Rush Limbaugh: “The Real Story of Thanksgiving”

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit…

by Ron Devito,

Now more than ever, nothing could be more apropos than to remember the true and complete history of Thanksgiving as presented by Rush Limbaugh in 2007. In his monologue delivered three years ago, Limbaugh explained, in detail, how the Pilgrims nearly starved themselves out of existence while their economic system was a primitive version what we now call socialism. The Pilgrims then re-structured the economic system to have each household responsible for growing, harvesting and trading its own crops. It was a prototype of what we today call capitalism. The following year was their most prosperous on record. The Pilgrims’ celebratory feast was the first Thanksgiving Dinner…

Nary one year after Limbaugh delivered this monologue, we elected a President bent on a “fundamental transformation of America” from an exceptional, capitalist super-power to an effete, mediocre socialist country. Our economy is in dire straits, with massive debt brought about by an ill-conceived and executed stimulus plans.

Presently, we face the very real threat that, for the first time in our history, our dollar could be devalued via “quantitative easing.” Despite taking over part of the auto industry and one sixth of our economy with ObamaCare, the hopey-changey stuff has not worked out too well.

Obama’s plunging approval ratings just hit 39% and stand ready to crash through the “basement of public approval” and three levels of sub-basements below it. It’s kind of like the Pilgrims recognition of the disastrous results of their primitive attempts at socialism.

However, we have on the horizon, a promise to revive, renew, and restore America to its former greatness. As long as we work toward these goals and reform our GOP back to Reagan Conservatism, our best days are yet to come. I believe we can revive, renew, and restore – with a determined conservative movement and new leadership with “commonsense conservative” objectives.

We brought back greatness to America when we elected Ronald Reagan as president in 1980. On November 2, 2010, we started to change Obama’s collision course with disaster as American voters went to the polls in droves and expressed their desire for a new direction in this great country. I have no doubt that we will continue to revive, renew and restore America through our efforts and our votes. We will begin a new chapter of American greatness on January 20, 2013 at the 10th hour, EST.

It is interesting how history so often repeats itself.

Please read: Rush Limbaugh: The Real Story of Thanksgiving for the complete transcript of his Providential monologue.

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