Don’t Fade Away – Marxism, Socialism, Democracy, and God (Part Four)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

Even at its best, Liberalism is an abstraction that defies reason, suitable only for the amusement of “ivory tower” intellectuals and academics living within the sheltered social settings afforded them by those who have fought for Liberty and Freedom, and who have promoted the continuance of our ordered society by defending the rule of law as set forth under the Founding Documents of our Constitutional Republic.

Virtually all Democratic Liberal Socialist ideas have their genesis in Marxist Theory, and as any student of history already knows, Marxism has left a bloody and tear-soaked trail of human victims and unfathomable carnage in the wake of time.

Consider the “who’s who” of Marxist advocates and dictators over the past century: Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, and ad infinitum through out the history of mankind.
Marxist principles are as predictable and well-established as tyranny itself, ultimately seeking to enslave the masses and empower the few.

John F. McManus, writing in the November 2000 edition of The New American Magazine an article titled “A Republic, if You Can Keep It” illustrates the continuum of Marxism, Socialism, and Democracy:

“The Socialist revolution has been underway in America for generations. In January 1964, President Lyndon Johnson boasted in a White House address:

‘We are going to try to take all of the money that we think is unnecessarily being spent, and take it from the “haves” and give it to the “have-nots” that need it so much.’

What he advocated, of course, was a Marxist, not an American, precept. The push for Democracy has only been possible because the Constitution is being ignored, violated, and circumvented.”

Woodrow Wilson was an ardent proponent of Democracy, as was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many Democrat voters, and some Republican voters as well, believe that America is a pure Democracy, even though the word “Democracy” is not to be found anywhere in our Constitution.

Democracy was one of the political evolutionary possibilities that most troubled our Founding Fathers, and one that was widely discussed in apprehensive and less-than- flattering language.

These voters are the product of an “entitlement mentality” type of group-think narcissism that’s been successfully cultivated through the Progressive Marxist doctrines of class envy, victimization, political correctness, and ever-expanding government influence in our lives.

It has been long considered political suicide to attempt to wean these voters from entitlements to which they have become accustomed. People learn to expect payouts long after the Ponzi scheme has collapsed and the Treasury is writing IOU’s. As Mark Steyn so succinctly expressed,

“Entitlements are the quagmire without end.”

These under-educated recipients of government largesse, subsidized with income seized from the country class, have yet to deduce that the welfare state is already dead; we are bankrupt and no longer able to “cover the spread,” since any fiscal surplus was long ago confiscated and spent by politicians of both parties to buy votes for their re-election bids.


Our government continues to generate fiat currency, with each dollar it decides to “print,” the inevitable fall of our economy, and therefore our civil society, becomes more precipitous. Every welfare participant, joining the cry of un-relenting demand for increased support and expanded assistance, merely hastens their own demise.

One out of every six Americans is now on the Government dole. The Democrats will work to mobilize this voting block, knowing they will be anxious to vote for any candidate that will “promise” to support their continued subsidization by our Federal Government.

Unions are another critical component of the Democrat political machine. As with the “entitlement mentality” wards of our government welfare state, Unions suckle at the teat of federal bureaucracy.

During this critical mid-term election, if the Unions can help perpetuate King Barry’s Democrat majority in Congress, they will be rewarded with “Card Check” in addition to other financial gratuities.

When King Barry nationalized General Motors, the secured creditors (bond holders) were forced to give up their equity to the unsecured creditors (Unions) – a blatantly Marxist move, graphically illustrating yet another violation of federal law, completely un-Constitutional, and apparently troubling only to Conservatives.

Unions rely on Democrats to tilt the playing field to their advantage. Whether it involves Congress passing minimum wage increases, to which Union members rate of pay is indexed, or increasing private sector tax liability by promoting tax-payer funded bailout legislation designed to rescue un-funded Union pensions, there is a long-standing culture of corruption between Unions and the Democrat Party.

Liberals have been able to achieve a crippling blow against Conservatism over time, through the relentless promotion of their Progressive Marxist agenda; an endeavor to promote the self-indulgent concept of secular humanism over the spiritual foundation upon which America was built.

The result has been a heart-rending abandonment of individual initiative, personal pride, and self-reliance – the bulwark of American societal strength and resilience. Now government fulfills its surrogate role as the new god.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on 8/28 was how it was reported by both mainstream media and the new media.

They both acknowledged the tribute to our men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces and the donations generated for the “Wounded Warrior Foundation,” yet exhibited a wide-spread failure to understand, or at least report, the other significant motivation behind the rally: a commitment to turn to God and ask for His help in doing the right thing and to draw strength from His guidance as we endeavor to return America to His ideals, values, and principals.

The idea being that it should not be our goal in life to draw God over to our side. Rather, we should be working diligently to make certain that we are on His side.

Some may argue that’s putting too fine a point on things. I believe the process of thought behind that argument is precisely why the spiritual message from “Restoring Honor” is instrumental to the re-establishment of America as was intended by our Founding Fathers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I respectfully submit that “we the people,” as members of our American civil society, have not been tested to the degree or in the manner that we are being tested today.

We are witnessing an intentional and systematic destruction of our American way of life unrivaled in our brief history.

People living in times of great historical significance have often failed to understand or appreciate the magnitude and gravity of events whirling around them. We are living in such times presently; times we haven’t seen since the advent of our American Revolution.

King Barry and his royal court of cretins rule over America in the same manner that King George III ruled over the Colonists. His usurpation of our personal freedom to act without government coercion or interference, a freedom guaranteed in our Founding Documents, is the same tyrannical behavior that drove our Founding Fathers to fight for independence from an aristocratic Monarchy.

King Barry’s on-going destruction of America represents something far greater than a difference of opinion with Conservatives who oppose his bills, policies, initiatives, czars, and executive orders.
It is the Constitutional difference between liberty and tyranny, between right and wrong as pertaining to the rule of law; a difference that is historically quantifiable, and that reason will verify indisputably.

My last essay, published in Canada Free Press and titled “The War on Reason,” illustrates how 100 years of Progressive Marxist indoctrination has resulted in bringing our American civil society to the brink of literal ruin.

This is the precise intent of those within “The Frankfurt School” who formulated and implemented their long-range plans; King Barry should be considered figuratively as the lethal icing on that cake.

“The War on Reason” revealed the cunning and heinous assault by Progressive Marxism on family cohesion, self-reliance, personal integrity, self-respect, and the social mores and common decency that bind civil society together.

The war on reason has now driven us to a pinnacle of choice: the apex of a platform from which we may quite possibly launch ourselves into the abyss, by abrogating the responsibility of our most fundamental and basic civic duty. That duty is the simple act of voting in an informed, intelligent manner that honors the principals of our Founding Fathers as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

It’s not too late. November doesn’t have to be the end. It can be the beginning of a Conservative Revival. We have the power of choice, to vote and to actively engage in persuading others that their vote is more important than ever today.

We are still free to choose for ourselves and our loved ones the cherished values, ideals, and principals of our Founding Fathers and of our American experience – once a bonfire of liberty for the entire world to see, now just a glowing ember in a dying fire.

Let us join together ladies and gentlemen, to rekindle that glowing ember into the glorious bonfire of freedom and liberty that it once was.

Let us stand united, with honor restored, and once again make America the country our Founding Fathers would recognize and be proud to call their own.

Capitalism and an ordered, civil society are like the painter’s canvas: they are the foundation that allow for infinite expression. But without a “framework,” in this case that of private property rights and the rule of law, the canvas becomes a worthless scrap of fabric.

If we allow the fabric of our America society to be crumpled up and thrown away on our watch, then all of the discipline and dedication, the sacrifice and selflessness, the blood, sweat, and tears it took to build the greatest country in the history of civilization will be for naught.

All because we became too lazy, too undisciplined, too self-centered and self-absorbed, to give of ourselves the same measure of excellence that built America in the first place.

November is our line in the sand. Every representative in the House is up for re-election.

We must re-take the House at a minimum; we have no excuse. If there aren’t enough patriotic Americans remaining to get this done, then we obviously don’t deserve what we have.

If we have fallen to such a pathetic level of cowardliness, that we would inflict upon our children, and our children’s children the wretched state of despotic rule, then we are not worthy of carrying the torch of liberty.

Our Founding Father’s understood the importance of Faith in sustaining America. They continually sought God’s divine providence during the American Revolution, and in the Framing of our Constitution, as they pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to establish our fledgling nation. The Constitutional Republic they brought forth is truly God’s nation, in every sense.

Search your souls, my patriotic brothers and sisters, and ask yourselves this question: am I doing all I can to make Him proud of me? Am I actively working with all I have to sustain that which He has given?

This is our moment of truth. Don’t fade away, and don’t let America fade away.

Do Americans have true grit
Like they did not long ago
Do they have courage of conviction
Do they believe with heart and soul
That America is still exceptional
And breath-taking to behold
Will they be like Ronald Reagan
Or let the nanny state seize control



Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


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