Thankful …

by Clio

I’ve always had strong political opinions, but I was the shy one – the girl who sat in the back of the class and tried to be invisible. I was the girl who loved to sing, but hoped my soft voice went undetected by the choir. I wanted to participate, but lacked the courage or self-confidence to speak out and participate.

After the precincts closed for the 2008 presidential election, I felt depressed and disillusioned. I truly expected, in spite of the pollsters predictions, that my countrymen would show some common sense when voting, evaluate the contenders and choose the candidate with decades of experience and a legacy of achievement over the younger candidate who was inexperienced with socialist ideologies and shady friends. This man was well-spoken, but had just a few, uneventful months as a U.S. Senator; a position he obtained, no doubt to provide some credibility on which to mount a presidential campaign.

I over-estimated the collective common sense, as well as the determination of the predominantly liberal mainstream media to ensure Mr. Obama’s election. In my opinion, the nation and the media made the wrong choice for this country.

While I fretted over our future and fate under this man’s governance, I found a conservative social network on the Internet, dedicated to the former Republican vice presidential nominee. I joined and found an online haven where I made many like-minded new friends. I am thankful for their friendship and encouragement.

I needed to vent and express my frustration and concern, so I took a leap of faith wrote and posted my first political blog on that network. My new-found friends applauded my blogging efforts which gave me the confidence to continue writing and find my “voice.” I am thankful for that first virtual podium and the opportunity to communicate my views.

During the past two years, our nation’s economy has faltered and our debt is now in the trillions. The new administration, with majorities in both the House and the Senate, pushed through legislation supporting its liberal and socialist ideologies while treating the objections of a majority of Americans with derision and indifference.

Given the state of the union, I determined that it was time for the shy girl to move out of the shadows of insecurity and boldly present her thoughts and opinions about the actions of the new administration.

At this point in our history, those who love and care for the future of this great nation no longer have the luxury of silence or quiet acceptance. We must put aside our fears and exercise the rights our Founders incorporated into the blueprint for our democracy: speak out and peaceably assemble to protest the unjust and destructive exploits by the liberals in Washington. I am thankful for the wisdom and foresight of the wise men who gave us a new nation and a Constitution to help us govern and protect it.

Thomas JeffersonWhile researching information about the American Revolution, I found a quote by Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States of America:

“I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way.”

This quote resonated strongly with me and deepened my desire to create a forum to voice my concerns about the new government and the corrupt media. I am thankful to Thomas Jefferson. I found my venue for expression in the words of a Founder and created The Bold Pursuit.

The first version of The Bold Pursuit was a simple blog, but I envisioned a website and hoped to share it with insightful and talented conservative writers. I am thankful that I found the resources and writers to help me achieve my dream.

A few months ago, I launched An artistic friend created original artwork for the banner which is comprised of our mission and title, The Bold Pursuit, and presided over by the eagle, our national bird and an icon of liberty. I am thankful to my friend for the beautiful art that identifies this website.

We have a small staff of volunteers – talented and dedicated men and women who generously give of their time and abilities. Our bold pursuit is just beginning and we hope others will join us in our quest for truth and knowledge.

Through this website, I endeavor to provide objective and accurate content. The Bold Pursuit is a conservative website and, naturally, appeals to those with similar views.

I am thankful that I live in a democracy, and I am thankful that our Bill of Rights guarantees my right, in its First Amendment, to freely express my views.

Perhaps some might say that I preach to the choir and I’m fine with that assessment if I can inspire the choir to sing out, let their voices soar and rise to crescendos so that they may heard, far and wide.

If this choir expands its repertoire and teaches lyrics to those who have never sung, then I am thankful to be the chorister.

Happy Thanksgiving … The Bold Pursuit

Clio is the Publisher and Executive Editor of The Bold Pursuit… and she is thankful to Genevieve for reviewing and editing this blog on Thanksgiving morning!

14 thoughts on “Thankful …

  1. CC: This was the exact same way I felt following the election. I worked for Carly Fiorina to defeat Boxer. We came short and I moved on. I'm glad you an "notquietanymore" and have let your voice be heard. I will put a link from my site which will explain Obama in a light never before seen. You are now on my brain donor's list. You write like a butterfly dancing in the wind. Jim

  2. Jim – Your analogy of Clio writing like "a butterfly dancing in the wind" is so descriptive of her skill as an author. Each one of her blogs lets her voice be heard and inspires those of us who enjoy reading them. It's really amazing how well we think that we know someone until a blog like this is published. The thoughts are a blend of personal thankfulness and an insight into the author's character. This piece is one of the most exceptional exposes on gratitude and self that I have ever read. My compliments to the author. Clio, I, personally, am grateful that there are individuals like you who express the collective perspectives of so many. Your eloquent, substantive expression is admirable. I am gratified to have the opportunity of knowing you. Thank you for sharing your intelligence and in-depth understanding of the issues that affect our lives.

  3. Thank you, G. I don't quite know how to reply to such a beautiful compliment … The gratitude is mutual, btw. You're the unsung hero of this site — editors never get the glory, just the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts can turn the proverbial porcine ear into a silk clutch : )

  4. This was an article I had to write. I'm so sick and tired of the left and their revisionist history. Rachael Maddow has quite and opinion of herself, shared by her parents, her dog, and the five people that still watch MS"L"SD. So, who better to give her a history lesson than me. Sent this over to her. Arrogance and stupidity can often be a fatal combination. She would do well to take a basic course in Economics and actual U.S. History. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, I'm J,C.

  5. We are more alike than I thought. I was politically engaged at an early age, my parents had me saying campaign slogans for Goldwater (much before your time) and I got in trouble in elementary school for starting a playground rally for Nixon vs. Robert Kennedy who I thought would be the democrat front runner. I was all up to speed on Watergate and knew more than teachers and parents most of the time. In High School I strayed, thinking Jimmy Carter would help us overcome the Watergate fallout and a rather quiet Gerald Ford. I can't believe I convinced my parents to vote for Carter who turned out to be a Joke. Nice man, bad President, he embarrassed this country in front of the world. Reagan was my first opportunity to vote for a president and I was very proud of that to this day. Since then I have been waiting for the next Reagan. 2008 was a disaster except for one thing; Obama woke up America! People like Clio and myself are engaged like never before and it will be necessary to save this country from a complete socialist takeover. If McCain got elected the press would be attacking everything he does, he would stray left as usual and we would be just sitting idol. The only hope that McCain could have gave us was Sarah Palin. Is she our next Reagan?Love what you do Clio, I'm so proud to be with you in this fight!

  6. Greg: I also 'voted' in our school's mock election for Carter. I think that, after the turmoil and scandal of Watergate (Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon killed his bid for the presidency), the country yearned for a gentler, kinder and more honest leader. It was another poor choice.I'm from a long line of Democrats and switched my party affiliation to vote for Reagan — a decision that I've never regretted and, like you, await the next "Reagan" to lead our nation (some of my family became Reagan Democrats, but have now reverted, with one exception, back to the wacky liberal ideologies indigenous to Portland).Greg, thanks for reading my article and for your personal story. Clio

  7. Well said, Clio. Jims butterfly analogy is perfect. I, too, am thankful "that I live in a democracy, and I am thankful that our Bill of Rights guarantees my right, in its First Amendment, to freely express my views".Along with you and all of the Conservative friends that I've made in the last two years, I will continue the work required to make sure that we never lose those rights.

  8. Clio, your words should resonate across this nation. You said:At this point in our history, those who love and care for the future of this great nation no longer have the luxury of silence or quiet acceptance. We must put aside our fears and exercise the rights our Founders incorporated into the blueprint for our democracy: [End quote]I think that captures the spirit and energy of the TEA Party movement.

  9. @Bruce: if not for you, Robert, Dick Lanham and a few others who encouraged and supported my first blogging efforts on TS, it's likely that TheBoldPursuit would not exist. I've learned so much from your commitment to our country and its Constitution — you continue to inspire me. Thank you. @Robert: thank you for the contributions you've made to TBP. I continue to learn your wisdom and am buoyed by your daily, mirth-filled emails. While we focus on and study the actions of the current administration and the deleterious effects those have upon our nation, it's easy to forget that we need to smile and laugh every day — it's medicine for the soul.

  10. Wow, Great post Clio!! I felt the same way you did after the election of 2008. I remember going to bed that night when I knew our side was going to lose and I was so depressed but because of the "vice-presidential" candidate I knew we were still a Great Country with Great "Future" Leaders. I like yourself have found the conservative Internet community to be a place of refuge. We lost the Battle back in November of 2008 but the War for our Future is only just beginning. Thanks so much for your insight and your "BOLD PURSUIT" , Billy

  11. Clio,I for one am NOT waiting for or hoping for another Reagan! One mass Amnesty and 300 dead Marines is enough for a lifetime, not to mention the Alzheimer's that sapped so much life out of him in his last 3 years in office. we are still paying for that Amnesty and will be for many years.I'll settle for a President Steve King or even a President Jim DeMint, the former being the most Conservative member of Congress and "a streetfighter" who will get things done, someone who understands Congress, a leader, a man with a vision. Until then, we have to try and help save Europe for the few freedom fighters there who are standing up to the Monster known as the EU which is devolving into a dictatorship (by giving the freedom fighters our love and support). AND we have to save our own country which in places has fallen prey to sharia (Minneapolis, Dearborn) and which continues to be invaded by 5,000 to 10,000 foreign nationals every 24 hours. I love your blog, Clio! God bless you!

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