New Republican Leadership or Politics as Usual

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit

by Sandy Stringfellow

John Boehner (House Majority Leader) and Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader) have said, in plain English, that they understand why Republicans took the House and made gains in the Senate; that they understand King Barry’s Progressive Marxist agenda has been unsurprisingly rejected by the American people, and that it is their implied responsibility to bring it to a grinding halt.

Yet both have abysmal records regarding the propagation of principled Conservatism during their tenure in elected office, and both have been remarkably unable to even modestly articulate Conservatism when provided the opportunity.

These gentlemen would be well advised to pay close attention to Constitutional scholar, author, attorney, and talk radio host Mark Levin’s admonition regarding the future of our nation, at least if it is their desire for our country to have a future as Founded; one of Constitutional Republicanism: “Only Conservatism will save America,” Levin frequently states with passion, and he is incontrovertibly correct.

This is not to imply that every legislative initiative has been destructive to America, but to point out that it is considered “normal and customary” for the political class of Washington, D.C., to feel strongly compelled to pass legislation, even deeply flawed or destructive legislation, to justify their existence (Campaign Finance Reform comes to mind).

Both leaders have proven to be predictable political dinosaurs (Boehner first coming to Washington, D.C., in 1992 and McConnell in 1984) unwilling to exercise consistent Conservative leadership, i.e., doing what is necessary to save an America rapidly approaching critical mass and the self-destruction that results from it.

Instead, as with most all politicians these days, primary efforts have been directed toward securing their personal power base and political future through the customary “wheel and deal” bargaining processes that exemplify the abrogation of elected responsibility and moral integrity of those playing political games with Americas’ future.

Mitch McConnell, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, GOP Chairman Michael Steele, and pseudo-Conservative political operatives such as Karl Rove, were particularly destructive toward Tea Party candidates during the recent mid-term elections.

It was the Tea Party, led by Sarah Palin, that was the driving force which brought together the American electorate, resulting in one of the most substantial Republican Party victories in the history of our Republic. Without them, it would not have happened.

Any Republican legislator currently holding office should consider the outcome of our recent mid-term elections a wake-up call to the fact that they are on borrowed time, as is America.

If these RINO Establishmentarian elitists had been concerned about doing what was right, instead of jockeying for positions of influence as political power brokers, they would never have supported Mike Cassel over Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate race, or Lisa Murkowski over Joe Miller in the Alaska Senate race.

The covertly destructive and self-righteous behavior to undermine legitimate grass roots Conservative candidates such as these and others, candidates obviously supported enthusiastically by those disgusted with the Republican Party status quo, illustrates how deeply ingrained is the level of contempt for true Conservative voters among those currently holding the reins of political power.

America is broken almost beyond repair, and it has, to a significant degree, happened on the watch of Boehner and McConnell. Have they learned nothing from Ronald Reagan?

Where has been the outraged indignation, the emphatic and unrelenting demands for accountability from these Republican “leaders”?

Our country, whose Constitution they have sworn to protect and defend, has been under relentless attack from every quarter except that of Conservative America. We are besieged by a well-entrenched Progressive Marxist political ideology, as well as widespread systemic corruption that continues to spread its cancerous tentacles into every aspect of our lives on a daily basis.

For example, why were King Barry’s Supreme Court nominations of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan not vigorously contested? Is this their definition of Republican leadership? The confirmation hearings for these nominees to the Supreme Court would be considered a disgrace by any self-respecting Conservative defender of our Constitution.

The Liberal ideological dedication of these now-confirmed Justices is patently and blatantly un-Constitutional in every conceivable respect. Their propensity for trampling our Bill of Rights through the sympathetic promotion and consideration of trans-national case law will haunt the American judicial process at the highest level for years, if not decades.

During the post-election “victory dance” of celebratory media appearances, Boehner, ever the politician, spoke of bi-partisanship, and McConnell alluded to it as well. Even Marco Rubio used the “C”-word (compromise), as high profile Republicans began “walking back” their campaign promises.

That type of “business as usual” attitude simply isn’t going to cut it. If one wishes to make the case that rhetoric of this nature was designed to illustrate Republican magnanimity in their victory over the Democrats, I would implore them to carefully study American political history over the past century, then explain how meekness, timidity, compliance, and complicity with the Democrats has furthered the health and stature of our Constitution and Bill of Rights specifically, and the well-being of Americans generally.

If our newly-elected Republican representatives, and the existing Republican “re-treads” have courage, resolve, and intelligence and are willing to take the heat (as would, say, Sarah Palin), they can stop King Barry.

First, they must de-fund his initiatives and legislation, in addition to starting immediate, serious, no-nonsense investigations into the conduct of King Barry, as well as his nefarious Czars and ardent supporters (George Soros, Jeffrey Immelt, etc.).

For example, George Soros spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding organizations whose apparent objectives are the destruction of America. Why are these organizations granted tax exempt status? Of what redeeming value are they to American civil society?

It is disgusting to remember the chicken-feed investigation by The House Oversight Committee into Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, along with former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, as they faced questions from both Democrats and Republicans about their relationships with Wall Street; TARP, the AIG bailout, Bank of Americas’ purchase of Merrill Lynch, and bailout of the automakers’ pension plans, among other topics of interest.

Aleksandra Kulczuga, writing in “The Daily Caller,” reported on January 26, 2010 the following:

E-mails and phone logs that show the New York Federal Reserve Bank — of which Geithner was president — obscured details of the AIG bailout from the public. Leaked emails imply that the Federal Reserve asked the SEC to mark documents on the deal as “confidential,” as national security information is classified.

“They had no intention of disclosing these dealings to the public, and went to extreme lengths to prevent it,” said Kurt Bardella, a Republican spokesman for the Oversight Committee. “The Fed itself has gone to extremes to prevent us from getting documents. The SIGTARP [special inspector general for TARP] has said he would love to cooperate but the Fed had ordered them not to.”

In spite of voluminous evidence of conspiracy and fraud, the Oversight Committee laid an egg, handled the investigation with kid gloves, turned a blind eye to justice, and the investigation was successfully treated as a ‘dog and pony show’ meant to entertain the gullible masses.

As of this writing, Republicans are engaged in more politics as usual – insipid grandstanding for public relations purposes.

A very big deal is being made about ending “earmarks,” a little understood aspect of the legislative budgetary process of assigning funds to specific projects, and one that James Madison (often considered the most influential of our Constitution’s authors) believed was a Constitutional responsibility of the legislators. If the legislative branch doesn’t assign the funds, the executive branch will; something they do with far too much frequency already.

Earmarks account for the fractional portion of one percent of our national budget. Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe is exactly right on this one, and his forth coming alternative legislative proposal should be carefully considered.

Our current fiscal and monetary policies are driving inflation through the roof, something the Federal Reserve denies, as prices spiral out of control. Considering the Federal Reserve’s history of colossal and disastrous blunders, this should come as no surprise.

Our nation is bankrupt, with a GDP of approximately 14 trillion dollars, and a total debt burden, including unfunded liabilities of approximately of 130 trillion dollars. Social Security and Medicare are unsustainable, as are federal pensions and the interest on our debt.

King Barry-Care (aka ObamaCare) comprises one sixth of the American economy, is causing health care costs to skyrocket; it will literally destroy the finest health care system in the world.

The entire world economy is on the verge of spontaneous combustion due to the incomprehensible fiscal irresponsibility (or intentionality) of King Barry, our Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve.

Instead of quibbling over the inconsequential termination of earmarks, perhaps our Republican “leaders” could provide some real leadership.

They need to vigorously investigate Eric Holder and the entire Department of Justice on every level, and prosecute, to the full extent of the law those convicted of criminal behavior.

They need to investigate every single one of King Barry’s Czars and demand confirmation processes, based on highly questionable and clearly un-Constitutional behavior.

They need to investigate and hold hearings on every peripheral player in King Barry’s administration, including George Soros, and, in particular, the organizations he funds that are fraudulently listed as groups that merit tax exempt status; organizations that are patently intent on the destruction of America.

They need to investigate the Fed, audit the Fed, and hold hearings to force explanation of what in the hell they think they’re doing, instead of going through the motions of some sycophantic, rubber-stamped bit of political showmanship for “the little people back in Peoria.”

They can move, and should move with haste, to repeal King Barry-Care, even if the legislation to end it is not signed into law by King Barry.

They can force the proponents supporting King Barry-Care to go on the record, and that will help Conservatives in the 2012 elections.

Further help could be provided by the Republican Party politicos, along with the GOP, if they can pull their collective party head from where the sun doesn’t shine and embrace Tea Party involvement in our American political process, instead of fighting it tooth and nail.

The future of the Republican Party depends on its coming down from a high horse and getting a grip on reality, something they positively have not yet done.

They can begin by replacing the incompetent and self-serving Michael Steele with a principled, passionate, and articulate philosophical Conservative who understands how badly they’ve screwed the pooch; through their megalomaniac and internecine warfare with the Tea Party, Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Michael Steele, and others were responsible for the elections losses of Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle, and have continued working (until recently, it’s been reported) to defeat Joe Miller in Alaska by not actively providing financial and material support to contest violation of Alaska State law regarding the counting of “write in” ballots.  Republicans made it clear during the mid-term elections; they want to elect Conservatives, not Liberals.

By the way, to those who profess to be Conservative, and for whom Conservatism has become their advertised philosophy of choice, take note: you are apparently spineless, in addition to being a shameless narcissist, a traitor to Conservatism or both, if you currently support or have supported Lisa Murkowski over Joe Miller in the Alaska Senate race. Go be a Democrat – it’s where you belong.

The bottom line: things can be done, must be done, and urgently so. If Republicans in general, and Republican leaders specifically, don’t have the moral integrity, raw courage, and Patriotic pride to muster the “political will” for the task at hand, or are simply too corrupt to care, they must be removed by unflagging demands from principled Conservatives actively participating in the on-going exchange of ideas with those holding elected office.

The Tea Party, primarily through the efforts of Gov. Sarah Palin, as well as others, have brought us this far – far enough to at least have a chance to save America, and they may have to carry the torch in a critical effort replace those who will not heed the call to battle.

We are engaged in a war, and it is not for the faint of heart.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.

11 thoughts on “New Republican Leadership or Politics as Usual

  1. Sandy, this is an excellent article. While reading your convincing commentary, I was struck by the fact that the foundation of our country has been compromised to the extent that small repairs being proposed by Republicans may fill some cracks but will do little to save the country from failure in the long run if the foundation is not stabilized. As you said, the Federal Reserve, Justice Department, and others—and I would like to add the EPA—must be taken on by the new leadership, using only a conservative frame of reference.

  2. Sandy,An outstanding, well written article! Thank You for sharing it.It seems we are on the same page when it comes to true conservatism. However, I don’t think we are in the position to seek candidates, who have fully grasped the conservative ideology. Republicans fell off the boat with Bush Sr. and have been following the wrong path for almost 20 years since then. An entire generation has grown up without a clear view of conservative values. We have become complacent, allowed the camel into the tent and now we are struggling to get him out. We will lose the battle without a clear plan, a set of goals and a list of priorities, placed in order of importance, which goes beyond the next election. (A Literal NOT allegorical translation of the Constitution, less Government, strong defense, balanced budget) The rest will come after we have regained our footing, not just by winning seats, but through every representative in our government (local to federal), schools, media, work force, churches, extra-curricular activities and most importantly; our own homes.Due to our own liability, our children have not been subjected to the political process, even when it concerns them and their own children. They should watch the debates, observe the process and understand the decisions which will eventually influence their adult lives. We should take the time to sit with our children, encourage our personal values and explain why we feel the way we do. Instead, we drop them off at a public school, taught by a liberal teacher, chastised for values in which our parents and grandparents instilled in us. It was inevitable, that the biggest socialist liberal politician in U.S. History would be given the keys to the White House, by a clear majority from the youngest generation. The Liberal Democrats have had 60 years to change their base, sell their message and persuade their constituents that social liberalism is the correct path. They had the right tools, best facilitators and are in the direct path to influencing the next generation, through our public school systems, media and special interest groups. By using Hegelian dialectic, they have split the nation and provided a solution most Americans would have rejected at face value, but they still managed to sell it to America by demonizing every other solution available. They have been removing conservatism from our schools for several decades, the biggest one in 1974. They have managed to tie our hands and placed duck tape over our mouths with hardly a struggle.You might disagree, but I think it would be a disaster, to place Governor Palin on the 2012 ticket. I believe she would make an excellent President, she appears to be the only candidate that carries true conservative values, but she was damaged by the liberal media. She will carry those scars into the 2012, and we will see another 4 years of an unbridled push for a socialistic government. I rather keep our government gridlocked, than to deal with another push of the Liberal agenda after an election. Instead, we should be screening candidates and newly elected representatives, who have ran on a conservative ticket. Anyone who veers off the conservative path, should be given the pink slip the following election. It is more important for Gov. Palin to remain where she is at, by drawing in crowds, inspiring the young, middle and old conservatives, to get off the porch and become involved again. She will have her chance again, but a clear understanding on how we get there needs to be in place first.

  3. Well-written article. The Republlicans didn't lend their support to the Tea Party candidates enough. Also, John Boehner and Mr. McConnell need to do the biggest thing possible….try Obama for treason. They need to also back Israel and force Obama off Israel's throat. In addition, John Boehner took money from the evil entity called Sallie Mae. In doing so, he created an underclass of Americans who wanted an education to reach the American dream. (gone now, of course). He created this underclass of educated and poor citizens who, if they get sick, disabled or unemployed (and Wow! – now we have millions unemployed) and can't make every payment on their student loans, they are driven into hiding on the edge of society. The laws created with the help of John Boehner ruin American lives for their whole lives. Once you fall behind on a student loan, because of Boehner and others like him, the penalties and interest are so compounded that you could end up owing 100,000 K or more. Bankruptcy protections have been removed while gamblers and shopoholics and foreclosure victims (many of whom KNEW they couldn't afford a house – they were dead-broke) are allowed to declare bankruptcy. BOENER took bribe money from Sallie Mae to enact these laws. I have no faith in him unless he takes the grand step of trying Obama for treason.

  4. Sandy, excellent observation here in your article. YES! The Republicans are using things to rally support that are going to make their lives easier by distracting the citizens from the REAL substantial problems in Govt. so they may continue with business as usual in Washington. This "Two Party System" doesn't have enough checks and balances for my liking and comfort level as all too often they seem to have similar agendas. We can do better than this, and must!

  5. Sadly, you're right. I'm afraid that we're in the position of trying to find a hairstyle that flatters a gaping head wound. Too little, but hopefully not too late. Not sure if I'd back Palin, as much as I admire her personally; although time is short, I'd rather see Allen West heading up the ticket.

  6. D.C. is corrupt to the core. We are in a two pronged war, one front against the entire Left, including their media, their stranglehold on education, etc. The second front is against the Moderates (Socialists Lites) of the Republican Party. Do we think that while the Left were busy for decades infiltrating every aspect of the American power structure that they found the GOP sacrosanct?Your blog is excellent. You stated our Conservative position and the remedies needed perfectly to my way of thinking. We must consider the Conservative victories of 2010 as a base to build upon for 2012. It will take numerous election cycles to purge the Moderates out of power in the GOP. Once one has "awakened", it is realized that we are now committed to the fight to save our Constitutional Republic for life. I look forward to 2012.

  7. Brilliant work; why am I not surprised? We do expect to be ever vigilant as many of us saw the Republican party attempt to put their arm around us. Everything, everything put in place by this nations founders was meant to limit government. They found it necessary forcompromise to bring the states together but, from there everything was designed to check, balance and limit. The first mistake was the Bill of Rights because, all of those rights already existed and were not granted by the govenment. I see no reason for compromise to pass useless legislation other than as you say building their power base.

  8. Picking on people that are dogs in the fight and giving so much credit to a good person, Sarah Palin is kinda what is wrong. Sarah is a politician just like the rest. She had her share of poor and personal endorsements that were at best questionable. One of the biggest problems today in conservationism is looking for perfect candidates and thus losing out on the best candidates.Do you change over the years? So do Politicians and some for the good. Sarah Palin is a cheerleader. Totally uninspiring to me. Word speak with no ability to explain what she is talking about.The Tea Parties are very fragmented. A sounding board but not a lot more.

  9. Awesome!! We MUST start hammering those that 'claim' to be on the side of the People. Until I see the GOP willing to prosecute the CRIMINALS that caused the economic/financial crisis, they are not much better than the Democrats. The… GOP in the lame duck right now haven't even tried to stand up to the criminals – they overwhelmingly voted to override Obama's veto of HR3808 last week! His veto of 3808 is one of the very few things Obama has done that is right. Voting to make fraudulent affidavits retroactively legal, does NOT give me confidence any of them are going to be any different than what we have now. The GOP is now literally raking in the big bucks from the TARP banks – they are being bought as I type this. The MERS lobbyists have descended on DC and they are not going to leave until they force Congress to make their illegal property transfer scheme legal, destroying all of what is left of our rights to our property. in a complete turn-around (because they've been cut of from the money from the big banks), the Democrats have one idea that they are pushing – forcing the big TARP banks to divest their servicing arms. The fact that the banks that are only the servicers are also in charge of mortgage modifications and investigations into the fraud, yet they are also the ones that are on the hook if the ACTUAL note holder has been defrauded (and they all have), makes this the biggest conflict of interest in history. honestly, I think all of us are going to be very, very disappointed.

  10. Sandy — thanks for another excellent, provocative article.I think this article speaks to the concerns of many Americans, in particular, conservatives who went to great efforts to help elect a new representatives in the House and Senate. We hope they get the message that 'business as usual' is not acceptable. Crucial to the rescuing of our beloved nation is summed up in your words: "The future of the Republican Party depends on its coming down from a high horse and getting a grip on reality, something they positively have not yet done." Absolutely true. Karl Rove, are you listening? Newt? John? Stay tuned … we have more to say!

  11. Sandy, you have come 40 years past a pellet rifle from your roof plinking cans and squirrels. Now, to my amazement you literally have a death grip on the tiger's tail in your concise and precise analysis of what is wrong with America and what needs to be done to fix it. You are not plinking now. You have intelligently targeted the insanity of our current political nightmare. If we all take aim as you suggest, we can stop this bus ride to hell!

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