Don’t Fade Away – Soft Tyranny, RINO’s, and Ronald Reagan (Part Three)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

If Conservatism is on the ascendancy, as it would appear, then it’s time to buckle up and put the pedal to the metal; time to put up or shut up, because we probably aren’t going to get another chance to turn our country around.

We, as a nation, have already succumbed to the firm “iron fist/velvet glove” grip of a “soft tyranny”; the transitional stage of King Barry’s quiet counter-revolution, and the pipers path to a sinister destination that’s apparently difficult for many American citizens to fully comprehend.

If Conservatives are able to generate enough votes to score true landslide victories, something that’s possible since Conservatives outnumber Liberals 2 to 1, they would gain important political momentum by illustrating, to both Democrats as well as RINO Republicans, that they can accomplish record-setting levels of election year prowess when so inclined.

They should drive home the message that our 2010 November elections represent a turning point in the pitched battle being waged for our Constitutional Republic.
Like it or not, we are going to make history one way or the other as we teeter on the brink of losing it all – not a metaphorical image of America in a state of decline, but of an America that could disappear completely.

The unfortunate fact remains that a significant percentage of Americans generally, and registered voters specifically, are disengaged from the political process.  Many are anxious and uncertain over what the future may hold and are often more focused on seeking a temporal escape to their pleasure zone, rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting down to some basic political detective work.

Scott Rasmussen recently appeared on Jerry Doyle’s radio program to promote his new book, and revealed the results from a poll taken by his well-respected company. According to Rasmussen, 15 million people in America are engaged daily in pursuit of politically-related information and follow politics closely, while 295 million do not.

Statistically, it is also interesting that even during times of tumult and difficulty (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton), voter turnout is remarkably consistent historically, and always significantly lower in off-cycle election years regardless of the political environment.

If one calculates the difference between off-cycle elections and presidential year elections, measured as a percentage of the total voting age population that turned out to vote since 1974, presidential year elections produce an average turnout of roughly 53%, while the off-cycle elections produce an average turnout of roughly 37%.

It’s ultimately moot whether the lack of voters’ interest in and involvement with national politics is based on ambivalence, disgust, frustration, or ignorance of what they have to loose, and how their progeny will suffer as a result of their indifference. It still boils down to an abrogation of civic duty and poses a grave threat to the survival of our civil society, the rule of law that frames it, and, therefore our nation.

It’s unfortunate, but not a lost “cause” for those who understand that each vote can make a difference, and who are dedicated to remain ready, willing, and able to fight the good fight in a manner of the great Ronald Reagan.

The 2000 presidential election came down to the electoral votes of Florida, where 537 votes out of 5,963,070 votes cast were the determining factor – a remarkable tale, considering the exhaustive efforts of Gore and the Democrat Party to steal the election by denying Military ballots, as well as the mainstream media by calling the election for Gore with the polls still remaining open for another hour in the Florida panhandle, a solid Conservative stronghold.

Ronald Reagan’s monumental landslide electoral victories in 1980 and 1984 gave Conservatives the permanent answer to their historical dilemma of how to realign America into a Constitutional Republic once again.

We must all become great communicators, in the spirit of Ronald Reagan; with class and dignity, of course, along with the qualities of grace, wit, and charm, if possible.

Ronald Reagan did not win those landslide victories without drawing Democrat voters into his camp (Reagan Democrats).
King Barry did not win his Presidency without drawing Republican voters looking for “change” into his camp, although he was additionally aided by a percentage of Republicans so disgusted with John McCain they decided to abstain from voting in the 2008 presidential election.

It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done: Conservatives must become ambassadors of Conservatism, and persuade Democrats, Independents, and the remaining stragglers, to understand that Conservatism is the only thing that will save America and the only political philosophy that represents their best interests.

RINO Republicans are another story altogether, as they typically represent a portion of the ruling class: “inside-the-beltway” Establishment Republicans that have done as much to destroy America as have the Liberals, in many respects. They may not move as quickly, but they move in the same direction.

These political operatives are nothing more than self-serving mercenary leeches. They rationalize their existence, as well as their own destructive behavior, with the belief that the electorate is too stupid to understand the nuisances of the Washington, D.C., political world, or the advantages of having “experienced” deal makers working behind the scenes, with a conciliatory and “bipartisan” spirit of compromise, to determine the direction of our country.

Many RINO Republicans are steeped in Liberal doctrine and work to promote the Democrat agenda, while others work quietly in concert to propagate King Barry’s Monarchial style of governance – legislation by executive fiat.

This is the same fundamental question today as our Founding Fathers asked regarding the divine right of kings; from where are the rights of man derived?

The answer, of course, is natural law. The rights of man emanate from God, not man.

These RINO Republicans are as disingenuous a group of people as may be found anywhere on earth. The true motives for their desperate attempts to maintain positions of influence are as old as civilization: wealth, power, and prestige.
Feeble attempts to “explain away” their stated positions, that politics is a numbers game (according to Karl Rove) and that party affiliation is more important than the character of the candidate, are destructive to the Conservative movement, inexcusable, and pathetic considering that the fate of our nation is at stake.

As with Liberal Democrats, RINO Republicans must be defeated soundly at every opportunity if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic. They will not give up that to which they have become addicted, and for which they hunger.

For Conservatives, adherence to the Constitution, as written by the Framers, is our most fundamental and important platform.

If non-Conservatives understand why this is true and if they are persuaded through reason, they will show up at the polls to vote and bring others along as well.

Reagan was brilliantly inspirational by the manner in which he used an understated eloquence and plain spoken consistency to deliver his timeless message of Conservatism. Reagan had the truth on his side, and he knew it. His irresistible and persuasive style reminds me of the classic barrister’s colloquialism:

“When you have the facts, argue the facts. When you don’t have the facts, pound the table.”

Reagan had the facts, and I don’t recall him ever having to pound the table. He was always calm and reassuring in his delivery, clear in his thinking, and confident that anyone, given the opportunity, would gravitate naturally toward Conservatism.


Reagan effortlessly, and without artifice, presented an image of the most reasonable man anyone could ever hope to meet. Like a cool, cosmic cowboy, Ronald Reagan would dispatch his political opponents by defining the premise of their argument in a real-world context that made sense.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Fade Away – Soft Tyranny, RINO’s, and Ronald Reagan (Part Three)

  1. Although conservatism as an entity may appear to be on the rise, our divisions have become markedly different over the past five years. Between neo/paleo-conservatives alike, we've witnessed the new rise of the Tea Party Movement suddenly spring to life. And, some of us are slowly beginning to realize that the candidates we once admired (Bush, Palin, Gingrich) all have one unfortunate trait in common: All three for example are in support of the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations – and these are candidates we can all do without. So, when we hit the elections in November, research your candidates wisely.

  2. Would that we were all as persuasive as Reagan. As for RINOs, the Left has infiltrated every nook and cranny of American society, why would the GOP be exempt. As far as I'm concerned, Snowe and her ilk ARE Democrats. Look how the Primary losing RINOs run write in campaigns in direct threat to an eventual Republican win. If they can't win, they will do their best to guarantee a Democratic victory. Scum. It will take a few election cycles, but they can be weeded out.In response to John Rudolfs reply, where he lumps Palin in with Bush and Gingrich, I would like verification of Palins support of The Council on Foreign Relations and her support of the U.N. As a student of Palins Politics, I've never seen anything that would collaborate that statement.

  3. Bruce, I concur with your position re. Mr. Rudolf's comment; where is the verification regarding Gov. Palin and The Council on Foreign Relations and the U.N.

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