Post-Election Commentary …

by Genevieve

Although the midterm elections were a blowout for the Republicans, we are still challenged by two monsters: frauds and prevaricators. Fraud is still pervasive in our elections. Witness the result of the reelection of Harry Reid in Nevada. In my opinion, that election was bought and paid for by corrupt scoundrels who supported Prince Harry. Will We the People be confronted again with the likes of Obamacare and other nefarious schemes?  

While listening to Obama’s presser yesterday, it was obvious that the lies are going to continue. “What you are speaks so loudly that I can’t hear a word that you are saying.” The tone of the rhetoric has softened somewhat; but, the posturing is still the same. Our newly elected officials must take on Goliath with strength and conviction to change the course of our destiny.  

Genevieve is a Senior Advisor and Editor to The Bold Pursuit.

3 thoughts on “Post-Election Commentary …

  1. My sentiments exactly, Genevieve. Obama spoke of compromise with the new Republican House, with a desire to help the middle class, but the same day told that he would "fight the GOP."

  2. I agree that Harry Reid should never have been re-elected. It was a bought win. Suspicious at best. I never dreamed he would win. This is what we're up against!

  3. Genevieve – I think your candid statements about "Prince Harry" echo the sentiments of most conservatives. I have questions about that race — why was Sharron Angle, according to numerous polls, up by 3 to 5 percents and then lost by five percent? I've heard reports about Reid's last minute ground game, union support and other special interest groups coming out in droves on election day turned the race around — and, perhaps, that is what happened. However, there's a bit of stink to the Senate vote in Nevada and it is hard to wave away. Nevada has the highest unemployment rates in the nation — 14.4 percent. Reid was part of the Obama/Pelosi troika that rammed obamacare through the House and Senate, in spite of overwhelming rejection by Americans. It just doesn't smell right …

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