Governor Palin’s “Smashing” Successes

Statistical Analysis of Gov. Palin’s Endorsements

by Ron Devito,

Since leaving the office of Governor, Sarah Palin’s political action committee (SarahPAC) has endorsed 73 candidates for the US House of Representatives and Senate as well as state governors and attorney generals. Out of the 73 formally endorsed candidates, there are 52 declared winners, 13 losses and eight are yet to be determined. Thus far, her success rate is at 71%. If all eight remaining candidates win, her success rate will increase to a phenomenal 81%.

As we know, based on her Tweet, Gov. Palin eliminated 18 out of 20 targets in her Take Back the 20 campaign …

This is a 90% success rate. Metaphorically speaking, Gov. Palin set up a sniper position and eliminated her targets from two miles away…

The Function of Endorsements

Many people grossly misinterpret the meaning of endorsement success. We do NOT attribute a candidate’s election win solely to Gov. Palin’s endorsement. It is a matter of fact that candidates do not win and lose solely on endorsements; candidates win and lose on how well or poorly they run their campaigns and how well their messages resonate with voters. However, endorsements or the lack thereof can be a telltale sign of a well-run campaign versus one that is in deep trouble.

Consider the case of Michael Grimm, who won the NY-13 Congressional seat. Grimm had a large number of endorsements from local and national political heavy hitters, Gov. Palin among them. Grimm also ran a professional, aggressive, and enthusiastic campaign of which I was privileged to be a part. The endorsements were part of the package that helped propel him to victory, but certainly not all of it. Grimm’s campaign was also old school – and it worked. Congressman-elect Grimm and I walked the Election Districts, talking with voters face-to-face about issues that mattered to them. When a voter had an issue, we reported it to the campaign and the voter got a personal call from Grimm or Guy Molinari, our beloved former Borough President.

Now, consider the case of Carl Paladino whose campaign slogan might as well have been, “I love the smell of burning bridges in the morning. It smells like…like…defeat.” Carl “leave no bridge unburned” Paladino had few endorsements of any significance. Gov. Palin stayed silent on the NY Gubernatorial race. Her silence spoke volumes. Clearly, she was not going to endorse the erratic Paladino or the liberal Democrat who, predictably, won the race.

Endorsements are more critical in primaries where voters are getting to know a candidate for the first time. Official endorsements from multiple heavy hitters do help a campaign. Such an endorsement is akin to references we provide when looking for a job and performs the same function. Simply put, endorsements fall in the class of “necessary but insufficient” to a candidate’s success.

What Endorsement Success Means

What these numbers mean is that we can count on Gov. Palin, in a worst-case scenario, to make an accurate assessment about a given candidate’s electability and suitability for the office 71% of the time. In the best case, she can do it 90% of the time. The numbers indicate that she is politically astute and seasoned. She’s only been doing this for nearly two decades, after all. The numbers indicate that she is a person with considerable political capital, stature and popularity with the conservative base.

Professional political analysts and bloggers alike agree that these victories position Gov. Palin well to run for President in 2012. Michael Reagan said so and Jedediah Bila concurs. Robert Wiles, whose content we syndicate from Palin Promotions delineated in his article why these are her victories, and how the GOP Establishment either contributed nothing or worked to undermine her.

“[F]or the boys, who would also like to get the nomination for President of the United States – you know, if they don’t catch up pretty quick, it could be evening in America for them,” Michael Reagan said.

Indeed, Gov. Palin is showing the world what a woman can do. On November 4, 2010, her ‘Mama Grizzlies’ smashed numerous glass ceilings with their sonic booms. In 806 days, Gov. Palin may smash the biggest and hardest one of all.

Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman…

Post-Election Commentary …

by Genevieve

Although the midterm elections were a blowout for the Republicans, we are still challenged by two monsters: frauds and prevaricators. Fraud is still pervasive in our elections. Witness the result of the reelection of Harry Reid in Nevada. In my opinion, that election was bought and paid for by corrupt scoundrels who supported Prince Harry. Will We the People be confronted again with the likes of Obamacare and other nefarious schemes?  

While listening to Obama’s presser yesterday, it was obvious that the lies are going to continue. “What you are speaks so loudly that I can’t hear a word that you are saying.” The tone of the rhetoric has softened somewhat; but, the posturing is still the same. Our newly elected officials must take on Goliath with strength and conviction to change the course of our destiny.  

Genevieve is a Senior Advisor and Editor to The Bold Pursuit.

Election News …

The following races were called by Fox News. The Bold Pursuit congratulates the winners. 

Governor-elect Pat Brewer, Arizona (incumbent)

Governor-elect Sean Parnell, Alaska (incumbent)

Governor-elect Susana Martinez, New Mexico

Governor-elect Nathan Deal, Georgia (not called)

Governor-elect John Kasich, Ohio

Senator-elect Pat Toomey, New York

Senator-elect Mark Kirk, Illinois

Congresswoman-elect Michele Bachmann, Minnesota, CD-6

Senator-elect Jim DeMint, South Carolina, (incumbent)

Senator-elect Rand Paul, Kentucky

Senator-elect Dan Coats, Indiana

Senator-elect Jerry Moran, Kansas

Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte,

Senator-elect John Boozman, Arkansas

Senator-elect Marco Rubio, Florida

Senator-elect Roy Blunt, Missouri

Senator-elect John Hoeven, North Dakota

Senator-elect Rob Portman, Ohio

Senator-elect Tom Coburn, Oklahoma (incumbent)

Senator-elect David Vitter, Louisiana

Senator-elect Johnny Isakson, Georgia

Senator-elect Richard Burr, North Carolina

Senator-elect Richard Shelby, Alabama

Senator-elect Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

Senator-elect John McCain, Arizona (incumbent)

Senator-elect Charles Grassley, Iowa (incumbent)

Senator-elect Mike Lee, Utah

U.S. Congress:

Congressman-elect Diane Black, Tennessee, CD-6

Congressman-elect Scott Rigell, Virginia, CD-2

Congressman-elect Steve Southerland, Florida, CD-2

Congressman-elect Frank Guinta, New Hampshire, CD-1

Congressman-elect Dan Webster, Florida, CD-8

Congressman-elect Larry Buschon, Indiana, CD-8

Congressman-elect Robert Hurt, Virginia, CD-5

Congressman-elect Tim Scott, South Carolina, CD-1

Congressman-elect Mike Kelly, Pennsylvania, CD3

Congressman-elect Lou Barletta, Pennsylvania, CD11

Congressman-elect Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee TN-4

Congressman-elect Bill Flores, Texas, CD-17

Congressman-elect Robert Hurt, Virginia, CD-5

Congressman-elect Chuck Fleischmann, TN-3

Congressman-elect Patrick Meehan, Pennsylvania, CD-7

Congressman-elect Thomas Marino, Pennsylvania, CD-10

Congressman-elect Jeff Landry, Louisiana, CD-3

Congressman-elect Andy Harris, Maryland, CD-1

Congresswoman-elect Diane Black, Tennessee, TN-6

Congressman-elect Stephen Fincher, Tennessee, TN-8

Congressman-elect Todd Young, Indiana, CD-9

Congressman-elect Mick Mulvaney, South Carolina, CD-5

Congressman-elect Adam Kinzinger, Illinois, CD-11


Governor-elect Sam Brownback, Kansas

Governor-elect Rick Snyder, Michigan

Governor-elect Bill Haslam, Tennessee

Governor-elect Ron Bentley, Alabama

Governor-elect Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota

Governor-elect Gary Herbert, Utah

Governor-elect Rick Snyder, Michigan

Governor-elect Rick Perry, Texas

Governor-elect Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania

Governor-elect Mary Fallin, Oklahoma

Governor-elect Scott Walker, Wisconsin


K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple Senator (and Representative)

by Cynthia Toney

Many men have asked: “What do women want?”

The answer is the same as for this question: “What do the majority of American citizens want?” 

Just in case any member of Congress is still confused, has cotton stuffed in his or her ears, or has been blindfolded by the “party,” here’s the answer—and it’s very simple.

We want to be first.

We want to be first in your hearts, in your minds, and in your decision-making.

We hate to nag, but for more than two centuries we have devoted our love and attention to making this country—our home—safer, more beautiful, and more prosperous than any other on earth.

We have created a country of which you can be proud, and in which we can raise our children in comfort and according to our values.

We’re not happy when you give more consideration to the concerns of your party, to socialist leaders in Congress, or to lobbyists who pressure and offer favors in order to influence you.

We are upset when you spend more time on fundraising events than on reading the bills that you are passing—from which you will be conveniently exempt.

We are frustrated when you use our hard-earned money to protect and support the mistresses that are big finance and big unions.

We are disgusted when you allow our laws to be ignored by illegal aliens or by immigrants who bring their own legal systems from their homelands.

We feel angry when you cooperate with the global governance of United Nations treaties or confirm Supreme Court Justices who blatantly declare their intentions to strip away our Constitutional rights.

We are ready to leave you when you try to drown us in debt, all the while expecting us to cover your extravagant spending (even giving our money to foreign governments) as we struggle to live on less and less.

If you really want this relationship to work, then put us first.

Simply stop and ask yourself, “What would my American citizen want?”

Cynthia Toney is a Contributing Writer and Editor, The Bold Pursuit sm

© The Bold Pursuit sm, All Rights Reserved

Don’t Fade Away – Marxism, Socialism, Democracy, and God (Part Four)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

Even at its best, Liberalism is an abstraction that defies reason, suitable only for the amusement of “ivory tower” intellectuals and academics living within the sheltered social settings afforded them by those who have fought for Liberty and Freedom, and who have promoted the continuance of our ordered society by defending the rule of law as set forth under the Founding Documents of our Constitutional Republic.

Virtually all Democratic Liberal Socialist ideas have their genesis in Marxist Theory, and as any student of history already knows, Marxism has left a bloody and tear-soaked trail of human victims and unfathomable carnage in the wake of time.

Consider the “who’s who” of Marxist advocates and dictators over the past century: Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, and ad infinitum through out the history of mankind.
Marxist principles are as predictable and well-established as tyranny itself, ultimately seeking to enslave the masses and empower the few.

John F. McManus, writing in the November 2000 edition of The New American Magazine an article titled “A Republic, if You Can Keep It” illustrates the continuum of Marxism, Socialism, and Democracy:

“The Socialist revolution has been underway in America for generations. In January 1964, President Lyndon Johnson boasted in a White House address:

‘We are going to try to take all of the money that we think is unnecessarily being spent, and take it from the “haves” and give it to the “have-nots” that need it so much.’

What he advocated, of course, was a Marxist, not an American, precept. The push for Democracy has only been possible because the Constitution is being ignored, violated, and circumvented.”

Woodrow Wilson was an ardent proponent of Democracy, as was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many Democrat voters, and some Republican voters as well, believe that America is a pure Democracy, even though the word “Democracy” is not to be found anywhere in our Constitution.

Democracy was one of the political evolutionary possibilities that most troubled our Founding Fathers, and one that was widely discussed in apprehensive and less-than- flattering language.

These voters are the product of an “entitlement mentality” type of group-think narcissism that’s been successfully cultivated through the Progressive Marxist doctrines of class envy, victimization, political correctness, and ever-expanding government influence in our lives.

It has been long considered political suicide to attempt to wean these voters from entitlements to which they have become accustomed. People learn to expect payouts long after the Ponzi scheme has collapsed and the Treasury is writing IOU’s. As Mark Steyn so succinctly expressed,

“Entitlements are the quagmire without end.”

These under-educated recipients of government largesse, subsidized with income seized from the country class, have yet to deduce that the welfare state is already dead; we are bankrupt and no longer able to “cover the spread,” since any fiscal surplus was long ago confiscated and spent by politicians of both parties to buy votes for their re-election bids.


Our government continues to generate fiat currency, with each dollar it decides to “print,” the inevitable fall of our economy, and therefore our civil society, becomes more precipitous. Every welfare participant, joining the cry of un-relenting demand for increased support and expanded assistance, merely hastens their own demise.

One out of every six Americans is now on the Government dole. The Democrats will work to mobilize this voting block, knowing they will be anxious to vote for any candidate that will “promise” to support their continued subsidization by our Federal Government.

Unions are another critical component of the Democrat political machine. As with the “entitlement mentality” wards of our government welfare state, Unions suckle at the teat of federal bureaucracy.

During this critical mid-term election, if the Unions can help perpetuate King Barry’s Democrat majority in Congress, they will be rewarded with “Card Check” in addition to other financial gratuities.

When King Barry nationalized General Motors, the secured creditors (bond holders) were forced to give up their equity to the unsecured creditors (Unions) – a blatantly Marxist move, graphically illustrating yet another violation of federal law, completely un-Constitutional, and apparently troubling only to Conservatives.

Unions rely on Democrats to tilt the playing field to their advantage. Whether it involves Congress passing minimum wage increases, to which Union members rate of pay is indexed, or increasing private sector tax liability by promoting tax-payer funded bailout legislation designed to rescue un-funded Union pensions, there is a long-standing culture of corruption between Unions and the Democrat Party.

Liberals have been able to achieve a crippling blow against Conservatism over time, through the relentless promotion of their Progressive Marxist agenda; an endeavor to promote the self-indulgent concept of secular humanism over the spiritual foundation upon which America was built.

The result has been a heart-rending abandonment of individual initiative, personal pride, and self-reliance – the bulwark of American societal strength and resilience. Now government fulfills its surrogate role as the new god.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on 8/28 was how it was reported by both mainstream media and the new media.

They both acknowledged the tribute to our men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces and the donations generated for the “Wounded Warrior Foundation,” yet exhibited a wide-spread failure to understand, or at least report, the other significant motivation behind the rally: a commitment to turn to God and ask for His help in doing the right thing and to draw strength from His guidance as we endeavor to return America to His ideals, values, and principals.

The idea being that it should not be our goal in life to draw God over to our side. Rather, we should be working diligently to make certain that we are on His side.

Some may argue that’s putting too fine a point on things. I believe the process of thought behind that argument is precisely why the spiritual message from “Restoring Honor” is instrumental to the re-establishment of America as was intended by our Founding Fathers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I respectfully submit that “we the people,” as members of our American civil society, have not been tested to the degree or in the manner that we are being tested today.

We are witnessing an intentional and systematic destruction of our American way of life unrivaled in our brief history.

People living in times of great historical significance have often failed to understand or appreciate the magnitude and gravity of events whirling around them. We are living in such times presently; times we haven’t seen since the advent of our American Revolution.

King Barry and his royal court of cretins rule over America in the same manner that King George III ruled over the Colonists. His usurpation of our personal freedom to act without government coercion or interference, a freedom guaranteed in our Founding Documents, is the same tyrannical behavior that drove our Founding Fathers to fight for independence from an aristocratic Monarchy.

King Barry’s on-going destruction of America represents something far greater than a difference of opinion with Conservatives who oppose his bills, policies, initiatives, czars, and executive orders.
It is the Constitutional difference between liberty and tyranny, between right and wrong as pertaining to the rule of law; a difference that is historically quantifiable, and that reason will verify indisputably.

My last essay, published in Canada Free Press and titled “The War on Reason,” illustrates how 100 years of Progressive Marxist indoctrination has resulted in bringing our American civil society to the brink of literal ruin.

This is the precise intent of those within “The Frankfurt School” who formulated and implemented their long-range plans; King Barry should be considered figuratively as the lethal icing on that cake.

“The War on Reason” revealed the cunning and heinous assault by Progressive Marxism on family cohesion, self-reliance, personal integrity, self-respect, and the social mores and common decency that bind civil society together.

The war on reason has now driven us to a pinnacle of choice: the apex of a platform from which we may quite possibly launch ourselves into the abyss, by abrogating the responsibility of our most fundamental and basic civic duty. That duty is the simple act of voting in an informed, intelligent manner that honors the principals of our Founding Fathers as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

It’s not too late. November doesn’t have to be the end. It can be the beginning of a Conservative Revival. We have the power of choice, to vote and to actively engage in persuading others that their vote is more important than ever today.

We are still free to choose for ourselves and our loved ones the cherished values, ideals, and principals of our Founding Fathers and of our American experience – once a bonfire of liberty for the entire world to see, now just a glowing ember in a dying fire.

Let us join together ladies and gentlemen, to rekindle that glowing ember into the glorious bonfire of freedom and liberty that it once was.

Let us stand united, with honor restored, and once again make America the country our Founding Fathers would recognize and be proud to call their own.

Capitalism and an ordered, civil society are like the painter’s canvas: they are the foundation that allow for infinite expression. But without a “framework,” in this case that of private property rights and the rule of law, the canvas becomes a worthless scrap of fabric.

If we allow the fabric of our America society to be crumpled up and thrown away on our watch, then all of the discipline and dedication, the sacrifice and selflessness, the blood, sweat, and tears it took to build the greatest country in the history of civilization will be for naught.

All because we became too lazy, too undisciplined, too self-centered and self-absorbed, to give of ourselves the same measure of excellence that built America in the first place.

November is our line in the sand. Every representative in the House is up for re-election.

We must re-take the House at a minimum; we have no excuse. If there aren’t enough patriotic Americans remaining to get this done, then we obviously don’t deserve what we have.

If we have fallen to such a pathetic level of cowardliness, that we would inflict upon our children, and our children’s children the wretched state of despotic rule, then we are not worthy of carrying the torch of liberty.

Our Founding Father’s understood the importance of Faith in sustaining America. They continually sought God’s divine providence during the American Revolution, and in the Framing of our Constitution, as they pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to establish our fledgling nation. The Constitutional Republic they brought forth is truly God’s nation, in every sense.

Search your souls, my patriotic brothers and sisters, and ask yourselves this question: am I doing all I can to make Him proud of me? Am I actively working with all I have to sustain that which He has given?

This is our moment of truth. Don’t fade away, and don’t let America fade away.

Do Americans have true grit
Like they did not long ago
Do they have courage of conviction
Do they believe with heart and soul
That America is still exceptional
And breath-taking to behold
Will they be like Ronald Reagan
Or let the nanny state seize control



Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


Don’t Fade Away – Soft Tyranny, RINO’s, and Ronald Reagan (Part Three)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

If Conservatism is on the ascendancy, as it would appear, then it’s time to buckle up and put the pedal to the metal; time to put up or shut up, because we probably aren’t going to get another chance to turn our country around.

We, as a nation, have already succumbed to the firm “iron fist/velvet glove” grip of a “soft tyranny”; the transitional stage of King Barry’s quiet counter-revolution, and the pipers path to a sinister destination that’s apparently difficult for many American citizens to fully comprehend.

If Conservatives are able to generate enough votes to score true landslide victories, something that’s possible since Conservatives outnumber Liberals 2 to 1, they would gain important political momentum by illustrating, to both Democrats as well as RINO Republicans, that they can accomplish record-setting levels of election year prowess when so inclined.

They should drive home the message that our 2010 November elections represent a turning point in the pitched battle being waged for our Constitutional Republic.
Like it or not, we are going to make history one way or the other as we teeter on the brink of losing it all – not a metaphorical image of America in a state of decline, but of an America that could disappear completely.

The unfortunate fact remains that a significant percentage of Americans generally, and registered voters specifically, are disengaged from the political process.  Many are anxious and uncertain over what the future may hold and are often more focused on seeking a temporal escape to their pleasure zone, rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting down to some basic political detective work.

Scott Rasmussen recently appeared on Jerry Doyle’s radio program to promote his new book, and revealed the results from a poll taken by his well-respected company. According to Rasmussen, 15 million people in America are engaged daily in pursuit of politically-related information and follow politics closely, while 295 million do not.

Statistically, it is also interesting that even during times of tumult and difficulty (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton), voter turnout is remarkably consistent historically, and always significantly lower in off-cycle election years regardless of the political environment.

If one calculates the difference between off-cycle elections and presidential year elections, measured as a percentage of the total voting age population that turned out to vote since 1974, presidential year elections produce an average turnout of roughly 53%, while the off-cycle elections produce an average turnout of roughly 37%.

It’s ultimately moot whether the lack of voters’ interest in and involvement with national politics is based on ambivalence, disgust, frustration, or ignorance of what they have to loose, and how their progeny will suffer as a result of their indifference. It still boils down to an abrogation of civic duty and poses a grave threat to the survival of our civil society, the rule of law that frames it, and, therefore our nation.

It’s unfortunate, but not a lost “cause” for those who understand that each vote can make a difference, and who are dedicated to remain ready, willing, and able to fight the good fight in a manner of the great Ronald Reagan.

The 2000 presidential election came down to the electoral votes of Florida, where 537 votes out of 5,963,070 votes cast were the determining factor – a remarkable tale, considering the exhaustive efforts of Gore and the Democrat Party to steal the election by denying Military ballots, as well as the mainstream media by calling the election for Gore with the polls still remaining open for another hour in the Florida panhandle, a solid Conservative stronghold.

Ronald Reagan’s monumental landslide electoral victories in 1980 and 1984 gave Conservatives the permanent answer to their historical dilemma of how to realign America into a Constitutional Republic once again.

We must all become great communicators, in the spirit of Ronald Reagan; with class and dignity, of course, along with the qualities of grace, wit, and charm, if possible.

Ronald Reagan did not win those landslide victories without drawing Democrat voters into his camp (Reagan Democrats).
King Barry did not win his Presidency without drawing Republican voters looking for “change” into his camp, although he was additionally aided by a percentage of Republicans so disgusted with John McCain they decided to abstain from voting in the 2008 presidential election.

It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done: Conservatives must become ambassadors of Conservatism, and persuade Democrats, Independents, and the remaining stragglers, to understand that Conservatism is the only thing that will save America and the only political philosophy that represents their best interests.

RINO Republicans are another story altogether, as they typically represent a portion of the ruling class: “inside-the-beltway” Establishment Republicans that have done as much to destroy America as have the Liberals, in many respects. They may not move as quickly, but they move in the same direction.

These political operatives are nothing more than self-serving mercenary leeches. They rationalize their existence, as well as their own destructive behavior, with the belief that the electorate is too stupid to understand the nuisances of the Washington, D.C., political world, or the advantages of having “experienced” deal makers working behind the scenes, with a conciliatory and “bipartisan” spirit of compromise, to determine the direction of our country.

Many RINO Republicans are steeped in Liberal doctrine and work to promote the Democrat agenda, while others work quietly in concert to propagate King Barry’s Monarchial style of governance – legislation by executive fiat.

This is the same fundamental question today as our Founding Fathers asked regarding the divine right of kings; from where are the rights of man derived?

The answer, of course, is natural law. The rights of man emanate from God, not man.

These RINO Republicans are as disingenuous a group of people as may be found anywhere on earth. The true motives for their desperate attempts to maintain positions of influence are as old as civilization: wealth, power, and prestige.
Feeble attempts to “explain away” their stated positions, that politics is a numbers game (according to Karl Rove) and that party affiliation is more important than the character of the candidate, are destructive to the Conservative movement, inexcusable, and pathetic considering that the fate of our nation is at stake.

As with Liberal Democrats, RINO Republicans must be defeated soundly at every opportunity if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic. They will not give up that to which they have become addicted, and for which they hunger.

For Conservatives, adherence to the Constitution, as written by the Framers, is our most fundamental and important platform.

If non-Conservatives understand why this is true and if they are persuaded through reason, they will show up at the polls to vote and bring others along as well.

Reagan was brilliantly inspirational by the manner in which he used an understated eloquence and plain spoken consistency to deliver his timeless message of Conservatism. Reagan had the truth on his side, and he knew it. His irresistible and persuasive style reminds me of the classic barrister’s colloquialism:

“When you have the facts, argue the facts. When you don’t have the facts, pound the table.”

Reagan had the facts, and I don’t recall him ever having to pound the table. He was always calm and reassuring in his delivery, clear in his thinking, and confident that anyone, given the opportunity, would gravitate naturally toward Conservatism.


Reagan effortlessly, and without artifice, presented an image of the most reasonable man anyone could ever hope to meet. Like a cool, cosmic cowboy, Ronald Reagan would dispatch his political opponents by defining the premise of their argument in a real-world context that made sense.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


Don’t Fade Away – Liberals, Conservatives and the New Media (Part Two)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

The Democrats have no compunction about lying, cheating, bribing, stealing, and using whatever form of illegal and immoral behavior is necessary to place their candidates in elected office.
There are numerous examples of Democrat Party lineage using these tactics to influence elections throughout recent American history. Republicans are certainly not without blame, but Democrats make the Republicans look like pikers when it comes to election fraud. 

Today’s Democrat Party partners in crime range from ACORN operatives, New Black Panthers, corrupt poll workers, Liberal judges, political hacks, illegal voter registration drives, gerrymandering successes, fraudulent votes, political action committees, Union thuggish-ness, our ubiquitous U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ (sound familiar?), as well as any radical Left special interest groups willing to win at all costs.

Meanwhile, King Barry and Cass Sunstein, a Harvard graduate, connive to fabricate a back door method of implementing “The Fairness Doctrine” to silence the increasing popularity of talk radio, and “Net Neutrality” to federalize and thereby regulate Internet usage in America.  

As usual, there will be plenty of lemming-like voters casting ballots for Democrat candidates this November, in spite of assurances from new media mavens that the Democrat party has been exposed and commensurately diminished since the coronation of King Barry.

Widespread talk about the decimation of mainstream media by the “new media” is not without substance, but has been exaggerated.
Although difficult to pin down precisely, it’s clear that the mainstream media still has a significantly greater audience share overall than new media; hardly a surprise considering how long they’ve had to entrench themselves habitually within our culture through newspapers, magazines, television, movies, documentaries, radio, books, studies, polls, guides, etc.

Even though newspaper circulation is in decline, an oft-mentioned point in the new media, many of those former subscribers now visit the website of their local newspaper for information. It’s the same slant as before, but in a digital format.

It’s puzzling why so many “Conservative” writers and commentators dwell on perpetuating the image of King Barry as an incompetent, inexperienced, and clueless boob.
Certainly, he is a man of no greater than average intelligence, but the occlusion of perspective necessary to believe that King Barry’s intentions are well-intentioned, albeit misguided, is truly hard to grasp.

If reason is applied when evaluating evidence and motive, one must deduce that King Barry is working to undermine and ultimately destroy our economy in the same manner he is working to neuter our U.S. Armed Forces, hasten the destruction of Israel, and grant citizenship to twenty-plus million illegal aliens.

The perpetuation of a sympathetically false image of King Barry has resulted in far too many registered voters holding the opinion of King Barry as “ne’er-do-well” instead of “nefarious,” and that image may work to the advantage of Democrat candidates at the polls this election season.

Is it possible that those who underestimate King Barry are whistling past the graveyard, over-compensating with exaggerated bravado for a feeling of intimidation, brought on by an awareness of his relatively unlimited financial resources, fervent dedication, and brazen gall? 

After all, it’s King Barry who’s been running the table; looking like a pool shark at the corner bar, calling pockets and sinking balls, as Conservatives pray for a missed shot and another chance so they can play “catch-up.”

Back when Republicans dominated the Presidency and both Houses of Congress, one radio talker enjoyed commenting that it would be instructive to keep a few Liberals around, just to remind us of who and what they used to be, as if the Republicans would hold onto the reins of power indefinitely. 

Considering that the entire Republican Congressional coterie at the time was acting like a gaggle of Democrats, one realizes that Conservatism sometimes takes a back seat to show business.

Liberalism has always been around, and always will be around, because it appeals to the basest instincts of human beings.
Liberals comprise almost one third of the electorate; and lest we forget, it only took one third of the Colonials to successfully accomplish our American Revolution.

Who would deny the wisdom, both historically and philosophically, of respecting ones enemies? The political winds of fortune will change, even if it’s “change” you don’t believe in.
Over-confidence doesn’t help stave off the inevitable incursion from opposing forces, it merely motivates them, and makes any victories that much sweeter.

Indulging in the therapeutic practice of hurling invective and disparaging the ancestry of one’s political enemies is fine on social sites, or sitting around the T.V., drinking beer, and watching a football game with like-minded friends.

That being said, Liberalism isn’t going to “lie down” or be intimidated by such behavior; it’s not an effective way to help anyone grasp the dire necessity for embracing Conservatism, and of voting for Conservatives, as we interact on a daily basis with those who may not yet understand what is happening to America.

It is the individual still in possession of an open mind with the willingness to question, while exhibiting a measure of common sense that we wish to persuade.

This is not to diminish the element of fun or educational value one experiences when listening to a charged-up radio talker that has their facts straight, and can back them up.

Take Mark Levin, for example, never one to shy away from exposing Democrat-like behavior in Republicans, or of saying what he believes without regard to ratings.


Levin delivers scathing and colorful Conservative commentary with a phenomenally high degree of factual accuracy. 
In addition to being an author and attorney who served in the Reagan administration for eight years, he has extensive knowledge of history, especially our Constitution, as well as economics and politics.    

Levin expresses what so many Conservatives understand and know to be true and provides the type of sympathetic release that can be cathartic to those politically frustrated and stressed-out patriots suffering from “King Barry fatigue.”
Conservatives chafe at King Barry’s methodical termination not only of the American dream, but in the final analysis, of America.

The overarching point is simple and reflects a fundamental psychological tenant of behavior as well as historical wisdom: it’s not a good idea to underestimate one’s enemy. 
I believe King Barry and his Marxist minions know full well what’s at stake, and have their sights are fixed on the prize; fulfillment of a century-long dream is within their reach. 

The pre-mature “rah-rah” parade of an inevitable Republican victory in both House and Senate is gaining momentum, and that makes me nervous. Is it not reasonable to accept that the contest isn’t over, and that we need to win it before the celebration begins?

Even if Conservatives are successful this November in re-taking the House, it will be just the beginning of our journey down a very long political road, a road that we must travel with a sense of tireless purpose and long-range vision if we are to reclaim the Republican Party from establishmentarian RINO Conservatives (a must), and once again re-assert the integrity of our Founding Documents and the rule of law as set forth under our Constitutional Republican form of government. 

It’s the only way America will be saved from the unenviable and utterly tragic fate of the Roman Empire: a disintegration from within, as the Romans’ abandoned their societal strengths and civic duties that allowed them to prosper for centuries.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


Don’t Fade Away – George Soros and the Mainstream Media (Part One)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

Articles have begun to appear in the mainstream media that portray Democrat Party loyalists as shaking in their boots, quivering in nervous anticipation of a projected Republican landslide in the House of Representatives this November, based upon unprecedented voter turnout predominantly generated by the sour mood of our nation.

Nothing would be more satisfying than to witness a Conservative landslide victory in the House and Senate, a human tsunami of registered voters consisting of Republicans, New Conservative Democrats, and Independents, forming a groundswell of momentum to begin undoing the devastating effects of “change” from our previous elections in 2008.

But there is more than enough promotional and campaign work to be done in the meantime by Conservatives before our November D-Day, and one may rest assured the Democrats will be working hard as well to implement whatever they have planned, legal or not.

Perception may not constitute empirical reality, but it’s more than close enough to determine an election.

It’s been suggested by a confident Republican friend that I am a cynic, and that I have given too much credit to the collection of Progressive Marxists currently holding power in Washington, D.C., and in the White House; that the writing is on the wall, the sleeping giant is awake, and nothing will alter the inevitable outcome of the November mid-term elections in 2010 as Republicans sweep both Houses of Congress.

I would counter that others haven’t given enough credit where due, and that those who underestimate King Barry, and especially his fiscally quasi-omnipotent benefactors (George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Peter Lewis/Progressive Corp., Jeffrey Immelt/G.E., etc.) do so at their peril, and the peril of our nation.

If King Barry and his power brokers can sustain control of the House and Senate, it’s going to be game, set, and match for America; there will be no place else for a freedom-loving people to go.

As far as being a cynic, I’ll gladly accept that label if it’s intended to represent the traditional definition of the word: one who believes that virtue is the greatest good, that its essence lies in self-control and independence, and that human conduct is motivated by self-interest and personal gain.

Let’s establish right away that I’m neither a professional pollster nor a paid political prognosticator; I’m just a hard working American with a deep sense of love and appreciation for his country, and of the mutually beneficial goodness that wells up from the spring of opportunity that America represents.
Nonetheless, I present to you this “think piece” as an exercise in the creative visualization of alternative political possibilities to those being widely discussed mere weeks before these critical and historic elections.

Is it possible that an increase in mainstream media reports of Democrat doom and gloom are designed to impart a feeling of overconfidence among the ranks of Conservatives and the Republican Party faithful, conceivably resulting in lower voter turnout at the polls?

Is there any doubt whose side the mainstream media is on, or the power they wield to influence the outcome of elections?

Is it possible Democrat strategists have a plan to win enough seats in the November mid-term elections to retain control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate?

Does anyone actually believe the Democrats will concede more than a few congressional races this November, in spite of mainstream media reports indicating a mood of pessimism, or that they are cowed by Republican efforts or those of the Tea Party and other grass roots groups?

Is it possible the eerie silence coming from the Democrats is an approaching storm, as the finely-tuned Democrat political machine prepares to take advantage of its superior organizational network, extensive fundraising capability, and the exceptional net worth of its most wealthy contributors and sympathetic Liberal ideologues?

It was George Soros (net worth of over $14 billion) who made the pledge that he would spend his last dollar to keep Bush 43 out of the White House in 2004 if “someone guaranteed it.”

Reporter Laura Blumenfeld wrote in The Washington Post on November 11, 2004, that Soros said removing Bush 43 from office was “the central focus of my life” and “a matter of life and death.”

As is apparent to the shrewd observer, the real news is often not the “news.” The real news is frequently the story behind the news.

George Soros is the story behind the news, and yet he barely receives mention as a major league heavy-hitter.
Soros, an atheist, Progressive Marxist, and proponent of a global New World Order, has aligned his generous support behind every conceivable organization that could help destroy America, as we know it.

He almost succeeded at placing John Kerry in the White House, thanks in part to the un-Constitutional and idiotic sophistry of the John McCain/Russ Feingold campaign finance reform bill (supported by Soros).
Bush 43 supported McCain/Feingold and signed it into law in March of 2002. While expressing reservations about the bill, Bush 43 said it would “improve the system.” What a deal.

Soros and others simply circumvented the limitations on “soft money” McCain/Feingold was supposed to prevent by using 527 groups, thus allowing them to contribute millions of dollars, without legal liability, to candidates that would readily support the enactment of legislation to help further their agenda.

The McCain/Feingold bill was struck down by a 5-4 Supreme Court majority that reversed itself in January of 2010. They correctly deduced (barely) that government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections, since government has no Constitutional authority to regulate political speech.

It may be redundant, but there’s an important point that bears yet another mention in such times of maliciously co-conspiratorial mainstream media, shameless obfuscation at every level, improbable spin, and the sizeable contingent of not-very-well informed voters nationally: the amount of money in a candidate’s “war fund” can determine whether they win or lose an election, and Democrats these days will typically raise considerably more money than Republicans.

For example, during the 2008 presidential campaign an auditor for the Federal Election Commission (FEC) sought permission to begin a formal investigation of more than 200 million dollars of bundled illegal foreign donations to King Barry. Most of these illegal contributions appeared to have Middle East origins, primarily from Saudi Arabia.

These requests to audit that portion of King Barry’s 500 million dollar plus campaign kitty were not only denied by the auditor’s superiors at the FEC, but also by the Department of Justice (DOJ), from whom the auditor also sought assistance. The Attorney General in the Bush administration DOJ at that time was Michael Mukasey, another graduate of Columbia University and the Yale Law School.

The mainstream media ignored the story, as they consistently did with virtually every other story about King Barry that raised big, red warning flags.
It was as if instructions on avoiding the matter had been delivered from “on high” by some entity of the ruling class with the monetary muscle and political pull to pose a career threat to any intrepid reporter with a misplaced sense of altruism.

The American Spectator, publishing a Washington Prowler column in October of 2008 by The Prowler, quoted the unidentified auditor:

“I can’t get anyone to move. I believe we are looking at a hijacking of our political system that makes the Clinton and Gore fund raising scandals pale in comparison. And no one here wants to touch it.”

It would be completely out of character for Democrat strategists and financiers (Soros, et al) to remain unaware of the political landscape, and to operate without having formulated a plan of their own well in advance of the November showdown.

When it comes to strategy, Democrats usually outsmart Republicans. The problem is in the way they do it, and right now, they are playing their cards close to the vest.
King Barry and his Chicago-style Democrat party machine will generate votes, as they always do, and they will use every dirty trick they can get away with to influence results at the polls.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.