A Political Cynic Asks: What If ?

by guest blogger, Bruce O’Hara, Special to The Bold Pursuit

What if America elected a President who was immersed in Communism from birth? A man whose known associates and organizations were all radical and anti-American?

What if that President was expert in, and actually taught, Alinsky tactics as a “community organizer”? A title, for what, in earlier times, was known as a rabble-rouser.

What if every economic policy that he initiated as President appeared to be obviously unsustainable, and appeared to be following the Cloward-Piven strategy, which outlines how to overwhelm the financial capabilities of the American government, a strategy conceived and designed to deliberately bring down that government with the goal of rebuilding a Socialist/Communist Centralized government from the ashes?

What if, while implementing this economic strategy, a major environmental disaster occurred? A disaster that is destroying two out of the three major forms of income for a large region of the country, fishing and tourism.

What if that President then issued a moratorium on the third major source of income for the region, drilling for oil, to effectively issue an economic coup dé grâce to their local economy?

What if the entire country still didn’t get it about this President? What if they were thinking that his foot-dragging, which has guaranteed a worst-case scenario, was due to incompetence?

What if, though, instead of seeing this as a disaster, this President saw it as a boon towards his personal goal of economically bringing the country to its knees?

What if?

5 thoughts on “A Political Cynic Asks: What If ?

  1. @Robert: I don't know if the ideological liberals will ever see the errors of their ways, buy many Americans who voted for Mr Obama are showing signs of buyers regret. I take heart in knowing that many now see the Emperor has no clothes.

  2. Clio: As was declared many times during the campaign, Obama is an empty suit. It is becoming increasingly more obvious that he is not only incompetent; but, totally out of touch. More and more people are realizing that the silver tongue was forked – what if is now what is!

  3. @Anonymous: Yes, many of us saw the man for what he is — as you say, an "empty suit." Incompetent, inexperienced and deceptive. I never thought that Americans would actually vote for him; I really believed that, perhaps at the last minute, they would make a more sensible choice (IMHO). I really underestimated our voters…

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