Don’t Fade Away – Liberals, Conservatives and the New Media (Part Two)

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit – a series by Sandy Stringfellow

The Democrats have no compunction about lying, cheating, bribing, stealing, and using whatever form of illegal and immoral behavior is necessary to place their candidates in elected office.
There are numerous examples of Democrat Party lineage using these tactics to influence elections throughout recent American history. Republicans are certainly not without blame, but Democrats make the Republicans look like pikers when it comes to election fraud. 

Today’s Democrat Party partners in crime range from ACORN operatives, New Black Panthers, corrupt poll workers, Liberal judges, political hacks, illegal voter registration drives, gerrymandering successes, fraudulent votes, political action committees, Union thuggish-ness, our ubiquitous U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ (sound familiar?), as well as any radical Left special interest groups willing to win at all costs.

Meanwhile, King Barry and Cass Sunstein, a Harvard graduate, connive to fabricate a back door method of implementing “The Fairness Doctrine” to silence the increasing popularity of talk radio, and “Net Neutrality” to federalize and thereby regulate Internet usage in America.  

As usual, there will be plenty of lemming-like voters casting ballots for Democrat candidates this November, in spite of assurances from new media mavens that the Democrat party has been exposed and commensurately diminished since the coronation of King Barry.

Widespread talk about the decimation of mainstream media by the “new media” is not without substance, but has been exaggerated.
Although difficult to pin down precisely, it’s clear that the mainstream media still has a significantly greater audience share overall than new media; hardly a surprise considering how long they’ve had to entrench themselves habitually within our culture through newspapers, magazines, television, movies, documentaries, radio, books, studies, polls, guides, etc.

Even though newspaper circulation is in decline, an oft-mentioned point in the new media, many of those former subscribers now visit the website of their local newspaper for information. It’s the same slant as before, but in a digital format.

It’s puzzling why so many “Conservative” writers and commentators dwell on perpetuating the image of King Barry as an incompetent, inexperienced, and clueless boob.
Certainly, he is a man of no greater than average intelligence, but the occlusion of perspective necessary to believe that King Barry’s intentions are well-intentioned, albeit misguided, is truly hard to grasp.

If reason is applied when evaluating evidence and motive, one must deduce that King Barry is working to undermine and ultimately destroy our economy in the same manner he is working to neuter our U.S. Armed Forces, hasten the destruction of Israel, and grant citizenship to twenty-plus million illegal aliens.

The perpetuation of a sympathetically false image of King Barry has resulted in far too many registered voters holding the opinion of King Barry as “ne’er-do-well” instead of “nefarious,” and that image may work to the advantage of Democrat candidates at the polls this election season.

Is it possible that those who underestimate King Barry are whistling past the graveyard, over-compensating with exaggerated bravado for a feeling of intimidation, brought on by an awareness of his relatively unlimited financial resources, fervent dedication, and brazen gall? 

After all, it’s King Barry who’s been running the table; looking like a pool shark at the corner bar, calling pockets and sinking balls, as Conservatives pray for a missed shot and another chance so they can play “catch-up.”

Back when Republicans dominated the Presidency and both Houses of Congress, one radio talker enjoyed commenting that it would be instructive to keep a few Liberals around, just to remind us of who and what they used to be, as if the Republicans would hold onto the reins of power indefinitely. 

Considering that the entire Republican Congressional coterie at the time was acting like a gaggle of Democrats, one realizes that Conservatism sometimes takes a back seat to show business.

Liberalism has always been around, and always will be around, because it appeals to the basest instincts of human beings.
Liberals comprise almost one third of the electorate; and lest we forget, it only took one third of the Colonials to successfully accomplish our American Revolution.

Who would deny the wisdom, both historically and philosophically, of respecting ones enemies? The political winds of fortune will change, even if it’s “change” you don’t believe in.
Over-confidence doesn’t help stave off the inevitable incursion from opposing forces, it merely motivates them, and makes any victories that much sweeter.

Indulging in the therapeutic practice of hurling invective and disparaging the ancestry of one’s political enemies is fine on social sites, or sitting around the T.V., drinking beer, and watching a football game with like-minded friends.

That being said, Liberalism isn’t going to “lie down” or be intimidated by such behavior; it’s not an effective way to help anyone grasp the dire necessity for embracing Conservatism, and of voting for Conservatives, as we interact on a daily basis with those who may not yet understand what is happening to America.

It is the individual still in possession of an open mind with the willingness to question, while exhibiting a measure of common sense that we wish to persuade.

This is not to diminish the element of fun or educational value one experiences when listening to a charged-up radio talker that has their facts straight, and can back them up.

Take Mark Levin, for example, never one to shy away from exposing Democrat-like behavior in Republicans, or of saying what he believes without regard to ratings.


Levin delivers scathing and colorful Conservative commentary with a phenomenally high degree of factual accuracy. 
In addition to being an author and attorney who served in the Reagan administration for eight years, he has extensive knowledge of history, especially our Constitution, as well as economics and politics.    

Levin expresses what so many Conservatives understand and know to be true and provides the type of sympathetic release that can be cathartic to those politically frustrated and stressed-out patriots suffering from “King Barry fatigue.”
Conservatives chafe at King Barry’s methodical termination not only of the American dream, but in the final analysis, of America.

The overarching point is simple and reflects a fundamental psychological tenant of behavior as well as historical wisdom: it’s not a good idea to underestimate one’s enemy. 
I believe King Barry and his Marxist minions know full well what’s at stake, and have their sights are fixed on the prize; fulfillment of a century-long dream is within their reach. 

The pre-mature “rah-rah” parade of an inevitable Republican victory in both House and Senate is gaining momentum, and that makes me nervous. Is it not reasonable to accept that the contest isn’t over, and that we need to win it before the celebration begins?

Even if Conservatives are successful this November in re-taking the House, it will be just the beginning of our journey down a very long political road, a road that we must travel with a sense of tireless purpose and long-range vision if we are to reclaim the Republican Party from establishmentarian RINO Conservatives (a must), and once again re-assert the integrity of our Founding Documents and the rule of law as set forth under our Constitutional Republican form of government. 

It’s the only way America will be saved from the unenviable and utterly tragic fate of the Roman Empire: a disintegration from within, as the Romans’ abandoned their societal strengths and civic duties that allowed them to prosper for centuries.

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.


One thought on “Don’t Fade Away – Liberals, Conservatives and the New Media (Part Two)

  1. Thank you for reminding us, Sandy, that a conservative victory in November is not a "done deal." At the polls, we should make note of anything suspicious seen or heard, and compare with friends at other polling places. Look for vehicles carrying large numbers of voters, multiple voters at one address, etc. Report facts indicating voter fraud to the Secretary of State's office, and be persistent in following up.

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