Sarah Palin; American Citizen


Special to The Bold Pursuit, guest blogger, Thomas S. Schmitz, TeamSarah

STAND UP: Sarah Palin; American Citizen
By Thomas S Schmitz


“If there is a threat that I represent, it is that average, everyday, hardworking Americans, their voice is going to be heard!”
– Sarah Palin

America has reached a point in history when it is time to hit her reset button. Our elected leaders have gone too far. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do not serve us. They attempt to rule us. The gilt-edged Washington political class now resembles the disconnected court of King Louis XVI, who failed to listen to the voice of the people. It is now time for we the people to take matters into our own hands and regain control of the republic. The era of the over educated elite politician is over. The era of the citizen politician has begun.


Enter Sarah Palin; the ultimate citizen politician. Never in the history of America has a politician been feared and demonized more than Sarah Palin. Why? Simply put, the elites see Sarah Palin as a threat. She represents the end of elitism rule. Armed with the sword of her common sense politics, Sarah Palin reflects and defends the values of average everyday hardworking Americans. Her sword of common sense cuts right through their fancy Ivy League degrees and ponderous resumes boasting meaningless laureates and “think tanks” which have nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with endless education. If you want to balance America’s budget it shouldn’t take a college degree to tell you that not spending more money than you make is a good place to start.

Truth be told, Washington’s political class doesn’t want real change. The current elitist administration, who have accomplished nothing except attending college, have an arrogant and superior view of us. In their eyes the formerly silent majority of Americans who make up the conservative American populate should remain silent because they know better than we do. But the political tides have shifted and it has now become clear that we the people are silent no more. We the people demand that our voices be heard and applied to our government. Unlike this administration and those in the beltway, we the people understand the role of government. Sarah Palin’s platform of free enterprise, smaller government, strong national security, energy independence, support for our troops, American individualism, liberty and life are the right platforms for the re-founding of our republic. They are the platforms of we the people. Like Sarah Palin these platforms reflect the principles and values of the majority of Americans who are we the people.

If you ask Sarah Palin why she entered politics she won’t drivel away with some enlightened scholarly thesis about fairness, mankind, or “healing the planet”. She’ll simply tell you she volunteered for the PTA because her kid’s school was messed up, and then ran for city council because she didn’t like seeing her families hard earned tax dollars being wasted on silly unsustainable government programs. These are exactly the issues the Washington elite do not want the electorate discussing. They are happy letting the people think that you need a title to bring about change, and since they are the ones with the titles they get to decide or invent the so called change. Make no mistake America real change is coming, but the change is not coming from Washington the change is coming from we the people. Because we the people have spoken and we the people nominate Sarah Palin.

– Thomas S. Schmitz
Team Sarah

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