Sharron Angle … A Clear Choice Over Harry Reid

by Jeanette Ward, Contributing Staff Writer

On October 3, Nevada‘s largest newspaper, The Las Vegas Review Journal, endorsed Sharron Angle over Harry Reid:

“Whether it’s shoving the unpopular and hugely expensive ObamaCare down the throats of the American people, or rewarding failing companies with taxpayer bailouts, or ginning up expensive and futile ‘stimulus’ packages larded with pork that push the nation closer and closer to fiscal chaos, Sen. Reid has cheered them all.

“…Seriously crippled by this much baggage, Sen. Reid has calculated that his survival depends on portraying Ms. Angle as an “extremist” who would endanger women, children and the elderly.

“In fact, Ms. Angle is well within the mainstream on most issues and embraces a political philosophy popular with millions of Americans who are making themselves heard this election cycle.

“…Say this about Sharron Angle: You know what you’re going to get. She’s a reliable vote for individual rights, smaller government and constitutional principles (emphases mine).”

For these reasons alone, Sharron Angle is worthy of endorsement. However, we also endorse her for the following reasons:

-she is who she says she is

-she is unabashedly pro-life

-she is pro-second amendment

-establishment, “ruling class” Republicans can’t stand her (and certainly neither can “ruling class” Democrats – and therefore we love her)

-she can hold her own against the likes of Harry Reid

-she understands the dangers of incumbency, that Washington DC is not her home, and that her responsibility is to her constituents back home

-she has a history of fighting unconstitutional laws, and the courage to continue doing just that, even when it costs her personally:

-from her website:

“A true protector of the Nevada Constitution, Sharron has fought and won judicial battles to protect Nevadan’s constitutional rights. In 2003 while serving as the Minority Whip in the Nevada State Assembly, Sharron challenged the Governor’s proposed massive $800 million tax hike. Supported by Nevada’s constitutional requirement that all tax increases be approved by a two-thirds super majority, battle lines were drawn between the Republicans in the Assembly and the Governor. Sharron and fourteen other courageous Republicans consistently voted against the tax measure through the end of the regular session of the legislature and on through two special sessions. The Governor then sued the legislature in Angle v Guinn to force a decision by the Nevada Supreme Court. The Court over-ruled the two-thirds requirement which meant the taxes were to be imposed through a simple majority rather than by two-thirds vote. Using her own funds, Sharron hired Dr. John Eastman of the Claremont Institute to defend the Nevada’s Constitution against this injury. Angle and Eastman took this case to Federal District Court in Nevada, which ended up referring the case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, then finally to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The attention from Angle v Guinn resulted in the members of the Nevada Supreme Court which made that ruling either retired or were replaced through election defeat. Subsequently the new Court reversed the decision in 2007 reinstating the two-thirds requirement in the Constitution. In recognition of her fight to protect the Constitution, Sharron received the prestigious Claremont Institute Ronald Reagan Freedom Medallion for Courageous Client in 2004.”

Our constitutional republic is at stake. Sharron Angle offers a clear choice over liberty-hating, rule-of-law-destroying, “let’s-make-a-deal,” arrogant “ruling class” Harry Reid. She walks the talk and, if elected, will take action to undo the damage that has been done by this radical leftist administration – even if it costs her personally. She is a true believer in the rule of law and constitutional government and you can trust her.

The Bold Pursuit is proud to endorse Sharron Angle for United States Senate.

Jeanette Ward is the publisher of, as well as a certified doula and owner of Jeanette also publishes and

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