Stand Up! Keep the Change… Special to The Bold Pursuit

Stand Up!
Keep the Change
By Thomas S Schmitz

One year into the controversial presidency of Barack Obama we can now answer one of 2008 biggest questions. What does Hope and Change mean? Bluntly put; Hoax and Chains would have been more accurate. By looking at his statist policies it is clear that by change the president does not want to improve our country and restore American greatness. Rather he wishes to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

We the people believe in the fundamental spirit and makeup of America. We don’t want to transform America. We want to refound America. The good people of Massachusetts sent Obama a message on January 19th. The Shot heard round the world dealt a devastating blow to the president and his unpopular policies by sending unknown State Senator Scott Brown to the United States Senate to fill the seat held by the far left for 38 years and to vote against the poisonous Obamacare health bill.

On November 2, 2010 there are 435 house seats and 36 senate seats up for reelection. As Ronald Reagan said in 1964, “Now is the time for choosing.” We must decide just what exactly is the role of government? Do we want to return to a representational form of government as our founding mothers and fathers fought for us to have, where government is on the side of the people? Or do we want to continue on the road to serfdom in Obama’s utopian statist dominion that shamelessly embraces socialism as he continues his attempt to rule over us rather than serve us. As Sarah Palin warned us in 2008, “The stakes for our nation could not be higher.”

We have our work cut out for us. The American conservative populate has been united by the Tea Parties and of course Sarah Palin. We know how we feel; we know what we must do. We must “throw the bums out” as Sarah likes to say. But how? Our first focus is the primaries. Not just for our own state but our country as a whole.

The Tea Parties and especially Sarah Palin have shown us that by donating time and money across state lines victory is much more than a possibility. The primaries are where we do our spring cleaning by weeding out the RINOs, establishment Republicans and the Dede Scozzafava’s. This skirmish can be made easier by using our online resources in these battles. With each of us uniting and making the most of websites like: we do our own vetting of the candidates to make sure they support Sarah Palin’s values and positive message of free enterprise, smaller government, strong national security, energy independence, support for our troops, American individualism, liberty and life. Our vigilance will produce candidates who are pro-America and motivated by these ideals.

Not only is now the time for choosing. Now is the time to take a stand. Take a stand for your country by sending people to Washington who want to serve for the right reasons, and demand to Obama that even though he has taken all our bills he can keep the change.

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