The Bold Pursuit Endorses Sharron Angle …

by Clio, Publisher, The Bold Pursuit

The Bold Pursuit is pleased to announce our endorsement of Sharron Angle, Nevada, for U.S. Senate.

The troika of Senator Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Obama led this nation into multi-trillion dollar debt in less than 20 months of the Obama administration due to their largely ineffective stimulus and bail-out plans. This triad continued to focus their efforts, with questionable tactics, on forcing an unpopular health care bill through both Houses – against the will of the people while ignoring the most crucial issue for Americans: jobs.

Sharron Angle and Senator Harry Reid

The national unemployment rate is at 9.8 percent – millions of Americans are out of work and concerned about their futures and families. However, Nevadans, under Harry Reid’s leadership, are experiencing a 14.4 percent unemployment rate – the nation’s highest jobless numbers.

Harry Reid is well-known for bashing former President George W. Bush, during the Bush administration and continuing to present. Last month, Harry Reid released a campaign advertisement in which he claims that Wall Street, former President George W. Bush, corporate job-cutters and foreign oil prices are the culprits behind the nation’s economic troubles. 

Americans tired of Harry Reid and Mr. Obama finger-pointing and shifting blame to the former president; Reid’s disingenuous assertion just doesn’t hold water:

“In the last full month of the Bush presidency, the national unemployment rate was 7.1 percent. That was the highest national rate during his eight years in office. Twice in 2003 it reached 6.5 percent.” The National Review

Nevadans are suffering under Harry Reid’s leadership; Sharron Angle’s positions on the issues are more in touch with mainstream American values and needs.

From her website:

“The quickest way to positively impact the economy is to cut government spending, pay back the national debt and continue the Bush Tax Cuts past their expiration in a few months.”

“I’m an avid supporter of reducing our need for dependence on foreign oil. America must continue to grow her abundant resource of coal and natural gas and increase our domestic oil resources.”

Sharron Angle promises that, if elected, she will work to repeal and replace Obamacare – a bureaucratic monstrosity that is already taking a toll on American companies and workers. Every day, more companies are announcing cutbacks or elimination of healthcare coverage for their employees as they anticipate the heavy financial burdens of Obamacare.

From her website:

Sharron Angle has proposed the following solutions:

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare
  • Elimination of coverage mandates
  • Expanded client pools
  • Tort reform
  • Allow citizens to purchase insurance across state lines
  • Create tax credited health savings accounts

We urge our Nevada readers to evaluate Mrs. Angle’s stand on the issues before going to the polls on November 2nd.

One thought on “The Bold Pursuit Endorses Sharron Angle …

  1. I really believe that Sharon Angle will be handing Harry his pink slip. She is exactly what Nevada and Arizona need. Thanks for endorsing her. She deserves it.

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