Frankfurt School”, where cultural Marxists developed the strategies of “Political Correctness”, “Critical Theory”, “Studies in Prejudice”, “Identity Politics”, etc.

Cultural Marxists at the Frankfurt School formulated the concept of blending Marx with Freud, thus creating the ground work for the wide spread psychological conditioning taking place in our schools today.

It was Lukacs who, in 1918, promoted the tactic of “cultural terrorism”, utilizing as one of its main components the introduction of sex education into Hungarian schools.  He understood the absolute importance of breaking down the mores of society, specifically sexual morality, to create the societal decay necessary for cultural implosion.

Today we have taxpayer funded teachers in government schools making a concerted effort to instruct second graders on choosing their sexual orientation and gender identity, fifth graders on sexual positions, and eighth graders on how to apply a condom.

Rappers celebrate behavior not unlike that of the Islamic-Fascists, whose Theocratic authoritarians view and promote their customary acceptance of women as disposable sexual objects to be ridiculed and subjugated, and where violence, even death, can be excused as a justifiable means to an end.

The original propaganda methodologies developed at the Frankfurt School have played a protracted role in today’s “soft tyranny” by insidiously reshaping thought processes of individuals, nudging the mores of society over time in the desired direction, and thus conditioning societal behavior at large.

William S. Lind, director of the Center for Cultural Conservatism of the Free Congress Foundation in Washington, D.C., wrote in chapter ten of the book, “The Culture-wise Family: Upholding Christian Values in a Mass Media World:”

“Gramsci famously laid out a strategy for destroying Christianity and Western culture, one that has proven all too successful.  Instead of calling for a Communist revolution up front, as in Russia, he said Marxists in the West should take political power last, after a ‘long march through the institutions’ – the schools, the media, even the churches, every institution that could influence the culture.

That ‘long march through the institutions’ is what America has experienced, especially since the 1960s.”

One significant political coup for the Progressive Marxists occurred in 1962, when John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10,988 granting bargaining rights to Federal employees and recognizing the right of Federal Employee Unions to engage in the collective bargaining process.


Kennedy’s decision was another big blow to Constitutional Governance, as the American taxpayers who fund both Federal Employees and their Unions have no direct voice in the bargaining process.
Service Employees International Union

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) celebrates this event as a major turning point in their history, and it fueled the National Education Association’s (NEA) rise to power, eventually becoming the largest and most influential union in America with over 3.2 million members today.

The quid pro quo relationship between Unions and the Democrat party is well known.  It’s a matter of record that Union executives take a percentage of all membership dues and promptly contribute them to the Democrat Party, which in turn flexes political muscle to confer on the specific Union whatever perks were conditional to the donations.

The majority of children in America used to receive a quality primary school education.  But since the signing of Executive Order 10,988 and the corresponding push to federalize education, it’s been a steady down hill slide for our government schools, to the point that students are graduating now unable read or make change at the cash register of a local burger joint.

The behavioral depravity, intellectual conditioning, fictionalization of history, and spiritual abandonment that have been continuously foisted upon an unsuspecting and increasingly under-educated public are now culminating in the usurpation of our liberty, our property rights, and for the first time in our history, the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

It’s certainly no secret that King Barry emulated those with whom he held an affinity, and modeled his moral and ideological belief system after the effete, metro-sexual, ivory-tower, pseudo-intellectual professors holding court at Ivy League universities and other institutions of “higher learning.”

His intimate relationship with identity politics, the cult of victimization, and entitlement mentality go back to the earliest stages of his formative social years.

King Barry believes that his cataclysmic devastation of America can be justified as a noble foray into the realm of building a New World Order with a One World Government, and he is proud of the damage he’s done in his own ideological, detached-from-reality, narcissistic, and possibly socio-pathological kind of way.

In his minds eye, King Barry views himself as a metaphorical David, bravely engaged in combat against a Capitalistic Goliath; a hideous and all-consuming creature of monstrous proportions, wielding maniacally Imperialistic plans to subjugate the world and squander its resources.

The abject and contemptible hypocrisy of his kaleidoscopic self-image, resplendent with stunning illusions of grandeur, up to and including his god-complex, is indicative of the behavioral depths to which King Barry has been affected through years of Progressive Marxist indoctrination, as well as the apparent culmination of his rise to power; an all-too-predictable pattern of megalomaniacal delusion.

It doesn’t bother King Barry in the least that his own half-brother still lives inside an eight by ten hut with a dirt floor.  He doesn’t waste moral energy on his personal lack of charity and benevolence, issues begging for introspection; rather, he focuses on dismantling the economic engine of Capitalism that has allowed him to amass his own personal fortune.

Is it hyperbole to suggest that, unless King Barry’s fast track to destroy America is derailed with a Conservative majority in the House of Representatives this November, many Americans will soon experience the joy of living under similar circumstances?  Consider the Great Depression, and carefully evaluate our current economic circumstances.

George Washington once encapsulated, in a remarkably brief and brilliantly insightful way, the problem with all government:

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquence.  It is force.  And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Marxism requires indoctrination and extrinsic reinforcement from a governmental authoritarian entity
Marxism is not a naturally sought state of existence for mankind.  Unlike Capitalism, which is based on Natural Law, Marxism requires indoctrination and extrinsic reinforcement from a governmental authoritarian entity.


People inherently understand the advantages of Capitalism, and they vote with their feet.

It’s not the Communist regimes of third world tin-pot dictators that the bulk of mankind makes their destination; it is America.

Propaganda works, behavioral conditioning works, brain washing works, indoctrination works; one only need look at Pavlov’s experiments, or at the effect of “political correctness” in America to understand how well it works.

There are many intelligent, well educated, yet none-the-less indoctrinated people in the world.  Their beliefs are often the product of proven, carefully crafted, and time tested programs designed around suppression of free will and the power of choice, and consequently replaced with implementation of pre-conditioned mental and emotional responses to predictable stimuli.

Under the bright and impartial light of reason, and using our Founding documents as a template, there is very little having been done by our government to the citizenry that is Constitutionally defensible over the past century (a notable exception being Ronald Reagan’s presidency).

It’s difficult to overstate how prevalent and imbedded the philosophy of non-Constitutional ideas has become, woven into the fabric of our American society through a multitude of bureaucratic organizations and “special interest” lobbies, all promoting their well financed agendas through political correctness and social engineering; the cancer that is Progressivism.

The short list would have to include: education, entertainment, pop culture, government bureaucracies, politicians, special interests, the mainstream media complex, lobbies, trial lawyers, activist judges, unions, churches, multi-national corporations, and any person or group that would place their quest for money and power above the rule of law as defined by our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

It’s not without irony that the brief list of indoctrinating forces behind our plethora of social, political, and economic ills is somewhat difficult to thoroughly comprehend, at least without an investment of time, effort, and research; yet the documents of our Founding are elegantly simple.

Our Founding documents are so fundamental, concise, and comprehensive, one must marvel at the strategic inventiveness and raw determination of the Progressive Marxists to blow our capacity for reason so far off course.

There is simply nothing ambiguous, confusing, contradictory, or self-serving about our Founding documents, yet we’ve allowed them to become the subject of ridicule and scorn among intellectual elitists and self-anointed bureaucratic potentates.

The uniqueness of our Founding documents, and the obvious successes that resulted from the circumscribing of our society in liberty (before the advent of our current Progressive Armageddon), is why our Founding Fathers have long been considered by legitimate historical scholars as the greatest cooperative example of moral integrity and intellectual genius to exist in the history of mankind.

It took less than 250 years for America to become the wealthiest, most innovative, most powerful, most benevolent, and most envied nation in world history.

Even today, Americans in the bottom quartile of income earners have a higher standard of living than 80% of the global population.

Utilizing tactics from Karl Marx, the Frankfurt School, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven

With King Barry’s fiat governance via executive order, his ever-expanding nationalization of our economy, and the federalization of states’ rights, the conversion of America into a Totalitarian regime has been kicked into overdrive.  We are no longer in a position to speak hypothetically of a “soft tyranny”; we are living it now, every day.

King Barry has learned his lessons well.  Utilizing tactics from Karl Marx, the Frankfurt School, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, et al, he has brazenly initiated the diabolical undermining of everything for which America stands with unprecedented efficiency.

Republicans, as usual, have been playing right into the strategy; thrashed so soundly by the mainstream media and every other institutional practitioner of political correctness, they cower in the corner like a whipped puppy, peeing on the floor, clueless about the defense of Conservative ideals, values, and principals.

It’s important to understand that there isn’t a Democrat party anymore, at least not in the old school sense of American two party politics.

The Democrat party has been infiltrated and co-opted by radical Leftists of every stripe, in all of their many manifestations: Progressives, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists, Anarchists, and every amalgamation thereof.

King Barry’s steam-rolling of our Constitution could possibly have been slowed if Republican leadership had been more vocal in exposing the travesty of justice and abrogation of the rule of law being propagated by the consortium of Progressive Marxists currently at work.

It’s now become critically important that true Conservatives be given the opportunity to draw that line in the sand, and defend it with the conviction of those who fully comprehend what we have to lose, and how soon that may occur.

As John Adams wrote in a letter to his wife Abigail dated July 7, 1775:

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

The painfully obvious truth is that, in our relentless march toward the Utopian Progressive Marxist dream of “social justice”, we are now ensconced between that awkward phase of “soft tyranny” and the final destination of some new governmental Totalitarianism; an autocracy more reminiscent of a monarchy, oligarchy, or dictatorship.


Rush Limbaugh often refers to liberals as being “incapable of competing in the arena of ideas”, and to liberalism as being “the most gutless choice you can make.”  Like him or not, it’s hard to argue with these positions.

Liberalism is the triumph of emotion over reason

Whereas Liberalism is the triumph of emotion over reason (as defined historically), Conservatism is an applied intellectual process; based on observation, deduction, and the study of provable historical fact.

Conservatism celebrates our Founders with a heart-felt appreciation and sense of humility at the magnificence of what they achieved, and further seeks to protect and sustain the integrity of our Founding documents.

Ladies and Gentlemen, only Conservatism can save America, and time is running out.  We are being tested, and it is our sacred duty to rise to the challenge.  Identify the Conservatives on your ballot, and vote them into office this November.

It’s been said that God helps those who help themselves; that we are to pray, then place one foot in front of the other.

So please, pray for strength to do the right thing in these perilous times, pray for your loved ones, and pray for your fellow patriots.  God Bless America.

Reprinted with permission, Canada Free Press


Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


Merry Christmas to All!

Note from The Bold Pursuit: This Christmas Eve, we wish to thank US4Palin for sharing Governor Palin’s inspiring and thoughtful message with us tonight. Please continue to enjoy the Christmas video we prepared for the holiday. Merry Christmas ~ Clio

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Christmas is a time of sharing with family and friends. For Todd and me, that means spending time with our children, parents, grandparents, and siblings, gratefully acknowledging God’s blessings and sharing them with the people we love.

Ronald Reagan said Christmas was a “state of mind, found throughout the year whenever faith overcomes doubt, hope conquers despair, and love triumphs over hate.” On this Christmas Eve, let’s be thankful that we live in a country known for striving to embody these values. And let’s be grateful for the brave men and women in uniform who have fought to defend our values and who may be spending this Christmas far from home.


On behalf of the entire Palin family, I wish you a very Merry Christmas; and may the new year let you realize the promise found in 2 Timothy 1:7!


– Sarah Palin


“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

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TBP Praiseworthy … Week of December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas! The Bold Pursuit is delighted to start the holiday week with original content in The Patriot’s Notepad and JWT’s Journal:

This Monday morning, John Wayne Tucker’s weekly column, JWT’s Journal, gives us historical perspective applied to modern day concerns: “A Brief History of Our Religious Heritage and Christmas in America” introduces us to the celebration of Christmas in America:

“It is more than just a little difficult to explain to modern-day Americans the strong religious faiths of our forefathers. Today’s most dedicated Christians would have some difficulty grasping the depth of their devotion to Christ.

The Puritans became the largest and most dominant sect with regard to culture, politics and religious belief. One of the things that demonstrates how important their faith was to them was their determination to produce a literate society …” “A Brief History of Our Religious Heritage and Christmas in America”


In The Patriot’s Notepad, MyMati, a new guest author on The Bold Pursuit, shares his views on one of our most venerated documents: “Meet Me at the Constitution”

“I was reading responses to a blog on today. Some of the respondents got a little agitated; some even resorted to name-calling. One claimed that they did not know the other respondent or his political persuasion. He maintained that the “middle ground” was where all could meet and compromise. While what he says is true, he has forgotten his map of the battlefield and is lost and wandering in left field.

This respondent is forgetting that the Constitution lies squarely in the middle ground and is the grand compromise between the extremes of the Left (Totalitarianism) and the Right (Anarchy)…” “Meet Me at the Constitution” 


Tomorrow, The Bold Pursuit has two new articles to share with you:

“The Fragile American Dream – A Cuban Refugee’s Perspective” by Cynthia Toney is an interview with a Cuban refugee who shares her views and concerns about her adopted homeland.


New guest author, Jim Campbell, advises us that “ObamaCare is Already Interfering with FDA Approval For Cancer Treatment” – one of the repercussions of ObamaCare for breast cancer patients.

Tomorrow, check back with TBP for an update with both articles’ links.

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TBP Praiseworthy: New Articles on The Bold Pursuit

This week, The Bold Pursuit presents articles in The Patriot’s Notepad and JWT’s Journal.

In The Patriot’s Notepad, Ruel Russell, St. Paul, Minnesota, shares his experiences in local politics and shows us several ways in which we can participate and “Making a Difference … in Your Own Backyard”

“Voting is only one small way to express our freedom of choice, but certainly is not the only way. Regardless of your party of choice, you can always participate with your party on a local level.”


Robert Arvay offers an analysis of the post-midterm election fall-out and “How the Left Got Blind-Sided …” by the Will of the People:

“… conservatism is back with a force and fury that has the Left stunned. Shock and awe has set in. This time, the left does not get away with calling us “hostage-takers,” terrorists and knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. We’re mad as hell, and we won’t take it any more.”


Per usual, John Wayne Tucker’s weekly column, JWT’s Journal, gives us historical perspective applied to modern day dilemmas:  “Is it Wise to Cut Taxes in This Economy?”

“…What would be the consequences of allowing these Bush Tax Cuts to expire? First, every income tax bracket would increase significantly — even the 10% tax bracket would increase to 15%. Additionally, every other bracket would increase by similar amounts. (That increase is 5%, not $5.00). This is a huge increase in any income bracket…”

I hope you find these articles informative and thought-provoking. If you enjoy our content, let us know and feel free to use the “Email” or “Share” links to send a link to your friends.

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ObamaCare Already Interfering with FDA Approval for Cancer Treatment

by Jim Campbell

Obama Care has already begun to interfere with FDA approval for cancer treatment; the FDA advisory panel recently decided to remove the indication for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer because of modest increases in prolonging life, with no demonstration of an overall survival benefit.

Following public outcry from both oncologists and patients, the FDA has decided to re-evaluate the position of its own advisory committee.

Avastin® is one of an entire different classification of drugs designed to treat a patient’s individual tumor. It works as an angiogenesis inhibitor that means its mechanism of action is to shut down blood flow to metastatic tumors.

With the possible exception of brain cancer, the vast majority of patients dying from metastatic disease do so because metastases appear in the liver, lung and bone, with resultant organ failure, ultimately resulting in death.

Fortunately, many breast cancer patients have had over all increased survival with Avastin combined with Taxol, the current standard in breast cancer treatment.

Should patients be denied treatment and reimbursement for a medication that is believed to be, based on a study, modestly effective? Even if Avastin’s effects are only ‘modest,’ what is the ‘yardstick’ for judging the acceptable life extension of a cancer victim and who should define the yardstick?

This is the elephant in the room that people refuse to acknowledge: Insurance companies that are currently reimbursing for Avastin and Taxol for breast cancer …. and the government may not want to fork out the cash under its new health care law.

Buried among the more that 2000 pages of legislation in H.R. 3590 is section 262a, which essentially allows “The Secretary of Health and Human Services,” currently Kathleen Sibelius, to, among other things, determine (III) the availability and effectiveness of pharmacotherapy’s and immunizations to treat and prevent any illness and (IV) any other criteria, including the needs of children and other vulnerable populations, that the Secretary considers appropriate.

Excuse me, the “Secretary,” a government bureaucrat, is now stepping between the physician and their patient? Does Sarah Palin’s “death panels” ring a bell?

Clearly, the current administration will be rationing resources under Obama Care, as do insurance companies. The primary difference is that health insurance providers must return a profit to investors and answer to them.

It’s now very clear that the current administration believes it doesn’t answer to ‘We the People’ – in spite of the mid-term elections’ overwhelming rejection of Obama’s policies. Clearly, we are supposed to blindly follow this administration as it seeks greater control over our lives, deaths and freedoms.

The Obama administration has been very successful in demonizing health care insurance companies for their excess profits when a closer examination reveals, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, among others, net profit margins in the order of 4.5-5% are industry wide.

Remember, a lie told often enough becomes the truth (often attributed to Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda when, in fact, the quote is attributed to Lenin).

An additional question yet to be answered, will Big Pharma and Bio Tech companies continue to invest in the development of life-enhancing, as well as life saving therapies? Under this new system why should they? It’s no secret that break-through therapies come from the United States where scientific risk is rewarded. Will that be the case in the future?

If the new health care legislation is not overturned by the courts, or completely defunded by the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, the future of our health care system will also mandate generic substitution, substitution within class, and denial of costly treatments.

Do we need more arguments why the recently passed health care bill must be repealed? It’s not about health care; it’s about health care denial and rationing. Sarah Palin had it right all along…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.

Representative Paul Ryan R(-WI)  points out to President Obama during the “Health Care Summit” last summer, that the facts and figures proposed by the President’s health care proposal are disingenuous.

The Fragile American Dream – A Cuban Refugee’s Perspective

by Cynthia Toney

On February 10, 1962, nine-year-old Vivian Toscano and her family emigrated from Cuba to the United States.

Vivian remembers well the upper middle class life she enjoyed with her parents, brother, and extended family in Cuba before the revolution.

“Christmas in Cuba was beautiful,” Vivian reminisces. “We had a huge tree and a huge manger.” She recalls that the Christmas holidays were very family-oriented, including both her extended and immediate family. “We were always together.”

Recognizing the signs of an imminent political coup, Vivian’s father, who was both a medical doctor and a dentist, was not as concerned about loss of his jobs or personal property as he was the loss of freedom his family would suffer if they did not support the new regime.

Soon after Castro took power in 1959, the new government took inventory of the family’s home, farmland, and other possessions. They were allowed to live in their house for a time, Vivian recalls, because the government knew that they were planning to leave soon.

And many were forced to leave—or be executed by a firing squad.

Venezuela was one of the countries considered as a place of refuge. “The president of Venezuela was a dental patient of my father’s,” Vivian explains. “He arranged a job for him there, as a doctor, but my father wanted to go to America.” Vivian’s mother did not agree at first.

Vivian loved Cuba, but she helped her family choose the United States as their destination. “Now I love America and don’t want to go anywhere else,” she says. However, she fears that what happened in Cuba may happen here.

“When Fidel Castro and his men came down from the mountains, speaking their ideas of Communism, we knew that it was time to leave. They were wearing rosaries around their necks, but they did not fool us. We knew what they were.”

It didn’t matter if citizens had been thrifty and had hidden money for their future. The new government changed the currency, and the old money was no longer usable.

“Communists want everyone to be equal,” Vivian emphasizes, “but poor.”

Vivian’s father was allowed to continue to practice medicine for the government –without pay. Castro did not want a comfortable middle-class, afforded by Capitalism.

Private Catholic schooling in Cuba was ended for Vivian and her brother, who began to receive home schooling from their mother. “Castro’s regime sent all the priests and nuns away on ships to other countries,” Vivian recollects.

A friend sent money (later repaid) for the family to fly to America. When it was time to leave, each family member was allowed by the Cuban government to take 30 pounds of clothing, but no jewelry.

After they arrived in the United States, Vivian’s father was no longer certified to practice medicine or dentistry. The family lived in poverty, residing with an aunt and uncle in a two-room rented house in Miami.

“We slept on the floor,” Vivian says. “There were no sleeping bags. It was cold in the house and we were hungry.”

Vivian’s father worked as a dishwasher to provide for his family, as did her uncle, who also had been a doctor. There was a bus strike in Miami at that time, so they had to walk to work when they were unable to hitch a ride with someone.

“For two or three months” the family accepted help from the U.S. Government in the form of military rations and $100 per month. Vivian’s father refused additional help, preferring to support himself and his family. In order to pay for Vivian’s school lunch, he collected bottles for the return deposit. Vivian’s brother, who was only 15 years old, also worked to help support the family.

Soon the family was able to rent an apartment. Vivian’s father eventually passed the medical board exam and became a doctor on a cruise ship.

As a young woman, Vivian sold Avon products. She later became a successful pharmaceutical representative, a position she held for many years. Recently she started her own jewelry business. “There is opportunity in America to become successful in spite of coming here with nothing.”

Now, on Christmas Eve, Vivian and her family celebrate La Noche Buena (The Good Night) with a traditional Cuban feast of roast pig, rice, black beans, yucca, salad, turrons, and homemade sweets.  As for Thanksgiving – that’s “strictly American,” according to Vivian, so “no beans!” she exclaims.  Then adds, “And we have a big Fourth of July!”

Vivian is troubled when she sees things happening in America today that are very similar to the events she witnessed during Cuba’s fall to Communism – government takeovers of healthcare, food production, personal property, as well as the destruction of personal wealth and the attempted eradication of Christianity.

Vivian, who educated herself on the backgrounds and belief systems of candidates prior to the 2008 election, declares, “When Obama became President, I began to worry about the future of America.” She quickly states that she doesn’t like Hillary Clinton either.

Vivian emphasizes that she and her brother (“he’s very patriotic”) would rather surrender their lives than renounce the freedom they have enjoyed in their adopted homeland.

“I talk about the threat of Communism everywhere I go, even in the streets – and sometimes people don’t want to hear what I say. But Americans need to be warned about it, and I am not afraid to tell them.

Cynthia Toney is a Contributing Writer and Editor, The Bold Pursuit

© The Bold Pursuit sm, All Rights Reserved