Wear Your Best Suit Of Armor & Avoid Punching Walls

Special to The Bold Pursuit … Commonsense advice from Silence Dogood.

The Rules for Radicals dictate that your are to be targeted, marginalized, attacked, and eliminated as a threat. You will be attacked. Prepare to be called “backwards,” “stupid,” “dangerous,” “uneducated,” or worse. The best thing you can do is wear your best suit of armor: knowledge, faith, and dignity.

With knowledge, you can counterclaim and expose the fraudulent for who they are. Faith will give you strength and guidance to do so effectively. When you have dignity, you have credibility. Are your apathetic neighbors more likely to believe a claim from someone who is diligent, thoughtful in speech, and dignified, or a crazy mad radical screaming lunatic?

In your communications with others, reach out to those receptive. Avoid punching walls. When you happen upon someone closed to your message, you will not convert him or her—at least not overnight. Move on. Spend as little time possible with people who have their minds made up opposite as yours. You would be punching a wall. Walls don’t move. Walls always win. It hurts to punch a wall. The longer you stay to punch the wall, the more damage the wall does to your dignity and credibility (the enemy angers you, gaining ammunition). Punching walls in plain dumb. Move on (no pun intended).

Likewise in your communications with others, don’t spend a great deal of time reaching out to people who are already as motivated by the same core values as yourself. It is important to build relationships and networks for support. Exchanging ideas and organizing is equally important, however, don’t overindulge in “shop talk” or “making fun off the crazy leftists” when that time can better be spend elsewhere. Again, move on (again, no pun intended).

Spend the majority of your valuable time with the apathetic, uninformed, and misinformed. We don’t want to confuse these people as being “stupid” or “uneducated.” Think of them as politically inactive, busy people with families and friends who barely have time to take Mom to her doctor appointments and pick the kids up from baseball practice, much less watch six-hour debates on C-Span on Saturday night.

They know only what others tell them or what is slipped by them in 30 second news bits on television. Most don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is, nor so they care. That is your job. Your job is to tell them who she is and why they should care. Do this in a helpful manner rather than a confrontational manner. You understand how busy they are. You simply hold a moral obligation to make their lives easier (if they so choose to allow your message) to present facts and allow them to take action on Election Day.

2 thoughts on “Wear Your Best Suit Of Armor & Avoid Punching Walls

  1. This is great. We all need to read this every morning so to not only keep us all motivated but as well to keep us in check with reality. It's sometimes hard to understand why so many aren't into politics, the main thing is to update those on news they never have time to hear or read about. As well as to motivate those who just don't care thinking it doesn't effect them until it's too late. It's never too late when you want something done about it, it's only too late when you stop caring and believing in a better tomorrow. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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