Americans On The Double

Special to The Bold Pursuit — a poem by Sandy Stringfellow

Ain’t it funny how King Barry
Shows us who he is
Playing that worn out race card
Every chance he gets
Whining and bitching all the time
While breaking every promise
You won’t see such immaturity
From Sowell, Williams, or Thomas

But there’s more to the picture
Than most people know
For those who’ve paid attention
He’s an emperor with no clothes
This unpleasant sounding metaphor
Defines his lewd behavior
King Barry’s just another Marxist
Not a messianic savior

A mind that’s filled with resentment
Against our prosperous nation
He’ll destroy our standard of living
To help us find salvation
But he won’t make the commitment
To share with us our grief
While we all suffer equally
He’ll eat Kobe beef

I wish there were some method
To help him get a clue
About all the crap that he absorbed
While sitting in the pew
Listening to Reverend Wright reveal
His peculiar brand of faith
Twenty years didn’t bring enlightenment
Just a lot of hate

Which brings us back to where we’re at
A Marxist in the White House
America had sure better wake up fast
Or it’s gonna’ be lights out
He’ll commandeer our health care
We won’t have a choice
Like so many corporate entities
That also lost their voice

He’ll never face the obvious truth
Behind our economic system
Free markets and a free people
Nurture dreams and wisdom
Tyrants throughout world history
Have had a common goal
For King Barry and those before him
It’s all about control

Our constitution’s just an obstacle
To what he has in store
How many czars has he appointed
It’s difficult to keep score
He’s got subversive groups like ACORN
Funded by taxpayers
All those friends with sticky fingers
Looking for a favor

Every Marxist left-wing ideologue
Promotes their social issue
Like euthanasia and infanticide
Just so much worthless tissue
What’s happened to conservatism
Where are the statesmen
I don’t hear political courage and will
Except from Sarah Palin

Which brings to mind the Forth Estate
A media remaining hush
The only thing that’s been on their mind
Is to destroy Glenn and Rush
Why don’t they ever embrace the facts
Instead of indoctrination
The ship they’re on is going down too
Better help save our nation

The realities of life are what they are
We don’t have to like it
But now we’ve reached the turning point
Time to wake a sleeping giant
Even the politically blind and uninvolved
Sense we’re in deep trouble
Sound the alarm and spread the word
We need Americans on the double

No matter whether Republican or Democrat
Tell everyone you meet
Send faxes, e-mails, and make phone calls
Go to Tea Parties in the street
Your future hangs in the balance
Freedom is on the bubble
It’s time for everyone to give their best
We need Americans on the double

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.

Reprinted with Permission
Copyright 2009 by Sandy Stringfellow/All Rights Reserved

One thought on “Americans On The Double

  1. Wow! What an all encompassing, classy masterpiece. It is obvious that you are friends with the Publisher of this blog, Clio, who is uncanny in her quick wit and in-depth understanding of the issues confronting this great nation. You have encapsulated a most bizarre excuse for a president of the free world. King Barry's rhetoric is flawless and skillful. He is, however, as described numerous times "an empty suit". The influence of people like you is needed desparately in this critical time of our lives. I appreciate your time and apparent committment to the keystones of patriotism. Thank You.

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